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Who Lulls the Baby

Who Lulls the Baby

By Andres Cantu

It was a young couple, Darren and Heather had just contracted nuptials, the two in love and newlyweds were looking for where to buy their home, they had already seen some options, but due to lack of budget or closeness to their workplace or some damage in the place, they were not convinced by either; until one of his neighbors from the place where they rented for the moment, told them of a house very close to their current place of residence, the house was large, beautiful, two-story, with a large garden in the backyard, where there was a beautiful rose, which they thought of abandoning and going through the years, it seemed as if someone took care of it with total care.

The house belonged to a relative of the neighbor who had passed away a couple of years ago, but without giving any further details of why or, like, I mentioned that he had inherited it and that he planned to sell it, the price? It was almost gifted and apart by adding the discount it made to the young couple for the appreciation generated in the time of neighbors.

It took short for the couple to move to their new home, in a short time the time it was an abandoned house already looked like a large mansion, everything seemed perfect, a happy marriage, the eighteenth of Darren in their work and pregnant Heather, everything was going wind to strength, had already passed two years without any novelty; except for some comments made by her friends to the couple, such as the one who sometimes telephoned their home and answered a girl in a very kind voice who even offered to leave the message, when they met neighbors on the street, they swore to have seen a young woman peeped out of the second-level window of the house smiling kindly at them, which even greeted them. It was very rare as that window was the room they were planning for the baby.

The couple only laughed at what they were told, as they were very skeptical and did not believe in such nonsense, even thinking of not baptizing the future child.

Months passed and the new member of the family arrived, Matthew, a nice 3-kilogram male, they could not be happier.

The boy arrived in his room, which they had prepared earlier, was all sky blue, with little plane drawn all over the walls of the room, a nice crib, and a rocking chair where his mother could feed him and lull the child.

The child was very well behaved, hardly crying and when he started trying a tantrum, it was enough to put him in the crib, so that within minutes he would shut up or fall asleep, on one occasion while eating, they began to hear their laughter of the infant when they went up to see the child everything suddenly fell silent, but the rocking chair moved for no apparent reason, they took the baby and put him down with them to the table without giving more importance to what happened.

Darren overwork and Heather lock-up for caring for the child all day, began to pass the bill to the happy family, who were beginning to have problems with each other, nothing serious, but with good moments of tension at first, the fights began to rise in intensity, and on one occasion they kept yelling at each other, and the boy kept crying as he brought him carrying Heather back and forth, as they scolded, he went to the baby's room to put him in the crib to go out and fight again with Darren, he knew his screams stopped hearing the cry of the child, it was until after an hour that they realized that the child was no longer crying and that on the contrary, he had gone from crying to the laughter.

They saw each other and were dismayed, they went to the baby's room, when they opened the door they would take the scare of their lives, seeing a young-looking woman floating on the ground seemingly without feet, carrying the little boy comforting his crying as he turned to see them with discomfort. Darren came running and in fear to snatch the child, and ran out of the place...

The family the next day went for their things and decided to get out of there right away.

Soon after the good neighbor would tell the story, the young woman who appeared was her cousin, who just as Darren and Heather had married and together with her husband had bought that house, she had her baby but he died because of the so dead birth (very common in newborns), her husband left her soon and her only consolation was to care for that rose as if she were to her little son, a short time later she would take her life in the room that was her baby's.

The house has not been inhabited since, the rose bush is still cared for, and some tell you can see the young woman by the windows that walks between the rooms facing the street.

Author Notes: one of my favorite stories so far that I've written.

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About The Author
Andres Cantu
About This Story
14 Feb, 2021
Read Time
4 mins
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