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Memo From God
Memo From God

Memo From God


Memo From God

This is God speaking. Just a quick note to remind you that today, the same as every day, I am waiting to help you handle any kind of problem you may encounter, even though I am unwilling to do the work for you. If I did, you would not learn anything and your consciousness could not expand with wisdom and truth. That’s why I only assist those who are willing to help themselves. I am the wise one, the living God within you, who knows the answers to all your questions and knows the way that is right for you in any given moment. I cannot save and redeem anyone. You alone can do this and each has to do it for themselves, because you are responsible for yourself, every thought, word and action and ultimately also for the state of your world.

Nonetheless, whatever your endeavours may be, attend to them with a happy heart and let nothing spoil your day, as My Angels and I are constantly with you. We never leave you. We are as much part of you as you are of us. That’s why we could not desert you if we wanted to, which of course we do not. In your mind create yourself a spot called ‘something for God to attend to’. And whenever life confronts you with situations that you find too difficult or hard to handle on your own, place them into it and leave things to the Angels and Me. We attend to everything, but in My time and not yours. With our help any kind of problem can be overcome and resolved.

Once you have placed something into this spot, do not hold onto it by worrying about it. The way will be shown and the answers you are seeking will come to you intuitively. Suddenly you will know and everything comes clear in your mind. That’s how the Angels and I have always tried to communicate with you through the innermost world of your feelings, where we dwell. We are the small still voice of your conscience and from now on let us show you how to go about everything. This sets you free to focus on the many wondrous and magical things that are a natural part of your earthly existence.

If you decide to share this with your friends, I thank you for it. You could be touching their lives in ways you will never be aware of, for I work in mysterious and beautiful ways.

And now, a blessed day to you, My beloved child of the Earth.

With love – God,
The Great Father/Mother of all life.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

* * *

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About This Story
26 Aug, 2018
Read Time
2 mins
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