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Message From The Angels And Masters Of The Christ Circle (5)
Message From The Angels And Masters Of The Christ Circle (5)

Message From The Angels And Masters Of The Christ Circle (5)


You And Your World Are Safe!


Let’s return for a moment to theme of forgiveness. It is quite a longwinded process because of the karmic bonds, which people create with each other in the course of taking part in may of the earthly school of life’s lessons. It takes many appearances on the material plane to experience both sides of every lesson that’s available and there are lots of them. The relationships in which people get involved are the Karmic bonds that are thus created. Each one of them is like a cast-iron chain that ties them to each other.

It is for wise higher reasons that as a result, they have to meet time and again, in different lifetimes. Neither has any idea that they know each other because they have been together before. And that’s how, with the passing of time, karmic chains grow ever stronger. It takes a long time before any of them is ready to be dissolved. Forgiveness is only thing that possesses the power of bringing this about. That’s why today we wish to tell you how to proceed the right way.

The first step is forgiving yourself for once having needed to take part in the earthly school of life’s lessons, and that one after the other. You did this because you were still a spiritually young and inexperienced spirit/soul, at the beginning of its long-drawn-out evolutionary journey. It’s the same for every one of you. The process starts with being familiarised with the lowest and darkest characteristics of your own nature. Thus far you are unaware that every other human being has them. Getting to know these character traits can only come about through experiencing each one personally, in yourself as well as those around you. Each one has to be explored, one after the other, first on the giving end and in a much later lifetime, the receiving one. Naturally, this makes many appearances on the earthly plane necessary, and that for every one of you.

You enjoyed handing out suffering to anyone who came within your reach. It was done because as yet you were unaware of what was happening to you, what you were doing and what the true motivation behind your thoughts, words and action were. It would take a long time before you became aware that, all along you were taking part in the earthly school of life’s lessons, one after the other. Unbeknown to you, on every occasion your behaviour piled karmic debts into your spiritual ledger, ever more of them. Layer upon layer of them were stored in your subconscious soul memories.

Since then, they have been waiting to be redeemed. The promises made by your world’s old belief systems are of no value, because they are not based on the truth. When your world had reached the age of truth, the Aquarian age, you were going to find out that no-one can redeem anyone’s karmic debts, except every one of you themselves. When the debts were piled into your ledger, that lifetime was still far ahead during a certain stage of your personal development.

You were then not to know that, in the fullness of time, somebody would be doing to you what you once did. When you were still loaded with the vigour of youthful ignorance, the same as they are now, freely and thoughtlessly handed out suffering to anyone who came within your reach. And that, beloved children of the Earth, is how every human being eventually gets to know both sides of all of the lessons that are available in the earthly school of life.

Forgiveness is a journey that consists of two parts. The second one consists of forgiving all those who ever exposed to suffering, some of them enjoy doing so to this day. They are doing this because they are still spiritually young and unevolved, the same as you once were a long time ago. Like them today, in those days you too had no idea of what you were doing and did not realise that God’s justice is perfect. You also had no idea that this justice is fully functioning at all times and that it never errs, in the whole of Creation, therefore also in your world.

It comes about because the Divine justice is based on the Universal law of cause and effect or Karma. This law ensures that, at just the right moment which is decided by the group of Angels known as the Lords of Karma, everything that anyone sends into any part of the Universe finds its way back to where it came from. That’s how, quite magically, what you once did to others, in due course returns to you.

This needs to be followed by the third and last instalment of every human being’s forgiveness journey. Eventually the time has come for thanking the Divine Trinity, the Great Father/Mother of all life and their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ Star for its light and warmth. Let’s praise them for being everyone’s true eternal parents as well as for the endless love and wisdom with which they have been for a long time, and to this day still are teaching, every one of their beloved children of the Earth, to become familiar with the nature of suffering, first from the giving end and when the time for it has come, also from the receiving one.

Sending nothing but kind, loving and forgiven thoughts to your world’s troublemakers and scaremongers is likely to assist their higher God or Christ nature awake from its slumbering state. In that case another situation like the present so-called ‘pandemic’ will no longer be necessary for humankind’s joint development. When spiritually young and inexperienced lower earthly selves together with all highly evolved spirit/souls in your midst join forces, it will be much easier to establish a new golden age of consciousness in your world. There will then no longer be any need for a difference between its outer material and inner spiritual plane. This is the age towards which your whole world has for a long time been progressing with giant steps. We shall return to this age in the next chapter.

* * *

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9 Jun, 2022
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