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By littlemermaid22

"Hey!" I called out to him as he walked away. He turned and looked at  me and waited until I caught up with him. "So-" I started, trying to manage the nerve to say the rest of my question, "being as though you haven't asked me out yet I'm going to assume that you aren't going to any time soon." He stared at the ground at we started walking again, but he couldn't hide the fact that he face was flushed red. "So- " I continued, " will you go out with me?" I asked. I turned my face to the ground feeling the heat creep up my neck. As he replied, "Wait right now?" I rolled my eyes, " Yeah, I guess so." He smiled and stared at the ground, and said, " Well I don't know- but I like you- but maybe." The heat on my neck and face disappeared and was replaced with a really-you-can't-give-me-a-straight-answer face I turned on my heel and called to him, "Okay I'll take that as a 'no'." "Wait- hold on. That's not what I-" he protested before I was out of earshot.
 The day's continued to pass in his flirtatious gestures, and incompetent hints. But I wasn't the only one. I later found a girl whom was standing so close to him her tiny boobs were pressed up against his chest, and he was staining not to look at her. Her name is unimportant the only important thing is she's a slut. But apparently he finds that attractive. Gross. 
The next time we were alone I asked him, " When I asked you out were you thinking of her?" I pointed to the slut. He went pink in the face, "What do you want me to say?" He asked. "I want you to tell the truth." I simply stated. He began, "Yeah I was. Does that make me a bad guy? Thinking about another girl?" "No. It states that you think abou her more often than you think about me. And even when I was asking if I could be your girlfriend you were thinking about her. So why don't you go ask her out if she's all you think about?" I walked away I had heard enough, I said what I wanted to. But one thing I didn't do was I didn't turn to look at his hurt expression as I walked away. Nope. All I had in mind was my problems, I didn't think of him.
Later that day he came to me and said, " The reason why I can't date her is because I'll always be thinking of you. Maybe that does make me a bad guy. Maybe I'm not sure of what I want. Maybe- " I grabbed the collar of his jacket and thrust my lips into contact with his, "Maybe you should just make up your mind." Then I walked away. As I did I heard him whisper, "Maybe I have."

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10 Dec, 2015
Read Time
2 mins
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