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Messengers From The Spirit Realm
Messengers From The Spirit Realm

Messengers From The Spirit Realm


Looking At The Year 2020 – Part Thirty-One

By reflecting what’s taking place in our world’s counterpart, its inner spiritual level, the Great Mother’s wisdom and love has always been trying to help all Her beloved children, who at any given time are dwelling on the material plane, to cope with their existence. The birds of our world are messengers from the spirit realm. They are an essential part of the Mother’s guidance and that is the only one in the whole of Creation that is utterly trustworthy. She is the wise one or living God within every one of us. Because She is part of everything that exists anywhere, She knows the way of all things and can be trusted to have the answer for any question we may ever care to ask.

The Mother guides animals and humans alike through their instinctive behaviour patterns that never err. This is how She has always provided for and steered every one of Her children of the Earth. Animal behaviour is instinctive. And having evolved through the animal kingdom, every human physical body to this day is part of it. Instinctive behaviour shows us how to survive in the world of matter.

Be that as it may, I live within a stone’s throw of a nine hundred year old church and my kitchen window faces that way. There is usually much bird activity around its main tower, which I love watching. However, since the beginning of the lockdown that seems to have come almost to a standstill. Oh joy this morning! Before starting to prepare breakfast, I had my usual look at the church. To my delight lots of swallows were flying round and round the tower. No other birds! I have to admit that it took me a while before it dawned on me that, through the swallows and me the spirit realm wants to transmit a message of significance to our world.

When I had finished my breakfast, I proceeded to do the washing up. At first no birds could be seen anywhere. A moment or two later one single seagull appeared. It was circling higher and higher into the air and my inner guidance reacted with: ‘Reach upwards and never mind looking down! Trust God and the Angels to return your world to a new state of normal healthy functioning and that it will come about much sooner than anybody at the moment dares to hope.’ So, dear Friends, let’s keep on trusting that we and our world are resting safely in the loving hands of God and the Angels, that they always have done and will do, forever. Thanks and praise by to all in the spirit realm and our world who are contributing to making the greatest healing miracle of all times happen.

* * *

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27 May, 2020
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2 mins
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