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Loving From The Heart
Loving From The Heart

Loving From The Heart


The Source Of My Inspiration – Part Three

Loving From The Heart

We are all in this life so that, with the passing of time, we acquire the gift of loving God’s way, i.e. with detachment, totally and unconditionally, without expecting anything in return. This kind of love is immensely wise. It knows when to give and withhold, depending on the lessons we earthly children of the Great Father/Mother need individually and collectively, at any given moment. It takes many lifetimes round the zodiac and the lessons of Leo and the fifth house, Leo’s natural domain, for the love nature of our earthly selves to rise to this level.

Because they tend to put the objects of their love onto a pedestal to worship and adore them, young and inexperienced souls in Leo are constantly falling in love and just as quickly out again. The fire of their heart dies a quick death when they discover that the other one is merely a human being with the same flaws and imperfections that they themselves have. What Leo doesn’t know at that stage is that the other one merely mirrors back to them. Unaware of projection and the purpose it serves, Leo cannot yet respond the right way. But through having to deal with the disappointments of the past, our ability to love wisely slowly grows. It needs bearing in mind that the zodiac with its twelve signs and houses is meant to show us that we all have everything within us. Nobody is just a Leo or an Aquarius or any other sign. And the more we evolve and mature spiritually, the more the energies in the signs in polar opposition within us learn how to work as one.

In the early stages of our earthly education during the lifetimes spent in Leo, our hallmarks are extreme selfishness and egotism. But when this part of our development nears its end, through the natural evolutionary process in which every form of life is taking part, our earthly self’s love has transformed itself into a love not just for the people around us but for the whole of humankind. We no longer worship and adore human beings, but the One who brought all of us into being, who nurtures and cares for us and will forever continue to provide for everyone’s needs.

For as long as our lower self still functions predominantly on the earthly level of its being, the desires of Air and Fire, head and heart, are following the impulses of polar opposition. As a result they are frequently at loggerheads with each other. Through our constant efforts at operating equally well on the on the outer and inner plane of life, they are learning to work together ever more peacefully and harmoniously. Aquarius represents the voice of God, which by the way I only found out recently. Leo rules the human heart, the place into which the creative ideas of the spiritual Sun above and beyond the Sun in the sky above us, are constantly flowing into us and from there our world.

And that’s how God’s wisdom and truth for quite some time have been finding their way ever more freely and powerfully into any heart whose transmission channels are open to receive them. This brings us the knowledge we need to release ourselves and our world into the religious/spiritual freedom of the Aquarian Age. For some time this kind of information was given through people like Grace Cooke, the spiritual medium used by the White Eagle group of spirit guides. But because our world is constantly moving forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life, for quite a while this has been changing into direct transmissions from the Highest levels of life. You can find out more about several of these things by following the relevant links at the end of this chapter.

From its beginnings my writings have been part of this new approach. They were never based on speculations, myths and legends, but are the truth. My jottings contain my truth which consists of the knowledge that is now flowing with ever increasing force from the source of our being directly into the individual and collective consciousness of our world. What a long time the truth had to wait until it could at last reveal itself to ever more of us earthlings directly through their intuition = the inner teacher. But that is nothing when one bears in mind that a human lifetime, even if we should live on this plane to one hundred, is but the twinkle of an eye in terms of Eternity.

To paraphrase the wisdom God and the Angels gave to our world through the Buddha legend: ‘Do not believe anything simply because you have heard it somewhere. Even if it is spoken and rumoured by many or you have found it written in the religious books of your world or you received it from your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. When you find, after careful observation and analysis, that something agrees with your reasoning and is conducive to your good and the benefit of all, accept it and conduct your life by it. In this way alone can it become your spiritual property that no-one will ever be able to take away from you.’

The German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, 1788-1860, added to this: ‘All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as self-evident.’

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6 Jul, 2019
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