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Message From The Angels And Masters Of The Christ Circle (8)
Message From The Angels And Masters Of The Christ Circle (8)

Message From The Angels And Masters Of The Christ Circle (8)


You And Your World Are Safe!

The New Golden Age

As promised in the previous chapter, today we are going to tell you about what kind of future is in store for the whole of humankind and what the highly evolved ones in your midst can begin looking forward to. It will not take long now until Mother Earth’s transformation from an over-materialistically oriented place into an entirely spiritual one is complete. Anyone who has become sufficiently evolved will soon no longer need to take part in the reincarnation and transfiguration process. Every so often you have to take part in them, but only for as long as you evolutionary progress demands attending the earthly schools of life’s lessons.

During that period of their development, every human being from time to time has to change from being nothing but a spirit/soul, your higher God or Christ Self who forever dwells in its true eternal home, the spirit realm, our world. A lower earthly self every so often is required because that enables you to once more attend the earthly school of life’s lessons and this requires a physical body. So you reappear in a different guise from your previous one. Once more you are reborn on the material plane, without for a long time having any idea that you have been there many times before.

At first you believe that there is but one world. But in truth it consists of two parts, the outer material one and its inner spiritual counterpart, the spirit realm. This is humankind’s true eternal home, from which every one of you emerges at the beginning of each new earthly lifetime and returns to, as soon it has reached its predestined end. Our realm offers your spirit/soul much greater freedom than the world in which physical bodies are required for getting around. Yet, when you have rested in our realm and recuperated from your most recent lifetime’s stresses and strains, you get restless.

Wise ones always have been and forever will be responsible for every human being’s development. They are in charge of everybody’s evolutionary journey. That’s why each time you turn to them to advise you regarding your next earthly lifetime. Where would it best be spent to serve your spiritual development most of all? Hand in hand with the wise ones, you decide where and with whom your next lifetime should be spent. If you agree with what they suggest, you apply for it.

This is how it comes about that, after a while your spirit/soul is reborn into a new physical body that assists you once more to experience what life has to offer you as a material being. And that’s the only way human beings can take part in the earthly school of life’s lessons. Your learning provides you with the necessary equipment for another lifetime’s development and is an essential part of the whole of your own evolutionary journey. That’s how all of you, individually and collectively, have constantly been moving forwards and upwards on the spiral for the whole of humankind and your world.

You will be glad to hear that your planet was not created to function as a school and a mere place of learning forever. Neither was any human being destined to remain nothing but an earthling, in all Eternity. The deeper you and your world are penetrating into the energies of the Aquarian age, the age of truth, the more of you realise that each and every human being, and that without exception, is a young God in the making. Although for a long time of your evolutionary journey you have been unaware that this is so, it nonetheless is a fact.

The time has come for finding out that, at the moment of your creation, every one of you has been gifted in some special way. In a then still far distant lifetime, your talents would enable you to play a major part in your planet’s great transformation. By now it is proceeding ever more rapidly. These gifts have taken countless lifetimes to develop and are destined to come to full flowering in this one. To find out more about it, please follow the link at the end of this chapter. All whose talents have become sufficiently developed, when Mother Earth’s great transformation takes place, will be capable of assisting this process in some major way. The spirit/soul of these people will need no longer be involved in further reincarnations on the earthly plane as soon as the new golden age has established itself sufficiently. Their energies will then be just right for making the most of and enjoying whatever the golden age brings to your world.

There will be no room for people on your planet whose energies are not right for taking part. Good examples of this are people like Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, the American President Joseph Robinette Biden, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Russian Leader Vladimir Putin, and so on. These people, as well as anyone else with a similarly low level of spiritual development, will be reincarnating onto a different planet that is ready for providing the next stage of human beings colonising a planet. All spiritual youngsters will continue their education there while, at the same time, assisting their home planet’s development. This will continue until all who are destined to take part have evolved into a Christed ones, each in their own right. Similar to the highly evolved ones in your midst who either have already achieved this level or maybe still are occupied with working on it.

Every one of them, hand in hand with the wise ones in charge of them, had to take part in getting to know the full range of the earthly school of life’s lessons. They consist of first getting to know the lower and lowest characteristics of humankind’s nature. Everybody thus steadily moves forwards and upwards on their own evolutionary spiral that leads to being made familiar with the higher and eventually highest qualities of your being. That’s how every one of you, in the course of a great many lifetimes, is occupied with attending to its own evolutionary tasks. This is how the target of evolving into a Christed is reached by every human being, eventually.

* * *

Undoubtedly, the same will in the fullness of time be happening to your world’s spiritual youngster who at present are enjoying playing the role of troublemakers and scaremongers. Wise ones are also most carefully attending to every one of these people’s needs. No-one ever has been or will be just dumped on a new planet, to be educated there while assisting the planet’s with its development. Rest assured that wise ones are constantly accompanying and protecting every one of God’s beloved offspring, whether they may find themselves. Even though these friends and helpers are invisible to earthly eyes, you can rely upon it that they are always there, with you as well as everybody else.

It will not take long now until we no longer use Mother Earth as a school and place for learning. The new golden age will help you to bring forth, from deep within your own being, the artistic pursuits that have taken many earthly lifetimes to develop, in the course of your world’s old order. There will be no more trying to outshine each other. During countless earthly sojourns we provided every one of you with fresh opportunities for practising your unique artform. That’s how all of them developed and shone ever more.

Because of this, when the golden age has arrived, those who have been blessed with special gifts and talents, will then be able to give of their best. They will no longer look for rewards of any kind. Their joy of being able to contribute something so unique and at the same time serving the highest good and the greatest joy of the whole of humankind and your world, that will be enough of a reward.

During the new golden age there will be more of what under your world’s old order was thought of as death. Ever more of you by now realise that in truth there never was any death. Whatever looked like it never was more than a transfiguration, the process that’s already been sufficiently described in other parts of the Aquarian writings. For now, we are glad to tell you that for those who have evolved sufficiently, as this age establishes itself ever more firmly in your world, there will no longer be any need to go through any part of the transfigurative process, ever

That’s their reward for having spent so many lifetimes with learning how to leave the lower and lowest characteristics of their nature behind, for everything they had to endure during nailing them to the cross of life, where they were meant to bleed to death, overcome and left behind, forever. The cross is the oldest symbol for humankind’s earthly existence that’s known in your world. Jesus bleeding to death on a wooden cross is but a symbolism of this process. It is the last one of the initiations in which every human being must take part on the material plane.

Your world’s new order at present is occupied with leaving every one of the old belief systems behind. They are bleeding to death on the cross of earthly life for the simple reason that they are no longer required. As we pointed out many times before, love and evolution are the first two laws of life for the whole of Creation; naturally this includes your world. Life everywhere is constantly unfolding and that’s the result of the evolutionary process being based on love.

The religion of the Aquarian Age is nothing but love that is seated deep in the heart and soul of every human being. There is no need to be highly educated or look for some special knowledge because everybody understands the language of love. When each one of you was created by the Great Father/Mother of all life, the knowledge of it was programmed into your spirit/soul and through this into the human race’s evolutionary pulse. It is good to see that ever more of you these days realise that in truth:

There is but one religion, the religion of love.
There is only one country, the whole of Mother Earth.
There is only one race and chosen people, the whole of humankind.
There is only one gender, who is androgynous, whole and holy.
There is only one language, the language of the heart.
And there is only one God, the God of love,
The Great Father/Mother of all life
And their only born Son/Daughter,
The Spirit of the Universal Christ.
They are the Holy Trinity, who is
Omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient,
Always has been and forever will be.

* * *

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14 Jun, 2022
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