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Loving God’s Way
Loving God’s Way

Loving God’s Way


Loving God’s Way

Love is the law of life and the greatest force in the whole of Creation. And when I accept you the way you are and you accept me as I am, together we are creating a solid foundation of love for a friendship that will last beyond our present lifetime, if we so wish. During the early stages of humankind’s earthly education differences frequently arise that drive a wedge into people’s relationships. For example we find it impossible to accept each other, the way they are. We have our own preconceived ideas of how people should be, especially when we are interested in and care about them. The more deeply we love someone, the more we may feel we have a right to change them.

In truth, no-one has the right to criticise or try to change the behaviour of any other human being. All of us together have been placed in this life so that we can simultaneously play the role of teacher and pupil. To enable us to create good and lasting relationships and friendships our first requirement is learning to love the way the Great Father/Mother of all life loves every one of us and that is wisely, totally and unconditionally. Each one of us is a spark of their only born Son/Daughter, the spirit of the Universal Christ. And that is the all-wise and all-loving one within every one of us, who has been waiting for a long time to develop from a mere spark into a brightly shining beacon of love.

The Christ spirit is everyone’s own inner guidance, the wise one or living God within, the small still voice of our conscience, who knows the answers to all our questions and can tell us reliably which way of action is truly best for us in any given situation. That’s how the Universe has always been trying to guide and protect us against harming and destroying ourselves, for in truth each one of us is a young God in the making. When at last we become aware of this and start paying attention to our inner guidance and follow its advice, it shows us how to rebuild our whole life and especially our relationships by placing them onto a firm foundation of love.

God allows each one of us the freedom to make their own choices and we are here to learn how to do so wisely and lovingly. The Great Father/Mother accepts each one of us the way we are at any given moment. S/He knows that we are always at the peak of our evolutionary development and whenever we fail and make mistakes, that we shall learn from them and do better next time. It makes no difference whether someone is rich or poor, especially in spirit. Those who to this day are spiritually poor will also be led by their very own living God within, when for them the time for doing so has come. They too will then be guided to greener pastures and where the waters of consciousness are running clear and pure.

Wise ones know that every human being is a many-faceted jewel, a precious and unique being and specially gifted in some way. That’s why they would not dream of trying to change others. They accept them and encourage them to be themselves in everything they do, following their inner guidance instead of paying too much attention to what people have to say. I want you to know that I love you just the way you are. And if you are willing to love me the way I am and let me be, our relationship has been built on the solid foundation of Divine love, the kind that is indestructible. It can never be taken away or destroyed by anything in the whole of Creation and if that isn’t worth seriously working on, please tell me what is.

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8 Sep, 2018
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3 mins
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