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Magpie’s Message For Us And Our World - Part Three
Magpie’s Message For Us And Our World - Part Three

Magpie’s Message For Us And Our World - Part Three


The wise ones in charge of us and our world are using our world’s bird to help us find a better understanding of the higher purpose and meaning of humankind’s earthly existence. Birds are their messengers and every bird species has a different kind of message for us. Through magpie our attention is drawn to the need for re-assessing our priorities during the present difficult time. Magpie advises us to keep an open mind towards any kind of information that comes our way, paying attention to what our inner guidance tells us whether it is true or false.

Where might those who are pulling the strings behind the scenes of the moneymaking machinery of the pharmaceutical industry be on their individual evolutionary spiral and that of their organisation? Isn’t it astonishing how a once highly respected organisation could lower itself to the level of a parasite that’s eager to suck the lifeblood of our world’s population? Does their greed make them so blind that – if they succeeded with the pandemic – there would be nothing left that they could bleed dry then?

Could they be acting this way because for some time the public trust in the pharma industry’s products has been shrinking? Many reject them in preference to age-old and time-trusted natural healing methods. After the industry’s initial successes of freeing our world from afflictions like polio and smallpox, as the years went by, the natural remedies that Mother Earth has always provided in great abundance faded ever more into the background.

Magpie wants to tell us that the pharma industry’s products are not the true gold that all human beings, in the course of many lifetimes every one of them spends in the earthly school of life, are constantly in pursuit of. Because all they can do is suppress our illnesses’ symptoms instead of healing them, it can easily be recognised that they are fake gold. Natural healing methods, especially when combined with the healing energies of the Highest, that’s the true gold all of us are destined to discover eventually on the earthly plane. And because the time for doing so has come, that’s why these healing methods, the only ones worthy of being called by this name, re-emerged and are steadily growing in popularity.

On top of that, those who prefer the natural methods to the products of the pharma industry, are assisting the survival of the United Kingdom’s National Health System with its notorious lack of funds, due to the spiralling cost and use of the pharma industry’s products. Many reject the pharma products for the simple reason that all too frequently they interfere with and stop the inborn ability, of human and animal physical bodies alike, to put things right when they have gone wrong and healing themselves. That’s why many by now prefer natural remedies that strengthen their immune system to help it deal successfully with harmful organisms like Covid-19.

Ever more of us are also finding out that, with the help and will of God and the Angels, any condition can be healed. All we have to do is reach out to them, tune the receiver/transmitter station of our earthly mind into their frequencies and ask for their healing energies to fill our whole being. Magpie draws our attention to the fact that the only nest the fake gold of the pharma industry’s products will ever adorn is the pockets of its already immensely rich shareholders. I find it hard to understand why an industry that started as a genuine benefactor of humankind, has chosen to move down its own evolutionary spiral and degrade itself by turning into a mere money printing machinery that has no regard for humankind’s welfare and wellbeing? Where is the ethos of such behaviour?

And yet, maybe the matter becomes clearer when one considers that, for quite some time by now, humankind is becoming increasingly spiritually orientated. It seems that the more we are moving forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral on the way of returning to the conscious awareness of our true nature, the more organisations that have served their usefulness, the pharma industry the same as our world’s old religions, are fading away and in due course will have disappeared completely.

This development created the necessary space for the re-discovery of the natural healing methods and the knowledge that the healing energies of the Highest, which have been waiting for a long time to come to the help of anyone who asks for them and that free of charge. It has been part of the Divine great plan of life that these things should temporarily fade into the background of humankind’s consciousness, but that they should return in God’s time, not ours. As we know by now, that’s when the energies are right for doing so and that’s what they are NOW. There are no forces between Heaven and Earth that can stop this from happening.

The pandemic is part of the death-struggle of customs and beliefs that have outlived their usefulness and find it hard to let go and die. An essential part of the Aquarian age’s Zeitgeist is honesty and truth and everything has to go that is not in harmony with it. Magpie warns us that the belief of a Messiah, who will appear at a predestined time in our world, to save and redeem all those who are willing to take every word of his teachings literally, is a false one, i.e. fake gold. The true gold that all of us, in the course of many lifetimes, have constantly searching for is the higher esoteric wisdom that has always been hiding behind all our world’s sacred teachings.

It then becomes clear that the essence of every human being, without exception, is spirit/soul who started its existence as a spark of the Great Light. Every one of us is part of God and like God, we are eternal beings who can never die. From time to time we temporarily take part in the earthly school of life’s lessons by spending another lifetime on that plane. Each one serves the wise higher purpose of slowly but surely moving forwards and upwards, each on their individual evolutionary journey as well as that of the whole of humankind. this continues until we have reached the developmental point of bringing forth, each from deep within their own being, the best, highest and noblest characteristics of their very own God or Christ nature.

The kindness and goodness, honesty and truth of our higher nature alone is capable of saving and redeeming us, all of humankind and our world. This applies to every human being; each has to play the role of being their own Messiah, saviour and redeemer. An essential part of it is doing our share of revealing the truth about the driving force behind the pandemic 2019/2020. Magpie asks us to do whatever our inner guidance tells us intuitively how we should go about it. Its presence shows that we shall have the courage and determination we need for walking our talk and speaking our truth, whilst taking advantage of every opportunity that offers itself for doing so. Our timing sense will be perfect, because the wise one or living God within will be telling us intuitively when it’s worthwhile standing our ground for something or whether it’s wiser to step aside and let people get on with their squabbles.

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25 Oct, 2020
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