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Magpie’s Message For Us And Our World - Part Four
Magpie’s Message For Us And Our World - Part Four

Magpie’s Message For Us And Our World - Part Four


Bill Gates : Happy Birthday

Today Bill (William Henry) Gates is celebrating his sixty-fifth birthday. He was born 28th October 1955 in Seattle, Washington, USA, when the Sun was in Scorpio and the Moon in the 2nd degree of Aries. As pointed out in the first chapter of magpie’s message, Sun Scorpios have a sixth sense for other people’s and society’s weaknesses and how to best exploit them, that’s why they make good detectives as well as criminals.

Be that as it may, the year Bill has just completed is likely to have been one of transformation for him. Yet, the one ahead promises to take him forward into a spiritually expansive period, in which his higher nature will be moving ever more into the foreground of his consciousness. Scorpio’s development takes place in three stages. First comes the scorpion with the sting in its tail and that is Scorpio’s deadly tongue. The second stage is that of the eagle, when the earthly self discovers its ability to lift itself above the difficulties of youth and childhood on the wings of its spiritual nature. The eagle is a bird of prey with a sharp beak and claws for getting hold of things. And that’s how Bill wound up as co-founder of Microsoft and billionaire at the age of thirty-one.

Magpie is a messenger from the spirit world who wants to draw Bill’s attention that spiritually there are two kinds of gold, a fake and a true variety. His birthchart shows that for some time his earthly personality has been struggling against his higher nature. It is doing its best to pull Bill forwards and upwards on his personal evolutionary spiral to start accumulating true gold. It will be easy when Bill enters the third and highest level of Scorpio’s earthly development of turning into a dove of peace! Bill is a born pioneer and leader of people who has excellent potential for one of these days emerging as one of our world’s spiritual leaders. If he refuses the challenge of developing his spiritual nature in his present lifetime, he will be left with nothing when at its end he returns to the spirit realm, humankind’s true home. Having left everything earthly behind, because it’s of no use or value to where he has gone, his spirit/soul will stand naked before – no, not God – but himself.

When he has rested sufficiently in the spirit world, he will be assessing the performances of all his lifetimes, especially the most recent one. Together with the wise ones in charge of him, he will then be consulting the Akashic Records to find out his weaknesses and strengths. This will enable him to see for himself that every bit of his material wealth has been fake gold, because it faded away each time he departed from the earthly plane. And if he continued the way he has done for such a long time, it would then be too late to do something about the sad lack of true gold, i.e. spiritual knowledge and the wisdom that has grown from our ability to understand and apply it to every one of our daily encounters.

If, however, he stepped forward and told the truth about the driving force behind the pandemic, the result would be a major credit entry in his spiritual bankbook. This courageous gesture – Scorpio’s love to think in terms of power – would empower him to act as one of the main contributors to bringing the pandemic to its natural and happy ending. Instead of waiting until the end of his present lifetime, more would be added if he then used his material wealth for feeding the hungry on the material level and so making good at least some of the damage he helped to create. His own spiritual development would take to its wings if, at the same time, he started feeding our world’s spiritually deprived hungry and homeless, through bringing them a new understanding of God’s true nature and their own, and the wise higher purpose of their earthly existence.

A general giving to our world’s population instead of exploiting their already dwindling material resources for the purpose of increasing his own wealth, might balance the karmic debts that are bound to have accumulated in his spiritual account because of his part in the pandemic alone. Maybe it’s Bill’s influence already that’s brought about the changing attitude of the World Health Organisation. The wise ones in our world’s inner spiritual background are the only ones, apart from Bill, who know. Whatever any one of us does, our motivations can clearly be seen by them.

They are the eye that never sleeps and observes everything that happens on the earthly plane. They are never fooled by anyone and if Bill has been using the façade of the WHO to increase his wealth, it will most certainly have caused a debit entry in his spiritual account. There is no need for us to find out, but our spirit friends and helpers know us and our motivations better than we do. Even what we like to think of as our most secret thoughts, in their world it comes across as if we were shouting them from the rooftops.

Bill’s Moon progression tells me that for a while he has been going through a particularly difficult time. But one of these days he could surprise our world by courageously stepping forward and putting his money where his mouth is, through his words and actions revealing what kind of a humanitarian he is. If he told the truth about his intentions behind getting ever more deeply involved with the WHO, he would be worthy of being called one of humankind’s leaders out of the pandemic. It’s likely that this kind of action would encourage others to follow his example. And it’s up to him to decide how he would like future history books mention Bill Gate. Is it going to be as one of the main destroyers of our world’s economies for the purpose of increasing his already enormous material wealth, or as one of its most outstanding healers and lightbringers, saviours and redeemers?

Magpie wants Bill to know that he is not some kind of Antichrist; nobody is. You are a beloved child of the Great Father/Mother of all life, a spark of the Universal Christ’s light, a young God in the making who is serving the first part of its apprenticeship in the earthly school of life; so is everybody else. You are a special and unique being; so is everybody else. You, the same as all those around you, were created to fulfil a certain task during our world’s present transformation from a predominantly materially orientated into an advanced spiritual one; so is everybody else. You are but one of the 7.7 billion spirit/souls, a spark of the Divine Fire, who has everything within, the highest as well as the lowest characteristics; so is everybody else.

You, the same as everybody else, have been granted the gift of another lifetime to go in search of the only true gold that exists on earthly plane and that is spiritual knowledge and the wisdom that grows from understanding it and applying it to everything that comes your way. This is the true gold every human being, in the course of many lifetimes, is constantly trying to find. That’s the only thing we can take with us at the end of each earthly sojourn. No-one will ever take this gold from us; it’s ours to keep in all Eternity.

Magpie wants Bill to know that his material wealth is fake gold. It will be lining the nest he has built for himself and his loved ones, until the moment of his departure from this plane. If his spiritual nature failed to wake up during what is left of his present lifetime, the only thing that would remain with him would be the karmic debts that accumulated during the time of accumulating his billions and trillions. But, should he step forward and tell us the truth, future history books would talk about Bill Gates as one of its major saviours and redeemers. Much more so than Jesus, because the story of the God-man’s life is but a legend. He merely existed as a thoughtform, which was created by God and the Angels for a predestined length of time to teach humankind the value of honesty and truth.

The year ahead for Bill is the sixty-sixth of his present lifetime and that means that it will be under the rulership of Venus, the beauty and peace loving planet, twice over, i.e. 66 = 6 x 2 = 12 = 1 + 2 = 3 ruled by Jupiter. And that’s the benevolent and expansive ruler of Sagittarius, the sign dedicated to the development of humankind’s superconscious faculties. Venus in the Earth sign Taurus teaches us to appreciate the good things of Mother Earth. Money is very important, not for its intrinsic value but for the beautiful things it can buy. Venus in the Air sign Libra is the peacemaker and we learn about the value of partnerships and marriage.

Many happy returns of the day, dear Bill. Hopefully they will be happier for you than this one probably is. Whatever happens, much love and goodwill will be coming your way in the coming year, don’t underestimate their value.

* * *

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28 Oct, 2020
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