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Miracles And Wonders (110)
Miracles And Wonders (110)

Miracles And Wonders (110)


Message From The Angels And Masters Of The Christ Circle

The Truth : Nothing But The Truth

Thoughts For Today 28th January 2023

Wonders And Miracles Are Not Empty Promises

From ‘Healers And Healing’

Miracles Do Happen! (1)

For as long as the intention behind our earthly efforts is a good one and we act with love from our heart and do our best, everything will always be well, and God and the Angels happy to do the rest. The Universal laws ensure that when we send our best into our world – and all worlds, for that matter – nothing but the best can come back to us. Any bread cast upon the waters of life does return, and any love that is ever given to anyone does the same, though not necessarily through the people we once gave it to. In fact, this hardly ever is the case. The likelihood is that it will come back to us at times when our need is greatest and when we least expect it. It can and does happen in quite magical ways with help suddenly appearing in the form of kind and loving hearts and hands that are reaching out to us, to comfort and hold.

After particularly traumatic and difficult times and events in our lives, we may have lost all faith in the innate goodness of people and life. However, experiencing in one’s own life that there are some truly kind people around who genuinely have our best at heart goes a long way towards restoring our lost trust. To teach us this lesson could have been the very reason why the situation that made us struggle arose in the first place. I for one am grateful to the Universe for having created opportunities from which I have learnt and still am learning that it really is safe to trust that help does come when it is required and that all my true needs are always met. Every soul can only learn from its own experiences that just when one thinks there’s nothing left inside to keep on struggling, out of the darkness from somewhere there comes a small light and new hope – and somehow life continues.

Difficult situations on all levels are necessary and vital in every life. They are steps on our evolutionary journey that in the end takes each one of us back home into the awareness of our true nature. So, let us not begrudge our tribulations but on the level of our soul and spirit rejoice that they have been created in our lives by the loving presence and the great wisdom of the Divine, not only for each one of us personally, but also nationally and internationally. Opportunities are thus created from which all must learn first hand how to work with the powers of the light and the love of the Universal Christ, the highest and brightest Star in the whole of Creation. Sticking our toes into the waters of life and trying and testing situations for ourselves presents all human souls with valuable evidence of how the power of the Great Universal love works and how it influences all life.

No matter what may ever befall us and our world on the physical plane of life, I do believe that both will go on forever and that miracles are happening at all times. It’s just that mostly we fail to perceive the miraculous ways of the Universe for what they truly are, namely the handiwork of God and the Angels. Ceaselessly, they are working behind the scenes of life to put things right again and heal people and situations when something has gone awry. The more we endeavour to be true to our real self and express the essence of our being, love, in every one of our thoughts, words and actions, the more miracles manifest themselves in our lives, because our human heart has then reunited itself with the great love of the Divine.

The legend of the Master Jesus demonstrates how, when the energies of Heaven and Earth merge into each other, a force of such magnitude is created that it is capable of healing all conditions of mind, body, spirit and soul. This is the power that can quite literally move mountains of faith, remove blockages of trust and make all crooked corners straight. It brings comfort and healing to everything that is in our world to wherever there is pain and suffering. Miracles are the Universe’s way of demonstrating to humankind the unlimited power of Its love. This is the healing balm and the panacea that needs to be applied by us earthlings to all situations in our everyday lives, all our relationships as well as to all national and international issues.

Let us stop and reflect for a moment on the wisdom of the Great Architect of life. The Universe is infinitely wise in its giving. Yet, it is even wiser in its taking. If we had never encountered the warped side of our lives and our world, we would not have been able to differentiate between good and bad, and that which desirable and undesirable. If we had never been wounded, we would appreciate what healing is like. We cannot know light, unless we have first experienced darkness. Only through the lack or loss of something or someone can we truly learn how to value what we had and also that which we are going to have, when periods of suffering finally lie behind us, as they invariable do in the end.

Such is life on the Earth plane! It has to be this way because that is how it was designed for us by our Father/Mother Creator. Who would we be to argue with Its wisdom? Take heart though – growing in understanding through difficult and traumatic experiences, the way it is required from us on the present level of our existence, is not going to continue indefinitely. All life is constantly evolving and moving forwards and upwards on a never ending spiral. When we, individually and as a race, have become sufficiently evolved, so that Earth life has nothing left to teach us, we shall be ready to move on to more advanced schooling on the higher and ultimately highest levels of life.

* * *

Only A Shadow (2)

O Great White Spirit,
Father/Mother Creator of all life
And Your only born Son/Daughter,
The Universal Christ.
The love we have for You,
Is but a shadow of the love You
Have always had
For every one of us and our world,
A deep and abiding love
That never left us.

Our belief in You and the power of Your love
Is but a shadow of the faith You have in us.
Because You know the way of all things,
Your faith in us is deep, lasting and unshakeable.
It always has and forever will accompany
Each one of us on their evolutionary journey
That is constantly taking us forwards and upwards
On an upwards winding spiral
That draws all life into Your loving embrace.

Our lives are in the hand of
You and the Angels and Masters,
Of the Christ Circle, the Throne of God.
How good it is to know that
Countless groups of spirit and helpers,
Even though they are invisible to earthly eyes,
Always have been and forever will be
Accompanying us and showing the way.

Finding out who and what You truly are,
Who we are and what kind of a relationship
Every one of us has always had with You,
Helps our love for You get stronger with
Every day that passes.
The more we tune into Your frequencies,
The more Your love’s light penetrates into
Every cell and atom of our whole being and
Restores them to normal healthy functioning.
From us it flows into every manifestation of life
That’s in need of healing in our world.

You and the Angels need us as much
As we need You to make a reality of
Our dream of Mother Earth as a place
Whose supreme rulers are peace and harmony,
Honesty and truth, where sickness,
Hunger and starvation are no longer known;
Where humankind’s lust for warmongering,
Trouble and strife, lying and cheating,
Avarice, greed and corruption
Have been overcome and
Left behind, for good.

The joy that fills our whole being
About the golden future that’s in store
For us and our world,
Is but a shadow of how You and the Angels
Are feeling about the homecoming of
Your beloved children of the Earth,
Into the conscious awareness of their
Spiritual nature and that each one of us,
Without exception, will soon know that
They are an offspring of You,
A spark of the Christ star’s Light.

Because everything in the whole of Creation is of You and from You, each time one of us looks into a mirror, we are looking at You. Regardless of what our world’s old religions insisted was the truth about You, Your Trinity never stopped of consisting of You, the Great Father/Mother of all life and Your only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ’s light. And because every one of us is a spark of the Christ Star’s light, all Divine powers and characteristics are also in every one of us, the highest as well as the lowest. Nobody is all bad or good; everybody is a mixture of both.

It’s good to know that what to this day appears as dark, ugly and evil in human nature and anywhere else in our world, is merely its crude initial manifestation. Your great evolutionary plan for the whole of Creation, our world and every human being who ever existed within it, provides that in due course such things will have been overcome and left behind, for good.

The main laws of life are love and evolution, evolution based on love. The more our higher nature takes over, the more the drives and urges of our lower nature bleed to death because they are being nailed to the cross of our earthly existence. It comes about each time another one of us brings forth, from deep within their own being, their very own higher God or Christ nature. The first part of every human being’s apprenticeship as a young God in the making is taking part in the earthly school of life’s lessons. Being educated this way is compulsory and cannot be avoided by anyone.

We are all here to give birth to our higher nature. In the course of many earthly lifetimes, time and again God and the Angels are providing each one of us with many opportunities for unfolding and eventually bringing this part of our being to a magnificent blossoming. Our whole world is presently going through this final part of the evolutionary process. There is a wise higher reason why our world has become so heavily overpopulated by now. It allows as many as possible to actively take part in our world’s transformation from being in the main a materialistically orientated place into a spiritual one. This part of their earthly education is going to be the final one for those who handle the present situation in a kind, loving and compassionate way that contributes to the blessing and healing of our world. Such efforts create credit entries in people’s spiritual ledger that are invaluable for the redemption of their remaining karmic debts. Christianity’s dying man on the cross is a symbolism of this process.

The reactions to our world’s present situation show the wise ones in charge of us in the spirit realm the degree of every person’s spiritual maturity. This decides whether it is safe to release them from their duty of being educated in the earthly school of life, so they can be set free to start exploring and getting to know the greater freedom of the next higher level of our world’s spiritual background. In due course, this will be followed by moving on to ever higher levels. The Angels and Masters in charge of us decide when we are ready for this or whether a few more earthly lifetimes would be better for our development.

As pointed out in ‘Healers And Healing’ the first part of my Aquarian writings, we are all in this life to evolve into healers and lightbringers. First healer heal thyself, then share your learning with anyone who is suffering like you used to do. This is a journey that promises to be blessed with ever more discoveries. And like any journey, this one begins with one step and that’s being afflicted by something that’s been troubling you for a long time. But whatever you tried, it did not budge. Having unsuccessfully experimented with many different things, where should you turn next?

One fine day, an old folk wisdom comes to mind, from apparently nowhere: ‘God helps those who help themselves!’ You start wondering whether this is true and if so, why. It is true because God and the Angels never interfere unnecessarily with our lives. If anyone wants their help, it has to be asked for. Only then are they willing to show us intuitively how to go about finding whatever it is we are looking for. Should you be uncomfortable with the word God, use others like the Universe, the Universal Forces of life or the Highest Forces of life or whatever works best for you. I use the name God for simplicity’s sake. Yet, ‘Call Me by any name and I shall be there’. That’s because God is in everything and everything is part of God.

Carey Landry
Edited by Aquarius
Updated March 2021

* * *

The Children Of This World (3)

‘Wisdom is the principal thing human beings
are seeking in the earthly school of life.
In everything that happens to you,
Look for understanding so that
through it your wisdom grows.
Proverbs 4:7
Edited by Aquarius

Another Bible quote that seems to have perplexed the sages for a long time has come to us through St. Luke 16:8+11: ‘For the children of this world are wiser in their generation than the children of light. Wherefore make unto yourselves friends out of the mammon of iniquity, so that – when you die – they may receive you into everlasting dwellings.’ James Joyce, in his short story ‘Grace’ from the collection ‘The Dubliners’, came to the conclusion that this is the most difficult Scripture text to interpret properly. Yet, from the evolutionary level our race has reached by now, finding the hidden truths in such quotes is no longer difficult. I believe that teachings of this nature found their way into the scriptures because humankind – when the Christ Spirit spoke to our world through the legend of the Master Jesus – was still unready to grasp the higher meaning behind words like many of those of the Bible and other spiritual guide books.

Finding them would come soon enough when our race had moved further along the evolutionary road. This is much simpler than anyone could have imagined at the time the teachings were first given. Yet, if humankind’s mental contortions – see the chapter ‘Women and the Goddess’ – of past ages led us down ever darker alleyways of corruption and abuse of power, even this took place for wise reasons and served a higher purpose. Undoubtedly, the suffering caused by sheer ignorance contributed significantly to the growth of every individual soul and that of our world. At all times the great wisdom of the Divine knew that with every experience, especially those that are considered to be bad, humankind’s consciousness would expand. At the same time, our longing and yearning for finding truth and peace in our world would grow ever stronger. As a result, when both finally came to us and our world, we would not only be good and ready for them but we would appreciate them and guard and protect them as the precious gifts they truly are.

By the way, the text of the second verse again shows a marked difference between the copy of the Bible James Joyce used and Lamsa’s translation, which reads: ‘If, therefore, you are not faithful with the wealth of iniquity, who will believe that there is any faith in you?’ My own interpretation of this is: ‘If, therefore, you are dishonest in your dealings with the material world, who will believe you when you say that you are trustworthy in matters of faith?’ Mammon was the Syrian God of earthly riches; in the New Testament he stands as a symbolism for earthly wealth and greed, as opposed to the human soul’s hunger for spiritual wealth and understanding. The concept of Mammon was in those days presented to us as if it was in opposition to God and therefore evil. Yet, earthly wealth is not inherently evil; nothing in the whole of Creation is. Our motivations and intentions of how to use something on the Earth plane alone decides whether in our minds and hands it turns into something good or evil.

Who are the children of this world and those of the light? The way I see it, every soul that is on the Earth plane at any given time is one of the children of this world. The children of the light are those who can be found in the world of spirit, behind the veil of consciousness that separates our two worlds, recovering from the strains and stresses of their latest sojourn into physicality. Once we shed our physical bodies, to enable us to move over the threshold into our true home, the world of light, we know that we are children of the Great Light that illuminates and brings forth all life. In that state it is easy for all of us to recognise that in truth God’s children on both sides of the veil are children of the light. On that level of life we make conscious contact with the wise ones who are in charge of us, our Masters and Angels. Whilst resting in that world, there eventually comes the moment when every soul becomes restless for more earthly learning and growth that will enrich and expand its consciousness.

I see the generation mentioned in the Bible as a symbol for every one of our Earth lives that provides our soul with fresh learning and growing experiences that helps us to grow up from spiritual infancy and childhood into mature adulthood. It stands to reason that in each generation, i.e. with every new lifetime spent in physicality, the soul becomes more understanding of life in general and of spiritual concepts in particular, than it was during all its previous earthly sojourns. That is why I do not share the belief that we come into this life without anything and that we pass out of it again with nothing. This is only true for to the physical aspects of life.

For as long as its spiritual/karmic balance sheet still shows too many entries on the debit side, a soul on the inner spiritual level can be immensely rich and at the same time very poor. To me, the discussion of nature versus nurture is a futile one. I believe that about 95% of our character traces have been developed in previous lifetimes and that only 5% is acquired during this one. That is certainly the case for old souls, i.e. experienced ones who have been recycled a great many times, of which there are at present quite a few in our midst.

Without exception, we have been created from love and to love each one of us eventually returns. To love and act with gentleness and kindness in all our encounters that alone is our true natural state. Everything else is part of our earthly learning experiences only and, therefore part of the illusion of Earth and a temporary development phase only. The core of everybody’s being is spirit and pure consciousness that requires a great many lifetimes of studying – each must do this through their own first hand experiences – until our soul finally finds its own way back home into our true nature again. The way I see it, possession and possessiveness are earthly things; in truth we do not possess anything or anyone. Even the physical bodies we walk around in do not belong to us; they have to be handed back to Mother Earth, at the end of each lifetime.

As the human soul progresses on its evolutionary pathway, each through its own experiences steadily gathers knowledge and finds wisdom that help its consciousness to expand. Slowly, it moves forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life, and the only thing that truly ever belongs to it is its consciousness; whatever we add to it in understanding through our learning experiences is ours to keep in all eternity. That is why no child that was ever born on this plane of life entered into a new lifetime with nothing. Accompanying each new tiny body is always a fully formed soul and spirit, at whichever evolutionary level it may have reached up to then. The soul is the vehicle in which we bring the consciousness we have gained thus far in other lifetimes with us. Makes you think, doesn’t it? Any fresh learning we find during each lifetime we take with us into our other world, in preparation for all coming ones – and way beyond, when we have finally reached the evolutionary level that Earth life can no longer teach us anything.

* * *

From ‘Songs Of Inspiration’

Don’t Give Up

When worries about our state of health, the material conditions of our life, our loved ones and whatever else are threatening to overwhelm us, it is helpful to remind ourselves that we are a beloved child and part of God. Our Creator’s love is merciful and all-forgiving and never leaves any one of us to struggle completely on their own with their earthly existence. Behind everything that happens here, as well as anywhere else in the whole of Creation, are the everlasting and all-enfolding arms of the Divine love.

In the spiritual background of Earth life God’s love provides us with Angels and Masters and other friends and helpers. Although none of them can be seen by earthly eyes, rest assured that they are always there and ready to assist us. They are not allowed to do the work for us, but they can supply us with the necessary courage and strength for working our way through any obstacle that comes our way. However, this kind of help cannot come to us unasked. It has to be humbly requested and invited by us and our own free decision. Choosing how to react in any kind of situation is the only freewill anyone in our present existence ever truly has.

Everything that happens to us at any given time was created by our own thoughts, words and deeds in previous lifetimes by none other than us. Each one leaves its mark in the great book of life and because of the Universal law, God’s law of cause and effect, known in our world as the law of Karma, during future earthly sojourns they unerringly find their way back to us, in some form or another. And that’s because the law decrees that everything in the fullness of time must return to its creator, whoever it may be.

This law is constantly at work throughout all worlds, including ours. And because it was designed by God’s wisdom and love, it benefits us and our world in many different ways. Whatever it brings to anyone has nothing to do with punishment, retribution and vengeance. Things of this nature have no place in the language of love, but belong to the experience world of the lower and lowest development stages of earthly life. During the middle phase we become more and more occupied with issues like redemption and forgiveness. In the highest part we are only interested in expressing the love in our heart through meeting all lifeforms with equal kindness, tolerance and goodwill and so doing our share of establishing God’s kingdom on the Earth.

When looked at from the right angle, it can be clearly seen that the law of Karma is one of opportunities of many different kinds. For example: for redeeming ourselves and learning something new and doing better in this lifetime than we did in previous ones, whilst we were still ignorant of the law of Karma and its effects. The experiences it brings force us to tap into our inner resources. This helps our consciousness to expand and we grow stronger and wiser all the time, until eventually we are ready to bring forth the best that is within us. Through unselfishly working for the good of all, we ourselves are not only evolving and moving forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life, our whole race and world are progressing with us.

Being aware of these things, wise ones gracefully accept whatever comes their way. And whenever they are suffering in mind or body, maybe both, they see the times they are spending attending to the special needs of their condition as redemption for some of the things they created in other lifetimes through their own flawed thinking and behaviour patterns. Knowing that their suffering is not something that a malevolent fate has thrown upon them at random stops them from begrudging what they have to endure. Life has become much simpler for them since they started to follow the instructions of their inner guidance and therefore are walking hand in hand with God and the Angels. If we but ask, they are ever willing to help any caller to patiently work their way through paying our spiritual debts in the great bankbook of life.

Whatever may still have to happen to you, rest assured that nothing can hurt or harm your indwelling spirit and soul, because in all Eternity it will be resting securely in the tender and loving arms of our true parents, the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life. The Highest forces alone can do the healing all earthly selves are here to seek. And if our behaviour shows the Angels that we are worthy of a healing miracle, as soon as our Karmic ledger has been balanced to their satisfaction, that’s how they will reward us.

In this proud land we grew up strong.
We were wanted all along.
I was taught to fight, taught to win.
I never thought I could fail.

No fight left or so it seems.
I’m a man whose dreams have all deserted.
I’ve changed my face, I’ve changed my name.
But no-one wants you when you lose.

Don’t give up,
‘Cos you have friends.
Don’t give up,
You’re not beaten yet.
Don’t give up,
I know you can make it good.

Though I saw it all around,
Never thought that I could be affected,
Thought that we’d be last to go.
It is so strange the way things turn.

Drove the night toward my home.
The place that I was born, on the lakeside.
As daylight broke, I saw the Earth,
The trees had burned down to the ground.

Don’t give up,
You still have us.
Don’t give up,
We don’t need much of anything.
Don’t give up,
‘Cos somewhere there’s a place
Where we belong.
Rest your head.
You worry too much.
It’s going to be alright.
When times get rough,
You can fall back on us.
Don’t give up,
Please don’t give up.

Got to walk out of here.
I can’t take any more.
Going to stand on that bridge.
Keep my eyes down below.
Whatever may come
And whatever may go,
That river’s flowing.
That river’s flowing.

Moved on to another town.
Tried hard to settle down.
For every job, so many men.
So many men no-one needs.
Don’t give up,
‘Cos you have friends.
Don’t give up,
You’re not the only one.
Don’t give up,
No reason to be ashamed.
Don’t give up,
You still have us.
Don’t give up now,
We’re proud of who you are.
Don’t give up,
You know its never been easy.
Don’t give up,
‘Cos I believe there’s a place.
There’s a place where we belong,

White, Joy Lynn / Melamed, Vincent Edward

Sung by Kate Bush & Peter Gabriel

* * *

With love and light,

* * *

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