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Managing The Pandemic
Managing The Pandemic

Managing The Pandemic


Looking At The Year 2020 – Part Seventy-One

For They Know Not What They Are Doing . . .

The mass of people is ruled by Cancer, the sign devoted to the Great Mother, the caring and nurturing principle of the Divine Trinity. Cancer’s planetary ruler is the Moon. Women and men as politicians clearly show the basic difference in the feminine and masculine approach to humankind’s earthly existence. All our world’s females, not merely human ones, are manifestations of the Great Mother. Women politicians quite naturally care for the people of their country. They do their best to protect them against harmful influences of any kind by following what comes to them intuitively.

All males, not only human ones, are manifestations of the Great Father. Therefore, also our masculine political leaders who love to dominate and wield what they think of as their power. Unless these men are on good terms with their inner woman and so have access to her feminine instinctive knowledge of how to protect everything that is in need of it, they are lost in situations like the pandemic. By the look of things, that’s what has happened to our male political leaders. This is not surprising when one bears in mind that for some time by now we have been in the process of leaving behind approx. six thousand years of patriarchy. The unnatural all-masculine religions of that time systematically and forcefully suppressed the feminine and its store of wisdom and knowledge. Through this our world’s natural balance became ever more disturbed and everything we are struggling with is part of overcoming these detrimental influences. And the spiritual background of the pandemic has been the redemption of the karmic debts that were created then.

And how do our male political leaders react to it? Having no idea why something of this nature has to happen during their ‘reign’, they are as lost as so many around them are. Sensing that, as a demonstration of their masculine strength and leadership qualities, that they should be seen doing something, they panic. In that state they may not shy away from trying to speedily push new laws through their country’s parliament that forces people to take part in mass vaccinations. By severely restricting their movements and robbing them of their God-given right to make their own decisions, they are already turning their country into a police states. With the help of the new laws they have in mind, anything can be enforced, even vaccinations with serums of which nobody knows whether they are going to be effective or harmful for people’s all round wellbeing.

What if it turns our to be as disastrous as a mass swine flu vaccination programme in the USA in 1976, which caused far more illness and deaths than the disease it was designed to combat? The American Health Protection Agency watchdog had asked doctors to look out for cases of GBS at the beginning of the vaccinations. Read more about it by following the relevant link at the end of this chapter. Would you like to have your physical body purposely invaded by something that revealed itself as damaging as that?

And even if the pandemic were a conspiracy, nothing in the whole of Creation, including us and our world, is beyond or out of the reach of God and the Angels. They are the eye that never sleeps and observes everything. They are aware of the past of us and our world from their earliest beginnings, as well as their present and future. They know every one of us better than we ourselves do. And the way we react to the things that appear in our lives, at all times shows them which degree of spiritual awareness we have reached. Even what we like to think of as our most secret thoughts, words and actions in the spirit realm it’s as if we were shouting them from the rooftops.

God and the Angels are familiar with everyone’s hopes, dreams and aspirations. To all of them they respond in the manner that’s appropriate for the times in which they appear. And because we and our world for some time have been taking part in the lessons of the Aquarian age, the age of truth, they are revealing ever more of the truth about everything, especially the pharmaceutical industry with the help of their professional troublemakers and scaremongers. All along, they have been the driving force behind the pandemic.

Among many other things, the Aquarian age is the age of rebellion and revolution. The sign is co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus. Saturn is a symbolism for the stern and undeviating schoolmaster aspect of the Divine Trinity. Uranus represents its iconoclastic side that provides us and our world with the power of attacking and destroying any kind of idols that have outlived their usefulness and need to go. This applies as much to our old religions as the pharmaceutical industry’s motivations. Both were and to this day are driven by the general masculine lust for power and dominion, whose symptoms are an insatiable thirst for ruling our world through moneymaking and warmongering.

Our world’s present Zeitgeist rebels against anything that restricts humankind’s freedom on all levels of its existence, religious, spiritual and material. And the deeper we move into the Aquarian age, the more strongly the Uranian energies are influencing us. What we are presently experiencing is the natural end of the dance around the golden calf and the rulership of money. Those who are sufficiently evolved, are exchanging such temporary values for true and everlasting spiritual ones.

The strength of the Aquarian energies is constantly increasing and should not be underestimated by anyone. Nothing and nobody between Heaven and Earth can delay or hold up humankind’s evolutionary progress and seriously disturb the beneficial influence of these energies. For some time they have been influencing everything that exists on our planet. And when the dust around the pandemic has settled, which it will do quite soon, ever more of us will be able to recognise it has brought us the most precious gift that the Aquarian age has in store for every one of us. It is bringing us freedom from all kinds of slavery, especially those of a religious nature as well as the over-estimation of money and earthly possessions.

For some time, the Aquarian energies have been slowly but surely taking our whole race forwards into a new kind of superconscious awareness that has been unknown in our world since the previous Aquarian age, about 25,800 years ago. Once again we are free to follow our heart and believe what it tells us is the truth. Now that ever more of us are conducting their lives in spiritually orientated ways, we are discovering that, with the help and will of God and the Angels, any kind of condition really can be healed. Whenever something ails us, we prefer turning to alternative healing methods and learning how to access the Universe’s healing energies is growing in popularity.

Many these days no longer wish to enter the seemingly inevitable vicious circle of taking the pharmaceutical industry’s products. The unpleasant side effects of one of them requires another one. After a while, this medicine also has side effects. Never mind, let’s wheel in the next one. And so on and so forth.

Our world’s religious leaders once started the worship of money and earthly possessions. They were allowed to get away with it for wise higher educational reasons, which have been explained sufficiently elsewhere. Alas, those who these days try to follow the religions’ example and keep on walking in their footsteps, God and the Angels, hand in hand with us, their earthly helpers, are going to show soon that this is no longer possible. Praise and thanks be to them.

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18 Sep, 2020
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