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Message From The Angels And Masters Of The Christ Circle (6)
Message From The Angels And Masters Of The Christ Circle (6)

Message From The Angels And Masters Of The Christ Circle (6)


You And Your World Are Safe!

Where Do I Go From Here?

Eventually even the last human being who still has to take part in earthly life’s lessons will have become so evolved that they are capable of making their contribution to the new world order of honesty and truth, kindness, friendliness and love. We are glad to tell you that humankind is moving ever closer to the golden age when Mother Earth will have developed into a place where people are helping and supporting each other. Nobody will then be interested any more in creating the suffering with which your world’s materially already immensely rich people, to this day through lying and cheating, to this day are making your world’s masses suffer by unashamedly exploiting them, wherever and whenever an opportunity for it arises.

We are glad to tell you that this has been the old order of your world. The new one will soon be with you and we promise you that you and your world are rapidly moving towards a very different order indeed. Ever more of you are in the process of evolving into pioneers and wayfinders of the new order. Gradually and quite unstoppably, peace and harmony will be spreading and taking over the earthly plane, as ever more of you freely and willingly contribute to the new world order. The only thing you are required to do is change your thought and behaviour patterns from acting like an easily frightened and intimidated earthling into trusting the promises, which we have for quite a long time been bringing to your world through the Aquarian writings. You need to show those around you that you trust that we wise ones from the spirit realm really are in charge of humankind and its world, always have been and forever will be.

Our world, the spirit realm, is a place of thought, where the spoken word does not exist. Ever more on the earthly plane need to become aware that the intentions behind every thought, word and action that any one of you releases into your world are clearly visible in our realm. Even when some of you believe they are thinking their most secret thoughts, in our realm – your world’s innermost counterpart – such thoughts act as if that person were shouting them from the rooftops. Because of this, the intentions behind everything are well known by us and also any other spirit friends and helpers. That’s why anything that’s negative and harmful to anyone creates an instant debit entry into the offender’s spiritual ledger.

As pointed out before, nothing in your world happens against the will and wishes of the Highest Forces of life, whatever that means to you. We, the Angels and Masters of the Christ Circle, always have been and forever will be in charge of carrying out the unfoldment of the Divine great evolutionary plan. The so-called pandemic is the greatest hoax that has ever been experienced in your world. We allowed it to take place because its development has reached the peak of being experienced as an almost purely materially over-orientated place. However, the great evolutionary plan for your world decrees that the Aquarian age will be the age of truth. That’s when ever more of the truth returns to your world after having disappeared from it for around six thousand years of patriarchy. That’s why, from the beginning of the Aquarian age, the truth has slowly but surely been reappearing in your world and it is helping it to change into an ever more spiritual place.

The pandemic is the crescendo of the first instalment of this development that helps us to sort the wheat from the chaff. It tells us reliably which evolutionary level any one of you has reached. People’s reactions to what for some time by now has been happening in your world, shows the wise ones in charge of you with ever greater clarity who is sufficiently evolved. They alone will be able to reincarnate unto the earthly plane and take part in whatever enjoyable things the new age will bring.

More about this in the next chapter, because first we need to consider what is going to happen to those who are insufficiently evolved. They are destined to continue their material education on a much younger and less highly evolved planet, for which their human energies will be right. The spirit/soul and their lower personalities will be assisting the new planet’s development, similar to what the highly evolved ones in your midst have been doing for your planet and that for an incredibly long time. Reincarnating on the transformed Mother Earth and thus taking part in what her new golden age offers will be their reward.

This is why we suggest that you keep on sending kind, loving and forgiving thoughts to everybody on the earthly plane, not merely the troublemakers and scaremongers, whenever possible. That’s all the equipment any one of you needs for steadily increasing the strength of your planet’s light stream of consciousness. Every spirit/soul, independent of which evolutionary level you have reached, is part of the light stream and maintained by it. Every kind, loving and forgiving thought you send provides for all spirit/souls who are dwelling within this stream. They are constantly being nurtured and ever more drawn forwards and upwards, each on their own evolutionary spiral, as well as those for the whole of humankind and your world.

That’s how everything in the whole of Creation, therefore also in your world, at all times has been safe and secure within the loving embrace of the Universal Christ Star’s warmth and light. S/He is the only born Son/Daughter of the Great Father/Mother of all life. Every human being, wherever they may be, is one of the Divine Trinity’s beloved child of the Earth. Although many in your world are as yet unaware of this, it’s nonetheless the truth.

Your thoughts are likely to help the spirit/souls who are on the verge of being sufficiently evolved. Thoughts of this nature are likely to wake a person’s spirit/soul up and strengthen it enough to benefit the behaviour of their lower earthly counterpart. Many just need a final push and it’s most certainly a worthwhile occupation for all highly evolved ones on the earthly plane. Apart from everything else, each one of your loving and understanding thoughts creates a positive Karmic entry in your spiritual ledger. We believe that you cannot have too many of them.

– To be continued. –

* * *

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11 Jun, 2022
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