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Message From The Wise One Or Living God Within Me
Message From The Wise One Or Living God Within Me

Message From The Wise One Or Living God Within Me


The Truth : Nothing But The Truth

Christmas 2021

‘On its own, a candle might be but a tiny light that’s doing its best to light up the whole of a vast building. Although this is impossible, every one of you is similar to one of these candles and therefore is of the greatest value to the Angels and Masters around the throne of God, the Christ Circle. They are responsible for the development of humankind and its world. Every human being who at any given time is taking part in the lessons of the earthly school of life, at some stage of its evolutionary journey is going to develop its own inner light like a candle that illuminates your world ever brightly.

‘Without being aware of it for a long time, every human being at any given time is making a vital contribution to God’s evolutionary plan. There is one for each individual which is an integral part of the plan for the whole of humankind and your world. And that’s why your existence, however insignificant it may seem to you and those around you, is always of the greatest value. This is because, during many earthly lifetimes, the Christ Star’s energies are occupied with drawing every human being time and again round the whole of the zodiac, through every one of its signs and houses.

‘Every bit of learning that comes your way along the road of your evolutionary development increases the amount of your own Christ energy. That’s how every human being, independent of which developmental degree they have reached at any given time, is constantly being drawn ever closer into the loving embrace of its true parents, the Great Father/Mother of all life and their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ. At all times you are absorbing light in two ways. The first one is the Christ light itself and the second comes to you as enlightenment of gradually better comprehending your own nature and that of your world and why you are taking part in it. This is how, through spending one lifetime after another taking part in the earthly school of life’s lessons, the strength of your own Christ energy slowly but surely increases.

‘This continues until the characteristics of your Christ nature has grown sufficiently strong to deal ever more efficiently with its counterpart, your lower earthly personality with its unpleasant drives and urges. All of them are meant to be overcome and left behind, one after the other. That’s how every one of you eventually quite literally nails their lower earthly personality to the cross of earthly life.

‘The cross represents this part of every human being’s evolutionary journey. Jesus bleeding to death on the cross is a symbolism of initial part of everybody’s evolutionary journey. Nailed to your very own cross on the earthly plane, with the passing of time, your lower nature does the same, so that eventually it can no longer trouble you. And that is a process in which every lower personality, in the course of many earthly lifetimes, gradually evolves into a Christed one. Each one of you eventually does this in their own right. But until your curriculum of the earthly school of life has been completed and taking part in it can teach you no more, you continue your evolutionary journey.

‘Eventually your energies will be right for being released, by the wise ones in charge of your development, into the greater freedom of the spirit realm. There you continue your studies through taking part in and exploring the next higher level of life. After each level you move to the next higher one. This continues until you have evolved into a member of the Christ Circle. There’s no need to be afraid of any part of it because all along, on every part of your evolutionary journey, you are always guided and protected by the wise ones in charge of you. When you have left the earthly plane, you will be able to see them and communicate with them. This, however, is possible only with the help of the power of thought and that’s because the inner plane is a world of thought.

‘Life in the whole of Creation, therefore also on Mother Earth, is a long protracted evolutionary journey. For every human being, without exception, it starts with being placed by God and the Angels, like a train on a track with the intention of being drawn, time and again, round the whole of the zodiac. Everybody’s starting point is the first degree of Aries, as that’s the point of all beginnings. This is where every one of you starts getting to know the lower and lowest drives and urges of their earthly personality, through every sign and house of the zodiac. This enables you to gain first hand experiences of the lower characteristics of every one of them.

‘With the help of the Sun’s progression, which at the steady pace of one degree per year takes every one of you through several signs in one lifetime. That makes it possible to get to know quite a lot of its characteristics, negative as well as positive ones, depending which evolutionary level your development has reached, at any given time. Each new journey round the zodiac takes you forwards and upwards to becoming familiar with a somewhat higher level of the signs and houses’ qualities. This continues until you have reached the highest level when you only need to deal with them. That’s how the Christ nature of every one of you slowly but surely develops and eventually takes over your whole being.

* * *

‘At the beginning of taking part in the lessons of the earthly school of life’s lessons, you do not know any better than enjoying the lower and lowest qualities of each sign and house such a lot that you do not hesitate to quite liberally dish them out to anyone who comes within your reach. For wise higher reasons it will take a long time before you wake up to the fact that, with every bit of suffering you hand out, you are creating a debt entry in your spiritual ledger. In due course, each one will have to be balanced by a credit entry. So far you are unaware that God’s justice is perfect, but in due course you will know that this is the case and understand how it comes about, in an extremely simple manner.

‘All truly great ideas are simplicity itself. The simplest one is the working of the law of cause and effect or Karma, which equally affects all life throughout the whole of Creation. This law decrees that everything that’s sent into the ethers anywhere, in due course has to return to its sender. That’s why, as soon as you have spiritually matured sufficiently to cope with the traumatic and difficult events that will then be coming your way. They can only do this because of what you did to others in previous lifetimes, and that could have been many lifetimes ago. When your energies are right, God and the Angels will create sufficient opportunities for saving and redeeming not only yourself but also the whole of humankind and your world. Any suffering that then comes your way will have been created by a new generation of young and inexperienced spirit/soul, who behave in similar ways you once did. They have appeared in the earthly school of life in the meantime.

‘It takes a long time before one of you has evolved into a Christed one, but in the fullness of time every human being does this in its own right. However, once you have reached this developmental degree, you accept that suffering cannot help coming your way and why. Therefore you endure it as patiently as possible, in the hope that in the end it will balance your spiritual account. The upside is that the false beliefs, superstitions and prejudices of your world’s old religions are no longer of any value for you, because you have learnt to make full use of your inner lie-detector.

‘The wise one or living God within you then tells you that humankind’s existence never was and never will be a one-off affair, that no-one was ever is snuffed out like a candle, at the end of one of their earthy lifetimes. You also know that you most certainly are not going to wind up spending Eternity either in Heaven, for Christians accompanied by Jesus, or being fried alive in the fires of hell by the devil, both of them being equally non-existent. Jesus is as much a symbol of every human being’s higher God or Christ nature, as the devil represents the lower and lowest drives and urges of their earthly nature. Without first having been familiarised with the lower aspects of your nature, none of you will ever be able to move on to discovering and developing their higher God or Christ nature.

‘To sow the seeds of as much fear as possible in every human being, God and the Angels inspired the old religions’ ever more frightening tales. This happened for the wise higher of teaching humankind the value of truth and honesty when, in due course, it would return to your world, as it surely will. Until then your race had to be kept away from honesty and truth. These qualities were not meant to reappear until the time or rather your world’s energies are right. They have always been destined to do so, but in God’s time and not humankind’s, namely when your world’s energies allow this to happen.

‘It was destined that only then would it become possible to discover what truly happens to every human being, at the end of their earthly lifetimes. Because the Aquarian age is the age of truth, that’s why you had to wait so long. During this age, Divine wisdom and truth is destined to flow ever more strongly into the hearts and minds on the earthly plane of those who are ready to receive and understand what arrives from the Highest levels of life. They also know how to deal with it the right way and that’s through sharing their insights with as many as possible. The deeper you penetrate into this age, the more of God’s sacred wisdom and truth is going to be revealed in this manner.

* * *

‘God and the Angels wisely designed humankind’s earthly existence to be mirrored by the world around you. Of particular interest here is the behaviour of the swallows. They have a particularly strong homing instinct and for each breeding season they return to the same nest. In springtime they migrate to your world’s cold Northern climates where they work extremely hard by producing and bringing up two lots of young ones, in good years even three. At the end of each breeding season, they migrate to the warmer and more agreeable climes of some African countries. There they rest and build up their strength to once more fly northwards as soon as springtime comes round.

‘Hell is what the old religions with their strange tales and false beliefs created for humankind. Heaven is what really happens, always has done and forever will. At the end of each earthly lifetime you return to humankind’s true home, the spirit realm. That’s where you rest and recuperate from the stresses of your most recent earthly lifetime, until you feel strong enough to once more cope with more lessons of that plane. The spirit realm is a world of light, warmth and beauty where no coldness and winter exists. Your behaviour is similar to that of the swallows. They escape the cold and darkness of the Northern countries by emigrating to in the light and warmth of certain African countries. Each one of you, the same as the swallows, is constantly guided by the Great Father/Mother’s love and wisdom, who takes you wherever you need to be next.

‘During your times in the spirit realm, you are aware that each one of you in truth is a spark of the Universal Christ’s light and therefore is a young God in the making, no more and no less. You know that the essence of everyone’s being is spirit/soul and that they are as immortal and eternal like your parent, the Divine Trinity. There never was or will be an all-male God-head, because in truth the Trinity has never stopped consisting of the Great Father/Mother and their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ.

‘In that state when you are once again nothing but spirit/soul, you know first hand that each time the end of another earthly lifetime has come round, you leave behind your physical body with its earthly personality and soul memories. For as long as you require more lifetimes on the material plane, at the beginning of each one you pick them up again and once more venture forth to attend the earthly school of life’s lessons, even though for a long time you have no idea why you are there and what you are meant to do.

* * *

‘In the course of approx. six thousand years of patriarchy, guided by the Great Father/Mother love and wisdom, the old religions’ tales have carefully prepared the ground by planting fear so deep into people’s soul memories that it is extremely difficult to remove. That’s the fertile ground in which the pharma industry with it highly efficient propaganda machinery has been successfully planted the seeds of the plandemic that so far still seems to be dominating your world.

‘What your world’s troublemakers and scaremongers have not taken into consideration is that God and the Angels are the eye that never sleeps who is constantly observing everything that has ever happened in your world. That’s why the seeds of non-existent viruses nonetheless appear to have the power of disrupting everything in your world. What your young and less experienced siblings in the great family of humankind to not yet understand is that not the pharma industry but God and the Angels are in charge of you and your world and everything that happens there. They always have been and forever will be. And that’s why this message of the TRUTH behind everything, including the pharma industry’s machinations, is now before you.

‘For quite some time by now, your world has been occupied with the process of being transformed, by the Forces on the Highest life, which for simplicity’s sake the writer likes to call God and the Angels, from an over-materialistically orientated place into an ever more spiritual one. Most of those who are taking part in earthly life at this special time, have been gifted in some special way which, if they knew about it and started developing it, would enable them to assist this process by playing one of the leading parts. Such gifts and talents could already have taken many lifetimes to develop and are brought into this lifetime in the hope of bringing them to full unfoldment. It is more than likely that this is why this Christmas message has found its way to you.

‘Happy Christmas to all of you and your loved ones, in whatever part of your world they may presently reside. Those on our side of the veil that to this day separates the two parts from each other are greeting you and sending their love. They want you to know that they are alive and well and by no means dead. And that’s why now they can do their best to support you, much better in fact than it was ever possible for as long as they also needed a physical body for getting around. Most new arrivals in the spirit realm first join the group of guides and helpers that supports their loved ones on the other side of the veil, until they too have retreated to our world. When that’s been attended to they move on to the next stage of their evolutionary journey.

‘Most of all those who are at present residing in the spirit realm, humankind’s true home, want you to know that there truly is nothing to be afraid of when the end of your present lifetime has come, because there really is no death. There never was and never will be. The only thing that happens is that one of the Angels of transformation takes your spirit/soul by the hand and you slip quite painlessly from your physical body. It’s very similar to getting out of an overcoat when your inner being moves into a different dimension of life, a world that’s filled with light, warmth and beauty. There is no darkness and no cold.

‘So please, don’t weep for those who have been fortunate enough to leave the earthly plane behind, during these particularly difficult times of your world’s greatest transformation ever. Cry for yourself and for the emptiness their leaving your side has created, but not for anyone who has been released into enjoying the greater freedom of the spirit realm, where everything is for real. There is no lying, cheating and deception here like in your world where, for a predestined length of time, they still have to continue for wise higher reasons. Comfort yourself with the thought that with each passing day you are getting closer to the golden age, when the outer world at last has become like its inner counterpart, ruled supremely by honesty and truth.

‘Truly, there is nothing to fear in the meantime. And that’s because the reigns of you and your world are resting safely in the loving hands of God and the Angels, the way they have always done and this will forever continue. Happy Christmas and peace be with every one of you, at Christmas and all other times of the year.

Please follow the link below for the rest of my Christmas message:

• ‘Message for Christmas Day 2021’

Wishing you a peaceful and happy Christmas, in spite of what’s at present happening in our world,

With love and light,

* * *

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