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Loving God’s Way
Loving God’s Way

Loving God’s Way


Love : The New World Order – Part Two

‘At first, the human mind has to be focused on getting to know its earthly self, the world around it and the tasks that are calling for its undivided attention. In this state of ignorance the higher spiritual aspects of life are dismissed out of hand and everything that cannot be seen, weighed and measured is rejected as nonsense, humbug and imaginations. But, in the course of many lifetimes, each earthly self learns from its own experiences. It slowly but surely grows in wisdom and understanding and the vision of its consciousness keeps on expanding.

‘Every one of you eventually discovers that your earthly existence is shared by a higher spiritual counterpart that’s invisible. After a while, you realise that God is something quite different from what you were told by your world’s all-male religions. It dawns on you that the Divine Trinity consists of a Great Father as well as a Great Mother of all life, and that their only born Son/Daughter is the Light of the Universal Christ Spirit. To your astonishment you learn that, with the help of the Christ light and nothing but the power of love and thought, everything that exists in the whole of Creation was brought into being through the Great Father/Mother’s coo-operation.

‘Love and thought are the two most powerful forces in the whole of Creation and they cannot be destroyed by anything. That’s why bonds of love and friendship between people and also their animals are forever. And because of this, during your quiet times of reflection, prayer and meditation, your thoughts have the power of connecting you with loved ones, wherever they may be in your world or ours, as on the inner level all is one and there is no separation between anything.

‘And should anyone ask us who or what God is, the only thing we can say is that God is in everything, the highest as well as the lowest aspects of life and that throughout the whole of Creation. The ultimate aim of every human being’s earthly education is learning to think, speak and act like a young God in the making, because that’s what you truly are. Towards the end of your earthly education you will be loving God’s way. The more your Christ nature unfolds, the more behaving like God becomes the only way of being for you.

‘You need no-one to command that you should love those around you. Because your nature is love, you no longer want to dominate anyone You love everybody and wish to help and support them in any way you can. Giving instead of taking away is your natural way of reacting to people and situations. Lying, cheating and exploiting others never occur to you. They are things of the past that have been left them behind by you. You have nailed them to the cross of life. The cross is the oldest symbol known to humankind for its earthly existence.

‘Jesus bleeding to death on a wooden cross represents the process when the lower earthly self is initiated into the higher aspects of its nature. The earthly education of each one of you consists of many lifetimes of believing that your physical nature is all there is to you and to life in general. But as you approach the end of this existence, your Divine spark has grown strong enough to be born. You gradually begin to love everything that exists anywhere, the highest as well as the lowest manifestations of life. You love that which is still dark, evil and ugly in your world just as much as that which is beautiful and perfect. You love both of them because you know that, the lower dark and ugly aspects are but the crude and unevolved side of something that, in the course of many lifetimes, will also transform into something beautiful and perfect. Spiritually, perfection means accepting, integrating and working with every aspect of your. After all, every one of them is Divine.

‘You love the lower aspects of your world as much, and maybe even more, because you know what’s ahead of them, their future lifetimes of making mistakes, struggling with defeating others and then being defeated themselves, to created the necessary balance and clear the spiritual bank account. You know that in the end everything comes right. And because you love the lower aspects of life as much as the higher ones, you provide both with all the help they are going to need. That’s why you provide everybody with friends and helpers who, from your world’s inner spiritual background are guiding and protecting each one at all times.

‘Even though for a long time you are unaware of their presence because your earthly eyes cannot see these helpers, from the word ‘go’ of every human being’s earthly education friends from the spirit realm are with you and forever will be. They are observing everything that happens on the earthly plane. Yet, unless someone asks for their help, they never interfere with anything. Only when things threaten to seriously get out of hand, do we step in and take over. And that’s what will soon happen in your world. The pharma industry as the driving force behind its present misery has had it’s way long enough. Satisfactory amounts of karmic debts have been cleared away and the lesson of how much lying, cheating and corruption are capable of causing has been learnt sufficiently. Remember that the darkest hour is just before the dawn and your world has by now reached this point.

‘Every one of you is on the earthly plane to evolve into a healer and lightbringer, saver and redeemer of themselves, the whole of humankind and your world. Healing consists of taking into your physical bodies ever more of the Christ Star’s radiance. And every one of you has been granted the gift of another lifetime for learning how to use this light for your own healing and that of your world. The more you consciously breathe the Christ light in and work with it, the more it enters the cells of your physical body and from there travels into everything you come into contact with.

‘That’s why we are asking you to keep on sending kind, loving and forgiving thoughts to your world’s troublemakers and scaremongers. Remember that each one of them feeds into the stream of your world’s Christ Light and so increases its strength. When these thoughts return to you, as they surely will, keep on sending them out time and again. Through this the Christ stream’s power of absorbing ever more of the darkness and fear that to this day is clouding your world’s consciousness. And at the same time you own light increases and that’s the only way the Christ Spirit of your whole world can be born. Every one of you is required to do their share of bringing it about. God bless you every one of you. All is well with you and your world and the end of the present situation is close at hand.’

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11 Jan, 2021
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5 mins
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