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Luna Angel

Luna Angel

By HazbinAllover

It was a dark dreary night. Luna Angel was walking home from her friend Maya Johnstone’s house. Luna was only 18 years-old. She had left the orphanage a few months ago, and now she was on her own. Luna heard something in the bushes. “ Who's there?” , she yelled. When she turned around she heard another rustle. She looked back again but there was no one there. It was starting to rain. Fog and clouds were rolling like something you saw in a horror movie. It's probably just my imagination she thought to herself. Luna kept walking when she felt something soft but wet rub against her leg. When she looked down she saw a black cat a small one at that,but not as small as a kitten. This is probably what I heard Luna told herself. She picked up the cat and took it home. It had no collar and seemed abandoned.

When Luna finally got to her apartment with the small black cat; she gave the cat some food and went to bed. In the morning, Luna found a message in her email she wondered who it was from. She opened the message it said:

Dear Luna Angel,

You are one of the lucky few that have been chosen to learn at The School of Arts in Tokyo, Japan. We will set up classes for you to learn to speak and write in Japanese. We will also send a plane to come pick you up. The plane will leave at 6:00am on Monday December 19th, please don’t be late. We hope to see you soon.

Sincerity, The Headmaster

Luna was thrilled she sent so many applications that she lost track. She hoped that she could bring the small cat and it turns out it’s a girl. Luna didn’t need to learn how to write or speak Japanese she learned this a long time ago. It’s the 9th of December so I have 10 days to pack up, she thought. Luna had to get everything done before the 19th.

A Few Days Later

Luna got everything done in a few days. When she got done packing she called the school to see what apartments were the closest to the school. The lady on the phone told her the apartment building and phone number. She spent the next few hours trying to rent an apartment. Luna finally scored on an apartment and the landlord allows small pets. Now all that is needed is to get the small cat to the vet to get her shots. I still haven’t named her yet. I’m sure I’ll come up with something Luna thought to herself. She got dressed to take the cat to the vet.

When Luna got there the lady at the desk was on her phone. She looked like she was around her 50’s. “ Excuse me, But is there any chance I can adopt and get shots for this cat.” Luna spoke clearly and held out the small black cat.

The lady at the desk looked up at luna with a smile and said in a crackly voice “Well yes miss. We can do that. What is the kitten’s name?”

Luna respond honestly “I haven’t given her a name yet.”

“Well than what is your name?” the lady asked

“Luna. Luna Angel ma’am.” She answered.

“Ok, I just need you to fill this out please.” the Lady said. She was handing Luna a clipboard. “ By the way, where did you find such a kitten so small and black?”

“I didn’t find her she found me.” Luna answered. She handed the clipboard back to the lady.

Luna was waiting about an hour “The vet will see you now,” She said and lead me to a room where the vet will meet them. When the vet came in he was a tall man with dark brown hair.

“Hello, I’m doctor Mich and I’m here to see the cat and you want to adopt her or him. Is that correct Miss…”

“Luna and yes that’s correct’’ Luna respond.

After A few shots and a couple of papers and a name for the cat. Luna decided Kuro was the perfect. When she and Kuro got back from the vet Luna realized that has about 2 to 3 days before she leaves.

Author Notes: Please enjoy!

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23 Jan, 2020
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3 mins
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