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Loving God’s Way
Loving God’s Way

Loving God’s Way


The Great Jigsaw Puzzle Of Life – Part Four

Loving God’s Way

The rose is a symbol of love. It is the queen of the flower kingdom that for a long time has occupied a special place in the religions of your world. And to this day, its colours have a distinct meaning: red is the lover’s rose that stands for enduring passion; white for humility and innocence; yellow for wisdom and also for friendship and joy; pink for gratitude, appreciation and admiration; orange for enthusiasm and desire; lilac and purple represent enchantment and love at first sight. Apart from its beauty, the rose also has thorns and, like love, when it is not handled with the care and reverence that something of such exquisite beauty and fragrance deserves, it has the power of providing those who pick it carelessly with a painful sting.

A new commandment
I give unto you:
That you love one another,
As I have loved you,
That you love one another
As I have loved you.
If you have love for each other,
All people shall know that
You are My disciples.

Roy Crabtree
Adapted by Aquarius

Love is your true nature and the Source of your being. The above song is based on the Bible’s St. John 13:34 and to this day it is misinterpreted by many in your world. That is not surprising because of humankind’s limited understanding of its own true nature and Mine, and what love really means. I am the Universal Christ, the only born Son/Daughter of the Great Father/Mother of all life, and every one of you is a spark of Me. I am the voice of the Divine Trinity who speaks to you intuitively. I am your inner teacher, your in-tuition, the living God or wise one within you, the long promised new teacher of your world.

I am every human being’s higher or God nature and with the Jesus legend the Angels and I provided humankind with illustrations of the initiations that are in store for all of you when the end of your earthly education approaches. At the right moment, the birth of the Christ spirit takes place in every heart and soul. This brings with it the resurrection of the highest and noblest qualities that are every child of the Earth’s Divine inheritance. The love of honesty and truth are part of this development. The birth of the Christ child is a symbolism of this process.

During your lifetimes as an earthly being you eventually reach the point when the drives and urges of your lower nature begin to be of less interest and are leaving a bad taste in your mouth behind. Your interest in pursuits of a higher nature awakes and you happily to surrender to them. This is happening because from deep within you, the characteristics of your higher or God nature are pushing to the surface of your consciousness. They are helping you to turn into a kinder, friendlier and more loving person. The more this aspect of your being takes over and your true self emerges, the more you discover that you are happiest when you are loving for love’s sake and giving for the joy of having something to give and someone to give it to.

Life itself has always been humankind’s teacher and each can only grow and evolve through their own experiences. Now you are learning that wishing to command or possess others has nothing to do with love but is merely an expression of small and frightened earthly selves who try to cling, with all their might, onto whatever they think they own and love. It takes a long time until you realise that what many on the Earth plane think of as love is nothing of the kind.

The ultimate aim of your earthly curriculum is to become ever more God-like and that includes learning to love My way, i.e. loving for love’s sake in a manner that has nothing to do with people’s earthly personalities at any given moment but is detached from it. My love is total and unconditional, without expecting or asking anything in return. This does not mean condoning other people’s behaviour and their misdeeds, but treating them with the love and respect they deserve as My children and your spiritual sisters and brothers. Even if you do not like someone, you can still love them and to the wise ones in charge of you in the background of your earthly existence your way of reacting to anyone reveals the degree of your spiritual maturity. And the time will come on the Earth when all of you are loving My way. Every one of your thoughts, words and deeds will then be proof of your Divine origin and that you truly are My children.

But so that this can happen in the fullness of time, we need to return to the Jesus legend for a moment. By the way he behaves, especially when he commands his disciples to love each other, from where you are by now it is not hard to recognise that the God-man. A genuine spiritual Master would not dream of ever commanding anyone. There would be no need for that because his disciples would also be highly evolved spirits who want to walk in their Master’s footsteps and become ever more like him. The words of the commandment are one of the finest examples to show your world that Jesus was no spiritual Master, as he would have been if he had ever existed in earthly life and walked in your midst.

But what is he? A thoughtform created by the Angels and Me who represents the higher or God nature of every human being. To evolve into someone like the legendary Jesus, half God and half human, that is the aim every one of you has always been striving for since you were first placed in earthly life. The words of the commandment were purposely kept as if they had been composed by someone who had no idea about the nature of My love. This was done so that later – when the time for discovering the truth about Jesus had come – it would not be difficult to see who and what he really was. The Age of Aquarius is the time your world has been waiting for and the religions of the past with their misunderstandings and misinterpretations, intentionally and otherwise, are in the process of making room for the religion of the new age, which is based on honesty and truth. The old religions were of the head, but the new one is of the head and heart. Aquarius, the sign for the development of humankind’s mental faculties, is in polar opposition with Leo, the sign for learning how to love from the heart. On the inner level the two signs are one and when in you they are joining forces and are working together, your heartmind takes over your whole being and life.

From first hand experience you then know that Divine love does not seek to dominate or possess anyone. It never makes prisoners of others, but has only the wellbeing and spiritual progress of the loved one(s) at heart. This love gives you the freedom to conduct your life the way you wish it to be and allows you to make your own mistakes. Doing so is good for you because otherwise you would be unable to learn anything. That’s why you want this for every human being and you would not dream of interfering with anyone’s life lessons. Because humankind’s earthly existence has always been one of trial and error, you leave them to find things out for themselves. The same as you have to do, your loved ones need to stick their toes into the waters of life and see what happens. That has always been the only way human beings can grow in wisdom and understanding so that, in the course of many lifetimes, they learn how to make wiser decisions and choices.

A true spiritual Master would tell his disciples about these things and then instruct them to go out and spread the joyous tidings far and wide that the truth about My being and yours is no longer hard to find. All people have to do is look beneath the surface words of the sacred texts of the religions of your world for the symbolisms and metaphors that have always been hiding there. Now that the Cosmic energies are right and the age of the Divine Waterbearer and of truth is with you, every one of you potentially is My disciple. All of you eventually reach the evolutionary point when they are ready not only to receive but also to understand the sacred wisdom and truth the Angels on My behalf are constantly pouring into your race’s individual and collective consciousness.

As above, so below. For those who are loving My way good manners are a matter of course because they are part of humankind’s higher nature. The Angels and I are delighted when grateful words of love and devotion for gifts received are spoken by those who are waking from their spiritual slumber and realise that whatever they are receiving does not just happen but has to be produced by someone. For example, their daily bread. Yes, the farmer sows the wheat and harvests it. But who makes it grow and thrive? The beings who are toiling, invisible to earthly eyes, by day and night and in this way are providing for humankind’s every need.

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14 Mar, 2019
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