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Miller Manor
Miller Manor

Miller Manor


First things first, I wanna say that I warned those idiots not to go in there but did they listen? No! They went in anyway and dragged me and Sofia in this as well. My name is Nick. I am 19 years old and just graduated high school. I often shared creepy stories with my friends to give them a scare or to freak them out but we all knew they were fake. My group of friends consisted of my girlfriend Sofia, my two close friends Ronnie and Jim, then there was Ross the jock of the group, and the other three I met recently whose names were Chris, Maggie, and Jen. Something you should know about Ross is that he is a big skeptic about the unknown. If a story involves a location nearby he would make us go and inspect it. Regretfully I spoke of another story that involved a nearby manor that was abandoned. Know that Ross and I didn't get along often but we still saw each other as good friends. I was more unique then the rest of my friends besides Sofia and often found these things too creepy. "Hey, Nick what was that crap about the murder at that Manor?" Ross asked.

"It's not crap Ross it's true, the killer still roams the place claiming any soul that goes near it," I said with irritation. The manor is said to be haunted by the man who built it in the 1900s and supposedly kills those who trespass. My girlfriend and I were the only ones out of their group of friends that took it seriously. But Ross and the rest of the group would often joke and say that one day they would take a trip down to the manor. I always called bullshit on it because I said it would be on his head if anything happened to them, but to my dismay today was not my lucky day for my friends wouldn't listen to my warnings and made an interesting dare.

"Fine Nick if this thing is real let's go and see it for ourselves. And don't worry ladies I'll keep y'all safe." Ross said being the charmer he was. I scowled at Ross as he wooed the girls in our group. All but one in particular which was Sofia who believed in what I said.

Time had passed as I drove Sofia, Ronnie, and Jim to the manor. They were meeting up with Ross and his people. I facepalmed as I realized that I was somewhat forced into the place by my friends. I shared a look of fear with Sofia before entering the manor. Ross was the first to enter and I was last. I shut the door behind me and followed the group into the main lobby which looked like it hadn't been cleaned in decades. To add to the anxiety I felt Ross decided to split up into three groups. Ross took three of his people, I took my friends and Sofia, and the last four were part of Ross's people but I don't remember their names. Ross took the basement, the other four went to the attic, leaving me with the main floor which also was the biggest part of the house. As my group and I looked around we started to feel like we were being watched, as if something was in the shadows just out of sight. Minutes turned to hours without hearing a peep from the boys that went to the attic. I heard after every few minutes voices coming from the basement below us. They belonged to Ross and his group, but as another hour crept on by the lower part of the house grew quiet. At this point I was starting to get worried as a scream came from below me, it was one of the girls that went with Ross. Grunts came soon after the scream as if someone was fighting something. "We are getting out of here now," I said looking around the manor. I turned to head towards the hall when we heard a scuffling noise followed immediately by a clinking noise, "what...what was that?" Jim whispered.

I shrugged. "No clue but we're not staying to find out," I told them as they crept to the side of the room. The clinking and scuffling stopped and as I peered into the hall, what we saw was nothing. For a moment I pondered whether to go or stay for if they tried to leave they could lose their life yet if they stayed they could find another way out. As I led the others through the hall the noises from earlier came back but from behind us. What terrified me was the inhuman growl coming from behind us.

Without looking back I grabbed Sofia's arm and ran as fast as I could to the door, I ignored the sound of screaming as someone else fell victim. I noticed Ross following us out of the manor but hesitate at the entrance. My group and I were already at the truck and were too scared to go back. I got Sofia in then hopped in the driver's seat. I looked back at the house to see Ross standing there with a pale look on his face. "Ross come on!" I yelled. My face contorted into a look of horror as I watched Ross scream into the sky and was pulled into the darkness of the doorway. Now in the doorway instead of Ross was a hulking figure with a metal tool in its right hand and a pair of bright red eyes. I turned on the truck and drove off as fast as I could trying to get the image out of my head.

"Nick...what happened, what was that thing!?" She asked grabbing a hold of his hand, she was squeezing it tightly.

"That was the thing I tried to warn them about, the thing that is now a legend. The murderer of Miller manor," I told her as we drove. Time seemed to fly by as I drove everyone home. Ronnie was silent during this time, Jim was passed out from fear, and Sofia refused to go home for she was too scared to be alone. I was happy to have her stay with me so I could watch over her. After we dropped the guys off we went to my house, settled down for bed, and closed our eyes hoping to forget that awful night.

10 years have passed since the event that took place at the manor, I am 28 now and am happily married to my soulmate Sofia. She had forgotten about the mysterious figure that killed our friends that night, I didn't but I never brought it up for I didn't want her to remember it. Today she had told me that she had a cool looking place for us to look at, when I asked what place it was she told me that it was a surprise. I agreed without hesitation and went to meet her at the place, I thought the address was familiar but shrugged it off as another area I've been in. As I arrived a weird sense of dread came over me as the place of interest came into view, as I got out of my truck and looked around I started to regret coming here. "I think we've been here before," I told her as she arrived, she just shook her head with a smile.

"I would've remembered if we had sweetie, come on let's go and look." She told me, she had to pretty much drag me to go with her. As we took a few steps into the manor the door shut behind us, I didn't look at the door but at Sofia.

"Was that you," I asked her, shook her head. Within a few moments, the sound that haunted my dreams for 10 years was heard again. Clink clink clink

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1 May, 2020
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6 mins
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