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Messengers and Their Messages
Messengers and Their Messages

Messengers and Their Messages


Messengers And Their Messages

Part One

A Truth Seeker Speaks:

Preacher man or woman,
Can you save my soul
Or is your Bible just for show?
Tell me the truth. I need to know

Preacher man or woman,
Heaven sounds like a cosmic place,
Where grief disappears without a trace
And there is no shame or disgrace.

Preacher man or woman,
Can I get forgiveness for MY sins,
Forget who I am and what might have been,
Start all over and be born again?

My beloved children of the Earth, do not pour your wrath onto the poor souls who stand on pulpits and podiums to assure you that every word of what to them is a holy book is true. It is all they know and that so far is their truth. They are your younger and less experienced siblings in the family of humankind and that is all there understand at present, and in the fullness of time they too will discover the advanced knowledge that has already come to you. Pray that it will keep on flowing and be thankful for this blessing.

Forgive them because they themselves have been misled, so have those they are working for. Now that humankind’s great awakening to the revelations of My wisdom and truth is taking place, you can be sure that they will resist it and fight against it, for as long as anyone lets them get away with it. The Christian church’s predestined role from its earliest beginnings has not been the bringing of My wisdom and truth to the human race, but to hide and suppress it for as long as possible. It will do them no good to continue with this. Either they adjust to the religion of the new age – see the link at the end of this chapter – or they will just dwindle away and perish, because people will no longer interested in what they have to offer. In the long run spiritual progress cannot be held up by anyone.

The tale that a saviour and redeemer would one day appear to make good all humankind’s sins and save you and your soul and keep it from harm forever is a legend. The truth is that you alone can save and redeem your soul. You are responsible for its wellbeing. It’s up to you to nurture and protect it by filling it with good and positive thoughts and seeking uplifting experiences. They are the things you need to do to save your soul and no-one can do them for you, neither on the earthly plane nor in the world of light. Strive to create good Karma at all times, so that nothing but the best can in due course return to you. This is done by simply being a good person and not through ostentatiously being good, whilst behaving like an impersonation of the devil towards those around you.

Opposing forces like those of masculine and feminine, good and evil, darkness and light are part of God’s duality and our own. They are at work on all levels of life and therefore also constantly manifesting themselves on the Earth plane. Darkness means the absence of light. Light is the giver and supporter of all life. In its presence all darkness soon disperses. Spiritually, knowledge is light and ignorance is darkness. The light of spiritual wisdom and truth slowly but surely absorbs the darkness of all ignorance into itself, until the whole scene has been lit up and no darkness is left.

This process is similar on the material plane of life, as you can watch every morning when the Sun rises over the horizon of your world. Its light penetrates the darkness and disperses it. As the darkness of not knowing on the Earth plane gradually gives way to the light of My Wisdom and Truth, this is what for some time has been happening on the inner level of life to the hearts and minds of humankind. As time goes by, it is making itself known more and more on the Earth plane.

Whenever you want to find some of My wisdom and truth, there is no point in going to a preacher man or others of his kind. Instead look into your own heart and listen to what it has to say. Your heart knows the truth and tells you about it through the world of your feelings. It reveals it to all for whom the time is right and if you are reading this and your heart says: ‘Yes, this is true!’ then for you it is. Forgive those who do not yet share what you know to be true, because your heart tells you so. Pay attention to your heart, for that’s where I dwell and from there I am guiding you. Do this each time some new spiritual knowledge comes to you, no matter where you find it.

Many Christians to this day are focussing too much on the legendary figure of Jesus, when in truth the story of the Master’s life from the moment of its conception merely served as My messenger. Those who are still taking this tale literally are missing its most important parts, namely the messages that all along have been hiding behind its surface words. The Jesus story came into being as My awakening call to humankind. It was written the way it is so that in due course each one of you would once more become aware of their own true nature and the responsibilities and duties being a child of Mine brings with it. It has always been part of My great plan of life that this will not merely happen for the odd one here and there, but for each one of you.

For many it is time to come to terms with that there will never be anybody who can or will make good and forgive everyone’s sins and to save and redeem you and your world. The only one who can do this is every one of you for themselves. The impression that one fine day someone from the highest levels of life would appear in your world to wave a kind of magic wand and speak some magic words to do these things for you is a wrong one. Believing such things was good enough for you during your spiritual infancy and childhood, as during that phase of your earthly development it would have been impossible for you to comprehend the truth.

Wise ones who have grown into spiritual maturity recognise that each one of you individually, as well as all of you together, is responsible for themselves, the state of your world and everything that shares it with them. They appreciate that in the final analysis every human soul has been placed on the Earth to evolve through growing in wisdom and understanding. In the course of many lifetimes each one of you assists your planet with its evolution and slowly but surely grows into the role of its keeper and guardian.

If humankind’s ways of the past and present were to continue and your education demanded further lifetimes in earthly life, you would then have to live with the consequences of ages of exploitation, raping and pillaging of Mother Earth’s precious resources. Not wishing to reincarnate onto a ruined and devastated planet, you do your best during this one to put a halt to such irresponsible behaviour and protect the Earth as best you can. And I am here to show you how to go about it.

Therefore, in all your efforts listen to Me, your inner guidance. Rest safely in the knowledge that whenever you are following My advice, you cannot go wrong and that everything I show you is the right thing and for the highest good and the greatest joy of all. If you hear something that feels detrimental, negative and destructive to you, stop and say to yourself: ‘This must be the instincts of my small and mean earthly self speaking. I do no wish to follow its desires when at the same time my higher instincts and impulses are telling me that it is wrong. I refuse to do it.’

No highly evolved soul would dream of causing pain to someone and thinking: ‘If I hurt others, it’s okay. Why are they getting in my way? Who am I to know whether my own evolution does not depend upon me trampling on others, so that I may gain some satisfaction from every one of my experiences? Anyway, whenever someone tells me I’ve been sinning, I’ll go to church, confess to my priest and be forgiven by him or her. Then I can do it again. What a life!’ It is understandable when young and inexperienced souls behave in such a manner, for this too is an essential part of the phase of their earthly education they are undergoing at that moment.

Unaware of the fact that there is such a thing as Universal or God’s laws and in particular the law of cause and effect, the law of Karma, young and inexperienced souls go ahead and kill and maim to the content of their lower earthly self’s desires. Because the first law of life is love and My love knows no chastisement or retribution, but constantly gives of itself without expecting anything in return, the law of Karma was never intended to punish any one of you. It is about learning and teaching and that is why either later in your present lifetime or in future ones, through the lessons you receive life presents you not only with opportunities for learning but also for making good and redeeming yourselves.

In this manner the law constantly provides each one of you with gateways to new experiences and more advanced studies. It shows you how you can do better where once you went wrong and sinned, simply because you did not yet know any better. This is how life itself assists each one of you with the things and experiences you need to grow in wisdom and understanding. This continues until you succeed to bring forth from within the very core of your being the Christ qualities of decency and honesty, tolerance and patience, compassion and love.

As you can see, Karma is neutral and in itself cannot save anyone. And because on the inner level all life is one, that which is done for one affects all of you and is done for everybody. That is how in the process of redeeming and saving yourself, you are doing the same for the whole of your race and your world. Love is the law of life and the greatest force in the whole of Creation. In love and on the inner level of life there is no separation, all is one. And when you work for the highest good and the greatest joy of the whole of humankind, on the inner level of life your love connects you with every one of your siblings. They are your sisters and brothers in spirit. Your love creates a bond and a link between you and them which nothing and no-one will ever be able to destroy. Contact with any one of them is always possible for you in your thoughts and meditations.

You are on the Earth plane to rediscover the awareness that life is eternal and ever renewing itself. When you know that I am love and that I love each one of you totally and unconditionally, you cannot help loving Me, your Creator, the Great Father/Mother of all life. Every human spirit and soul is part of Me and immortal, for in My consciousness there is no such thing as death. Those who have left earthly life before you have their being in My love and are alive in it. They are as much part of your spirit as they are of Mine. Therefore they are with you and will never leave you.

* * *

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10 Jul, 2018
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