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Mind Reader Pt. 1
Mind Reader Pt. 1

Mind Reader Pt. 1

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"Like, oh my god, he so hot..."
"If only I could strangle my boss..."
"Honestly, I don't want to eat this. A burger sounds so damn good right now..."
"Ew! Is she really wearing jeans and mid-calf boots? She has no sense of style..."
I pulled my hood lower, covering my face. Stupid thoughts of other people tormenting me again.
I stopped by the front door of a Japanese restaurant. I was in downtown, where the sky was gray and people milled around. The bricks paved on the ground were slippery from the recent rain and the small restaurants and shops were huddled close to the road.
A group of girls went into the Japanese restaurant right next to me, talking and laughing. They glanced at me, and whispered to each other, giggling.
"Wait another few minutes and you will be seated." I heard the waiter say from inside to the girls. Then I heard his thought. "Oh boy. Tough costumers." I smirked. I wondered what would happen if he actually said that out loud.
The girls headed back out, still chatting. They stayed on the other side of the door, across from me.
"Like, I love your sweatshirt!" gushed a blond tall girl.
"Aw, thanks, hon." replied the fat brunette smiling.
The blond thought "Beatrice is so goddamn fat. And her sweatshirt is shit."
The brunette named Beatrice thought "She's so nice! I love her."
"Queen B!" called another girl. She had flaming red hair and was wearing overalls.
"Yeah?" Beatrice said.
"Like, no offense or anything, but you need to hit the gym." she snickered.
Everybody else laughed, the blond one the loudest.
I rolled my eyes and stepped in. "Hey, you."
I pointed at the redhead girl. She batted her eyelashes at her. "What is it, boy?"
My name is not boy, but whatever.
"Stop cheating on Rebecca's boyfriend. Instead of teasing people, go get a life."
Rebecca, the other brunette, screeched. "You WHAT?!"
I smiled and walked away.
I really don't know if mind reading is a curse or a gift.

Author Notes: Hey y'all!
I want to thank everybody who has ever read my stories, especially the ones who review/recommend/favorite them! You have motivated me to write more! Thank you thank you thank you so much for the 18K views and all!

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11 Jun, 2019
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