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Mental Gap

Mental Gap

By Andres Cantu


BY: Andres Cantu

"Dad! Again, I heard noises outside my room in the early morning"

I spent all my nights with those words of my daughter echoing in my head, what is a father supposed to do when he hears that one of his sons dislikes such a thing? "You had a nightmare, it was nothing, it was your imagination..."

It had been 2 months since my daughter disappeared and it was exactly the same months when I kept sinking every night in the booze to reconcile the sleep. Every breath she gave burned me inside because she didn't keep the promise I made to take care of her after her mother disappeared a little over 1 year ago. Having known that my daughter would be the next victim, I would have taken her warnings differently.

It was Strange as I spent the days without having a purpose, the only thing that kept me alive was the desire to receive some news of the whereabouts of my family, I listened with usually the local news on the radio in the hope of receiving some sign from their parade, but for every good news that awaited received a bad, because in the locality were still disappearing people without leaving any clues or traces of the kidnapper.

At the end of the days, a strange fear invaded me before going to sleep, because I constantly presented the dreams of sounds in the heads screaming of people, cries that I sometimes recognized as those of my wife or my daughter, and always woke up soaked in sweat and can the next day as if sleeping has no effect on me.

Today I was fatigued as usual and turned on the radio while making myself a cup of coffee. As I was about to give him the first drink, the news driver caught all my attention as he began to announce that he believed that the kidnapper attacked again, since another person had disappeared passion at night and their respective relatives begged that if anyone knew of his whereabouts they would notify him as soon as possible.

Walk into my living room and sit me with my coffee still intact. A mixture of anger and helplessness invaded me because this situation had already gone too far, that kidnapper had more than one year without being captured and who knows how many more people would have to disappear until someone stopped him.

I was so angry thinking that the fact that maybe he was never caught crashing my coffee cup on the floor and being intrigued to watch the liquid seeing through the edges of my floor. I quickly got up and moved all the furniture in my room, leaving the place where the coffee had leaked and I realized that there was a kind of slit that went unnoticed in one of my tiles, I introduced my fingers to what looked like a secret door that exposed some stairs that went down to a room that I never knew existed.

I carefully went down and found a long straight corridor where darkness did not show the end. Curiosity caused me to walk through the narrow place for several minutes and little was approaching a steel door that looked in the distance as it filtered light below.

I stood in front of the heavy, thick steel door, this had a huge padlock on and I was surprised by the fact that, on one side of me, it hung on the wall, there was a key that could be introduced in it and opened without difficulty, My heart began to accelerate as the reclining door opened and let me see what was on the other side almost decayed me because my eyes were not ready to contemplate an image as I saw it.

I was in a huge room infested by an unbearable stink that owed dozens of cadavers stacked with each other. I was completely horrified, I vomited and when I was about to run back something, I saw in that place prevented it.

Within walking distance of me, there was a small desk which had several sheets stacked and which have as treads paper a boy's shoe, a rogue with all my soul that the owner of that shoe would not find the pile of bodies and I would stick to see.

I went with a way to that desk, took the papers and when I saw them, I got goosebumps, for in them I could check that all the names of the missing people that I heard daily on the radio were written,

Finishing reading all the names I found with the soul shatters, all that discovery had shattered me and not by the fact that I had found the bodies without life under my house, not by checking the name of my daughter and my wife in those macabre roles, what shattered me was to recognize in them a particular way of drawing the letters when writing, which was certainly mine,

"Dad! Again, I heard noises outside my room in the early morning" my daughter's words rang repeatedly in my head as I came back crying over the tun.

Now that I have sent a note with my findings to the authorities it is only a matter of time that they are presented at my door, so I leave all my testimony written down in this letter and assure those who read it, that the kidnapper will not return to the streets, for I will be an executioner. At this moment I await the rope that will tie to my neck and put an end to everything, I am no longer afraid, for I know that this time when my eyes close forever, I will never "sound" again with more cries of people.

Author Notes: I wrote this story a long time ago hope you all like it.

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About The Author
Andres Cantu
About This Story
14 Feb, 2021
Read Time
4 mins
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