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Andres Cantu

Andres92 is from US United States • 28 y/o

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14 Feb, 2021
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Latest Stories by Andres Cantu

The Psychologist
A kid whose parents always get angry at him and he doesn't know what to do, so they can love him more. he feels his parents don't love him anymore, so he sees the school psychologist what happens next
9 mins
Words: 1983
Read Time: 9 mins
Who Lulls the Baby
a young married couple who have a baby and don't know what is going on in their house. later with time, strange things start to happen in their house until they discover a ghost of a young woman.
4 mins
Words: 861
Read Time: 4 mins
Mental Gap 18+
a father whose family disappeared thinking that they were kidnapped by someone else. not realizing, that he was the one killing the people and disappearing them forever.
4 mins
Words: 971
Read Time: 4 mins