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Natural And Human-Made Disasters – Part G


The ability to design plans like those for the whole of Creation, and the smaller plans within it for our world’s individual and collective spiritual development, in its magnitude and benevolence, foresight and wisdom that are based on nothing but love, reveals more than anything else our Creator’s incomparable genius. In all its magnificence the plan is so simple that everything is clearly visible and nothing is hidden from the view of those whose inner vision has opened sufficiently. At the same time the grand design is so fair and just that it is hard to imagine for earthly minds.

The Universal laws are the foundation of every one of God’s plan, great and small. The most important one is love, together with the power of thought they are the most influential forces of all. They are the focal point and driven by their energies everything radiates out with astonishing simplicity and accuracy, and above all fairness and justice. Something so mighty and wondrous could only have been thought of by the greatest genius of all: the Universal force known to many as God or Allah, Jehovah, Lord Krishna or whatever else. ‘Call Me by any name and I shall be there!’

God’s great plan is based on our Creator’s love, which is so immense that it is beyond human comprehension. This kind of love is all giving and forgiving and it's therefore safe to trust that everything will eventually come right with each one of us and our world, and that all things human hearts and souls truly desire shall be given in the fullness of time. If it’s peace we want, all we have to do is ask for it, act in keeping with our request by leading a peaceful life and being prepared to wait patiently, for it will come. But, until we have evolved into perfect sons/daughters of God, whole and holy, i.e. every aspect of our nature integrated, we cannot have exactly what we request at any given time. First we have to prove by our behaviour that we have mastered the material plane and know how to handle responsibly that which is given into our care. Until then God and the Angels alone know what our true needs are and what we should have and what has to wait.

The Karma all of us created in the course of many lifetimes, individually and collectively, are the reason for the suffering and destruction that to this day have to be endured on the Earth. God’s laws demand equilibrium in all things and it’s the task of the Universal forces to bring it about. Understanding this, wise ones do not blame God when something in their lives or their world appears to be going wrong. Instead, they ensure that they are conducting their lives in keeping with God’s laws, especially the one of love. They are sending nothing but good and kind, loving and positive thoughts, words and actions into the world around them, safe in the knowledge that eventually but more of this will return to them.

Each time wars and acts of terrorism are trying to cast the shadows of their darkness into the souls of your world and its people, wise ones instead of giving such events of their energies by complaining and moaning about them, do their bests to restore the balance of your world by counteracting them with something good. They lift the victims as well as the perpetrators of every incident into the radiance of the Christ Star and pray that their darkness should be absorbed into Its light, to be uplifted and transmuted into blessing and healing energies for all lifeforms on the Earth and throughout the whole of Creation. If that’s what our hearts and souls truly desire, we can be sure that our wish will be granted – when the time is right.

This is how the darkness of all evil of our world will gradually be absorbed into the light of everything that is good, right and beautiful. As a contribution towards bringing this about, let’s focus our attention on the Great Light, the Sun above and beyond all Suns, which manifests itself as the Sun in the sky above us. Now visualise the spiritual Sun behind the Sun that is invisible to earthly eyes. With your inner vision see the spiritual rays descending upon humankind, how they are working in wonderful ways to penetrate humankind’s consciousness with the awareness of the glory of its Divine nature and origin. The rays of the spiritual Sun are blending, healing and harmonising things, so they become ever more perfect and beautiful.

Regardless of what disruptions may still be ahead of us on the Earth plane, the rays of the spiritual Sun are deeply penetrating every lifeform. They are drawing together the threads on the Great Weaver’s loom, and weaving glorious rainbow colours and patterns of great beauty, not only on the Earth but throughout the whole of God’s Creation. In the end all of it transforms itself back again into the perfect light that is the essence of the White Spirit, the Great White Light, and the creative process starts all over again.

The following is the essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in a letter to friends of the Lodge October 2005: ‘Never forget that there is no such thing as chance or accidents on your plane of life or anywhere else in the whole of Creation. Everything that happens is just right for that particular moment and place. It has come about because of the Universal laws and under the direction of the Great Ones at the head who are responsible for humankind’s evolutionary progress. Even in the case of any kind of catastrophe that arises in human life, when loved ones are snatched from each other or when as a result someone suffers from severe afflictions, wise ones remind themselves that God is merciful, as well as just, and that those participating in earthly life usually can only ever see one side of any picture.

‘You have no idea about the compensation that is waiting on our side of life for those who suffer and the great love that has always been flowing into every soul that had to wade through the depths of the earthly shadows. That’s how, each soul through its own experiences, gets to know the extent of the Great Father/Mother’s love for their children of the Earth. The law of cause and effect or Karma decrees that everything must return to its source. And because on the inner level all life is one and there is no separation between anything, none of us will ever be forgotten or left behind.

For those who have lost their way in their earthly existence, i.e. the knowledge of their true nature and the purpose of their being, everything possible is done by the Angels and us, your spirit helpers, to help them become aware again and so nudge them back onto the track of going home. The Jesus legend’s parable of the Master going in search of every last lost sheep and on his shoulders carrying it safely home is a depiction of this. Therefore, whenever you witness human suffering, remind yourself of God’s mercy and the compensation that awaits every human being in the end. The ministering Angels attend to anyone who is in pain and suffering. Even before they arrive in our world, it is part of their compensation that they are lovingly cared for.’

In ‘Stars Of The North’ January 2013, a further item of White Eagle’s wisdom on this theme appeared. This is its essence: ‘God mercy is unlimited. It freely drops like gentle rain from the highest levels onto everything in earthly life. It refreshes, comforts and heals individual souls as well as the soul of your race and world. But before any of this can happen, every soul has to take part in Earth’s lessons. The greatest turning point is reached when another one of you discovers that all life, including that of your planet, is ruled by spiritual laws that for a long time remain invisible to earthly perceptions.

‘Yet, because every human being is part of God, comforting mercy constantly flows from the Divine heart into each individual human counterpart. The Universal laws ensure that the mercy of God reaches you in equal measure with the mercy and forgiveness you feel towards your siblings in the human family. This applies especially to younger and less experienced ones, who are bound to sin a great deal more than you do. Maybe this will help you to understand the reasoning behind Matthew 7:1-3: ‘Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged, and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?’

‘Aware of these things, wise ones in all their daily encounters focus on practising forgiveness and love. Aware of their siblinghood with all lifeforms, they act like one of them towards every human being, without exceptions, and all other lifeforms. Divine love fills their whole being and that empowers them to disperse sins. But even though they have let go of all traces of bitterness or resentment towards anyone and are forgiving freely, this does not wipe out their Karma. They still have to suffer to repay for any transgressions against the law of love, during the earlier stages of their earthly development. Knowing that no-one gets past the Universal laws, wise ones accept that no authority between Heaven and Earth can save anyone from getting their just desserts and having to pay their dues, and that only when even the last debt has been attended to, can anyone in earthly life find the true and lasting peace everybody is trying to find.’

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29 Nov, 2018
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