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Making Myself Memorable (Part 2)
Making Myself Memorable (Part 2)

Making Myself Memorable (Part 2)

Sparkly_AlicornLittle Bean
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"It's just a phase."

"She'll stop soon."

"She wouldn't actually hurt anyone."

"Kiara is just pretending. It's all a big act."

That is what they all said after I became a villain. 8 years later and I'm still going at it strong. They finally took me seriously after I created some seriously awesome chaos. I bet they wish they had cared a speck more about me when I was a kid.

2 years ago, at my dad's funeral(no, it wasn't me) my mom looked at me with tears in her eyes. She begged and promised to do anything for me to stop. I asked her to stop being a superhero and we could be a normal mom and daughter, for the very first time.The way she looked at me after I said that gave me my answer. Mom loved being a hero more than she loved me. She always had. She always would.

I promised myself I would never care about anyone ever again. Except for myself. The world was just a terrible place, so why not make my mark by blowing up some places, breaking some buildings, getting on the news once in awhile, before my old friend Death would come to collect me? Yes, he really is my friend. I met him one day. He almost took me with him, but he saw the longing in my eyes for proving myself to my family. He let me come back. I am forever grateful.

Now that my brothers have their own families, they seem to have stopped caring so much about being a hero. They only want to be a hero in their kids eyes. Cute, right? For some reason, I'm not allowed to meet my sisters-in-law, neices, an nephews. It's not like I'm a villain or anything. As if I want to be part of their lives after they deserted mine. Although, I wonder what would happen if I stopped being a villain, became just a normal human being. I could be part of a family, maybe meet that one guy, start my OWN family.

Wait, no. I could never do that. No one could ever love me. My family certainly proved that. I guess I'll just go it alone for the rest of my life. But then again, that's what I've always done.

That is what I've always been.

A loner. A lone wolf. Alone. A villain. And I can't change that... not now, not ever.

I'm alone. Forever. And the truth is...

I don't want to be alone.

Author Notes: :)

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Little Bean
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3 Mar, 2021
Read Time
2 mins
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