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Magpie’s Message For Us And Our World - Part Five
Magpie’s Message For Us And Our World - Part Five

Magpie’s Message For Us And Our World - Part Five


Bill Gates And The Pandemic

The way the Covid-19 situation was artificially pushed into pandemic proportions reminds me of the poem ‘Der Zauberlehrling’ or ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ by Goethe. See the relevant link at the end of this chapter. Might the driving force behind the pandemic really not know what they are doing or is it by now a case of nobody having the courage to call it off? Are they really so heartless and blind to the suffering they are inflicting upon the whole of humankind? Can anyone be so greedy and lacking all sense of responsibility? In my view, the best we can do for the troublemakers and scaremongers behind the scenes is to continue sending them kind, loving and forgiving thoughts that feed into our world’s light stream of consciousness, points it in their direction and helps the higher nature of these people to wake up.

Magpie today has come to draw our attention to the fact that our physical body’s afflictions are always a cry from the indwelling spirit/soul that something on that level is in need of attention. This is as true for every individual human being as the whole of humankind and our world. And that’s why healing the spiritual aspects is more important than anything else. The pharma industry’s products can only suppress the symptoms of whatever is troubling us without any hope of reaching and healing its underlying cause. That’s where spiritual healing comes into its own. It addresses the root of the problem, goes to it and intuitively assists us with finding a better understanding of what we did wrong and what we can do our share of things with our physical body coming right again, dealing with the complaint once and for all.

This shows clearly that the pharma industry’s products are fake gold, while spiritual healing that attends to our whole being is the true gold that is waiting to eventually be unearthed by every one of us. Finding it is every human being’s birthright. When viewed from the spiritual perspective, the pandemic reveals itself as counterproductive for the pharma industry, because it forces ever more of us into taking a closer look at humankind’s true nature and the wise higher purpose of our earthly existence. To my mind, this situation is not really a struggle between good and evil, but between the knowledge of spiritual wisdom and truth and the lack of it.

The early Christians were the pioneers of the Piscean age and that’s what all of us are with regard to the Aquarian age, whether we are as yet aware of it or not. By creating and for many years co-leading Microsoft, one of the pioneering companies of the computer industry, Bill has already shown his inborn talent as a pioneer and leader of people. Through telling us how the pandemic was brought about and why it had to happen, might Bill one of these days also prove that he is capable of acting as one of our world’s Aquarian age spiritual leaders? Could he turn into someone who is capable of and willing to take us forward and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life into what to future generations will be known as the epoch of post-pandemic peace? Well, dear friends, these are the days of miracles and wonders!

Magpie wants to draw our attention to what happens towards the end of every human being’s earthly education, therefore also Bill’s. The time then has come for learning how to love God’s way. Nobody has to ask or command us to love one another, because when our higher nature has taken over it’s earthly counterpart, that’s our natural way of reacting to everything that comes our way. Only when we love for its own sake are we true to our higher eternal nature. The following was inspired by a message from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in the October/November 2020 Stella Polaris, the White Eagle Lodge’s magazine, under the heading ‘May The Rose Bloom’ by Michaela Hurcomb:

‘Loving the Divine way means giving without thought for self and walking faithfully with love in our heart, regardless of how difficult the road ahead may still be for us, trusting that God and the Angels can at any given time be called upon to show the way. It provides us with courage, loyalty and integrity, honesty and truth with which we express our love for the great siblinghood of humankind in every one of our thoughts, words and actions. Recognising the great justice of the Universal law that’s constantly at work in everything that happens throughout the whole of Creation, therefore also for us and our world, motivates us to bring forth, from deep within our own being. the best and noblest qualities of our God or Christ nature and pursue only that which is good, beautiful and right.

‘Loving the Divine way helps us to understand our siblings in the great family of humankind and it makes now difference how deceptive appearances can be in our world. This kind of loving is the most vital aspect of everybody’s God or Christ nature. It does not judge or accuse anyone of ulterior motives, because we are then at one with God and the Angels. They know every heart, spirit/soul and the predestined pathway all of us are walking and which lessons we are attending in the earthly school of life, at any given moment. This love makes us kind and capable of enduring our suffering until our spiritual ledger’s last karmic debts have been paid and redeemed, by us.

‘This kind of loving is the solvent for all our world’s problems, individually and collectively. When it is applied to anything that’s troublesome, for example the pandemic 2019/2020, in God’s time, not ours, the issue will be resolved and the situation disappear, if we but wait until the energies are right for this to happen. That’s how with patience and love, all humankind’s afflictions and predicaments can and will eventually be overcome, because that’s what is written in God’s great evolutionary plan for the whole of Creation, including us and our world. When we have learnt to love that way, the earthly school of life has nothing left to teach us and our vibrations are right for moving onto exploring the next higher level of life, at the end of our present lifetime.’

Bill once said: ‘As we look ahead into the future, leaders will be those who empower others.’ How about you, Bill? I believe your time has come for doing just that, not only on our world’s material plane but more importantly its spiritual background. Mind you, Bill also said: ‘Success is a lousy teacher. I seduces smart people to think they cannot lose. . .’.

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29 Oct, 2020
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