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Miracles And Wonders (118)
Miracles And Wonders (118)

Miracles And Wonders (118)


Message From The Angels And Masters Of The Christ Circle

The Truth : Nothing But The Truth

Thoughts For Today 5th February 2023

None Of You Is Ever Truly Alone

From ‘Astrology On The Healing Journey’

We Are Never Alone (1)

For many people times of serious illness open a gateway to becoming aware of the spiritual background of life and the true purpose of our earthly existence. Into the minds of those who are still closed off from these realms, questions are likely to rise like: ‘What if I don’t recover and this kills me? What will happen to me then?’ Thoughts of this nature leave us in a more fearful state than ever, which is not at all conducive to getting the healing process going. Yet, every major ailment that befalls us is invariably a wake-up call from our soul. Forcefully, it stops us from what we are doing to provide us with time to reflect on whether everything in our life is okay or whether something might be in need of changing.

Without being aware of it, we have started on a healing journey. Guided by the wise one within, of whose presence we are as yet unaware, it may dawn on us that all human beings, without exception, consist of an earthly and an eternal part. In our times of deepest distress, anguish and suffering the need to start praying awakens in us and we feel increasingly drawn to quiet contemplations and/or meditations that will help us to go within and get in touch with our Highest or God Self, the wise one or living God within.

When this connection has been re-established and grown strong enough, the time has come for humbly requesting to be shown how to heal all aspects of our nature. This can only be done through reconciling them, so that they work together instead of one part of our being fighting against the other. The healing process can only begin when our earthly mind has calmed down sufficiently for our spirit and soul, our higher nature, to take over at least at times. Therefore, it is important to make time available for this purpose on a regular basis and to create a quiet space in which our physical body is comfortable and can relax enough for its cells to open. Only then can the white healing magic of the Universal forces enter and do its work.

Having talked extensively with people from all walks of life about God, the Universe and the final destiny of humankind, I never came across anyone who did not feel that some kind of higher authority or power just has to be in charge of us and our world. Even those who initially insist that they do not believe in anything usually open up when I tell them that in my view they – the same as everybody else – is a beloved child of the Universe.

That’s an excellent starting point for anyone who is in need of healing and who is not? When someone’s interest begins to stir into life, I explain that the Universe can and does help every one of us, but that it will only do so when asked and that uninvited it does not intrude upon anyone. To avoid disappointment, it needs pointing out that it is unlikely that help will appear the very moment it is requested, although if someone’s need is particularly great, it may come straight away. No matter what happens, as long we ask for assistance it will always come, sooner or later, one way or another.

I find it a great relief to know that, whatever obstacles we have to overcome in earthly life, none of us is ever alone. The Angels and Masters of the spirit world as well as countless numbers of spirit friends and helpers are always with and around us. On the inner level they are part of us. And each one of us has one main spirit guide who, like a shining star above us, i.e. on the higher levels of life, is our direct connection with the mind of the Highest.

Whether someone is as yet aware of this or not, at all times each one of us is subject to the Universal laws of evolution and Karma. Nothing in our world or any other ever comes about per chance or is a coincidence. Everything always serves the wise higher purpose of teaching us – and our world maybe – a lesson. That’s why there really is no point in thinking that we could have avoided or changed anything that ever took place in our life.

I do believe that there is a great plan of life in which all of us have their allocated space. We have every reason to trust that the Great Architect of the Universe holds this plan and a smaller one for each individual life within it in His/Her loving hands. This ensures that everything is at all times working together for good and that things work out in the end. The only way we can influence how our life unfolds is through our reactions to that which happens to us. The more we do so positively by accepting that every experience is meant to teach us something and then making an effort to recognise the purpose of our lesson, the more we gain in strength and increasing amounts of spiritual light in the form of wisdom and understanding fill our whole being. The right to choose how we wish to react to the circumstances in our life is the only freedom any one of us has in our present existence.

This is the only thing that truly matters for as long as we find ourselves nailed to the cross of earthly life. In any moment our reactions reveal to the wise ones in charge of us which level of understanding our spiritual development has reached. By the way, Christianity by no means invented the cross. It was merely taken over from older civilisations and religions, who knew it as one of the most ancient symbols of humankind’s earthly existence. It represents the cross of matter to which each one of us is tied or nailed while in incarnation.

It’s worth reminding ourselves that originally the cross was surrounded by the circle of God’s love. The Celtic Cross to this day bears witness to this fact. When Christianity removed the circle around the cross, with the passing of time our race became ever more detached from the conscious awareness of God’s never changing presence. However, nothing will ever have the power to destroy what the circle had stood for. Now that the age of truth is with us, things of this nature are re-entering our individual and collective consciousness.

Our gradually increasing understanding of God’s true nature and our own enables us to consciously take possession of the knowledge that everything truly has always rested safely in the loving hands of the highest forces of life. We then realise that truly there is no need to be anxious and afraid about the things that still have to take place in our world and what the future may hold in store for us, individually and as a race.

* * *
Do Not Be Afraid! (2)

Divine inspiration has always been speaking to us through the channel of human beings. It is inevitable that communications of this nature are limited by the spiritual awareness of the person through whom they are given. A good example is Gerard Markland’s beautiful hymn: ‘Do not be afraid, for I have redeemed you. I have called you by your name, you are mine.’ This presents us with the somewhat limited Christian vision of the nature of God.

However, the Universal Christ, who spoke to our world through the Jesus legend, is telling us now: ‘Do not be disappointed that no-one has come to redeem you. Rest assured that nobody ever will. Do not be afraid when you hear that the only who can do this for you is you, yourself. Take heart for I am with each one of you, ready and willing to teach you how to go about it.

‘For a long time I have been waiting patiently to be called upon to help you all to redeem yourselves, each other and your world. I have always been with you and forever will be. You have nothing to fear, because the time has come in humankind’s spiritual development and that of your world for learning that you are capable of far greater things than merely being saved and redeemed by someone else. Each one of you is a young God in the making, who can do that much better for themselves. The Angels and I are going to guide and protect each one of how to go about it. The time has come for consciously showing you the way, whereas this could previously only be done through your subconscious.

‘When you bear in mind that Jesus has always been a metaphor for your own Christ nature, the Divine spark and My presence within each one of you, you will recognise that the promise of Jesus as the saviour and redeemer of humankind and its world has not been an empty one. It’s just that each has to do their share of their own redemption and healing, as well as that of your world. Don’t be disappointed that this can only be done through bringing higher part of your nature forth from within the very core of your own being. You wouldn’t expect anything less from young Gods, would you?

‘To gain a better understanding of how the Cosmic energies affect all earthly life, take a look at ‘The Great Plan Of Life Unfolds’. You will then be able to see for yourself why the disclosure that Jesus is not a historical figure and that every surface word of the tale should not be understood literally, had to wait until the Aquarian Age, the age of truth. Your reactions to the happenings in your life reveal to the wise ones in the world of light, who are in charge of you and your world, whether someone is ready to receive Me and walk together with the Angels and Me in the full consciousness that you yourself are God.

‘Obviously, this brings with it many responsibilities and duties. Although the choice is yours, try not to shy away from anything. Whatever comes your way in the line of unresolved issues your Karma still has in store for you, just hold tight to hands of the Angels and Me. Let us show you the way, so that together we can manifest the Greatest Healing Miracle of all times, the healing of your whole world and everything in it. And never forget that because on the inner level all life there is no separation between anything, when one of you heals, the whole of Creation – not merely your world – is healing with you.

‘The law of life is love. Learn to love the life I have given to you through the understanding that everything it contained has been and still is there to fulfil a wise higher purpose. Love Me in yourself and all your siblings in the family of life, human and animal alike, your world and everything that shares it with you. Your true nature is love and whenever you act in kind and loving ways, you are a true son/daughter of Mine and true to Me.

‘To prove that you really are one of them, give of your best and the Universal laws will see to it that only more of the same can return to you. These laws are My laws, for I am your God, the One, the Great Father/Mother of all life, who created you, your world and all worlds, and also all laws. Everything rests safely in the loving hands of the Angels and Me and all is well with you and your world. My prayers of healing, reconciliation and peace are waiting to flow through even the last and slowest one of you into everything that is.’

The following is the essence of the Monday Thought of 19.9.2016 that arrived in my inbox from the White Eagle group of spirit guides when I was in the process of updating this part of my work: ‘Peace of heart, loved ones, and bless you. You are not alone. Spirit companions who have been with you throughout the ages are walking by your side. You are surrounded by a large group of radiant witnesses who to this day are invisible to your earthly eyes, but they are there nonetheless.

‘Do not be afraid of anything, for in love all is one and there can never be any separation and reincarnation does not part you from anyone you have ever truly loved. No power between Heaven and Earth will ever be able to separate you. Hand in hand with them and those you have learned to love in your present lifetime, you will forever be walking up the mountain of spiritual progress. All of us together, those of us on this side of the veil of consciousness that separates our world from yours and you on your side, we are constantly moving forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life.’

* * *

Invictus (3)

‘Whatsoever we perpetrate, we do but row.
We are steered by fate.’
Samuel Butler

* * *

‘We all have to row with the oars life has given us.’
English Folk Wisdom

* * *

Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever Gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeoning of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the horror of the shade.
And yet, the menace of the years
Finds and shall find me, unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll.
I am the master of my fate
And the captain of my soul.

And yet, it’s good to know that:
The Highest forces of life are steering my boat
And all I have to do is row.
The Great Father/Mother is the Admiral of my destiny’s fleet,
And my spirit guides are piloting me safely through
The treacherous waters of earthly life.
At the end of each lifetime, they take me home
Into the world of spirit, my true home
Whose harbour lights shine warmer and more welcoming
Than any other place I have ever visited.
Each time I drop my anchor there,
The wise ones in charge of me reassure me
That all is well with me and my world,
And forever will be.

Having got as far as I presently am
On my evolutionary pathway through life,
I am glad to aware that:
I am much more than a mere physical being.
The essence of me is spirit, a Divine spark that is
Part of God, eternal and will never die.
Each time I pass from the earthly plane of life
I am not snuffed out like a candle,
I merely move into another dimension and
A different level of existence, that’s all.

My destiny is a high and holy one.
I shall always be safe and never lost,
Wherever the ocean of my life is taking me.
I am grateful for everything that has been
And sometime in the future will be.
Great Father/Mother of all life,
Forever I shall sing the praises
Of Thy wisdom and love.

William Ernest Henley
Edited by Aquarius

For every human being there exists a small developmental plan within God’ great plan for the whole of Creation. Each new lifetime presents us with another birthchart and in the right hands it can reveal what the newly born has brought with it and indicate in rough outlines the lessons awaiting it. For wise higher reasons, however, the birthchart on its own does not give a great deal away about what’s in store for the newcomer. Ah, but wait a moment! The Moon represents our earthly personality and where we have come from. The Sun shows our spirit’s predestined pathway. That’s why to my mind the progressions of the Sun and in particular the Moon are much more revealing than anything else.

The Sun moves forward at the steady pace of one degree per year. The Moon is known as the runner because it progresses at the rate of one degree per month. When you can see for yourself how both these energies have always been affecting your own life and that of those around you, the way I have been doing for a long time, the Universe is providing you with living proof that we can but row our life’s boat. The behaviour of every one of us is comparable to a dog on a lead, which the Angels of Karma are holding it in their hands. It’s our karmic debts that determine what kind of relationships and lessons we have to encounter.

The Sun/Moon progressions show quite clearly how the Christ Spirit, the Light of all lights and the Sun behind the Sun in the sky above us, is constantly pulling all earthly life, including you and me, forwards and upwards on humankind’s individual and collective evolutionary spiral and also our world. Even though we can but row the boat of our life, we are not manoeuvred like marionettes or pulled like puppets on a string. Because the Highest Forces of life have given us the precious gift of freedom of choice, at all times we are allowed to make our own decisions of how we wish to react to whatever comes our way. However, we are personally responsible for every one of our thoughts, words and actins. The Universal law of cause and effect, widely known as the law of Karma, decrees that they have to return to us in the fullness of time. This can come about later in the same lifetime or in a far distant future one, when our earthly self has grown strong enough to cope with what it once created.

Unbeknown to us earthlings for a long time, our choices have always decided what kind of Karma we are creating for ourselves, the whole of humankind and also our world. There are two streams of consciousness, a constructive positive one of light and a destructive negative one of darkness. Everything we think, speak and do has constantly been feeding into one of these streams and strengthened it. The decision which stream we wish to support from now on is ours alone. Everything depends on the degree of spiritual maturity we have reached when we find out about these things. They empower us to steer the boat of our life and destiny in the desired direction. And that shows that knowledge truly is power!

In the spiritual background of our earthly existence wise ones have always been in charge of the individual and collective development of us and our world. The Angels and Masters of the Christ Circle, the throne of God, assisted by countless groups of spirit guides and helpers on the lower levels of the spirit realm always have been and forever will be the eye that never sleeps. Our decisions show them the degree of spiritual maturity we have reached at any given moment.

As a spark of the Great Light every human being in truth is a young God in the making. Attending the lessons of the earthly school of life is only compulsory for the initial part of our development. It has run its course when the following conditions have been fulfilled: a) all earthly lessons have been learnt; b) every aspect of our nature, i.e. the masculine and feminine, darkness and light, lower and higher personality, have been integrated; and c) when the last bit of the Karma we created in this lifetime and all previous ones has been redeemed. And that can only come about when we bravely and patiently work our way through any kind of suffering that comes our way and accepting our responsibility for creating it.

* * *

Healing Prayer For Our World (4)

Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
You are in everything and therefore
Also in every human being.
With every passing day our faith and trust
In You and the goodness
Of the life you have created for us.

May the Divine spark in every human heart
Awake from its slumber and by the Christ Star’s light
Transformed into the small flame of
The characteristics of everyone’s own Christ nature.
May they begin to flow from ever more human beings,
The way they have always done from the Universal Christ,
Your only born Son/Daughter.
And may this continue until
All our world’s harmful influences have been
Uplifted and transmuted into beneficial ones.

You are the wise one or living God in all human hearts,
The small still voice of conscience who
Knows the way of all things and
The answers to all our questions.
Restore humankind’s faith and trust
That the life you have created for every one of us
Truly is a good one because it is based on
Your laws of love and evolution,
Which means evolution based on love.
Thank you for Your great plan of life in which
Our world and every one of us has their
Allocated space and a certain role to play,
And that because of this all is well with both,
In spite of the pandemic 2020,
Maybe even because of it.

May the awakening of ever human beings
Into the awareness of their true nature and Yours,
Together with the gift of understanding,
Uplift and transmute our fears and anxieties
Into blessing, healing and harmonising energies
For the whole of Creation.
Help us to know, not merely believe,
That the gift of life you are bestowing
Upon us with each day anew,
Truly is a most holy and precious one.

In the name of love we ask these things from you,
On behalf of Mother Earth and all her kingdoms,
Especially that of the human race.
We request this for all who are presently attending
The school of earthly life and also
For those who are resting and recuperating
In Your realm, humankind’s true home,
On the other side of the veil of consciousness
That to this day separates our two worlds.
May that veil soon be gone for good.


* * *

From ‘Words Of Hope And Encouragement’

Never Give Up (1)

When cares threaten to overtake you
And you are waiting for the sky to clear,
Remember that life consists of changes
And that means that a brighter tomorrow
Is always near.

Each day is a new beginning
That brings with it another dawn.
Each time you feel you have come
To the end of your rope,
Tie a knot into it and hang on.

May your whole being be
Filled with hope, faith and trust
That God and the Angels are as much part
Of every human being as we are part of them.
And that whatever happens, does so for
The wise higher purpose of teaching every one
Of us and our world, something.
They only ever have everyone’s best at heart
And will never leave any one of us.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

* * *

The End Of Fear (2)

What do we have to fear? Nothing!
Whom do we have to fear? No-one!
When we consciously become aware
Of our own Highest God or Christ nature,
We realise that nobody on the earthly plane
Has any real power whatever.
The only true eternal power always has been
And forever will be resting safely in the hands
Of God and the Angels and Masters of the Christ Circle,
Known as the throne of God.

The essence of every human being is spirit/soul.
God is as much part of us as we are part of God.
And like God, we are immortal and eternal.
In truth, there is no death,
Merely transformations that move us
Into a different dimension of life,
The world of spirit or light,
Humankind’s true home from which
We emerge at the beginning of a new lifetime
And return to, when it has run its course.

The only trustworthy and reliable guru and teacher
In the whole of Creation does not exist in the
Outside world. It is everybody’s very own
Inner guidance of the wise one or living God within,
Who knows the way of all ways and
The answers to any questions we
May ever care to ask.

Simultaneously, this part of our being
Is everybody’s own built-in lie-detector who
Reacts to anything that comes our way
With either ‘this is true’ or ‘this is false’.
That’s where we need to go for finding out
The truth about the plandemic.

Updated August 2021

* * *

The Flower Garden Of The Years (3)

Count your garden by the flowers,
Never by the leaves that fall.
Count your joys by golden hours,
Never when life’s worries call.

Count your days by smiles, not tears,
And when birthdays come around,
Count your age by friends, not years,
And the gifts of love you’ve found.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

* * *

From ‘Songs Of Inspiration’

You Never Walk Alone

When you walk through a storm
Hold your head up high
And don’t be afraid of the dark.
At the end of a storm
Is a golden sky
And the sweet silver song of a lark.

Walk on, through the wind.
Walk on, through the rain.
Though your dreams be tossed and blown.
Walk on, walk on with hope in your heart,
And you’ll never walk alone,
You’ll never walk alone.

From ‘Carousel’
Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein

The law of life is love and love is God and life, and that is the power behind the turning of the wheels of human and cosmic life. All of us, without exception, are sparks of the Universal Christ’s Light. Each is an individual in its own right who contains a full set of Divine characteristics, from the very best to the worst. At first these qualities only exist in us in seed form, waiting to unfold and develop when we have become sufficiently evolved.

On the inner level we are whole and do not need anyone else to make us so, even though for a long time it feels that way to ensure the survival of our species. Everybody has been blessed with the gift of free will and we eventually reach the developmental stage when we want to do nothing but freely and willingly surrender our whole being to the will and wishes of our Divine parents, the Great Father/Mother of all life, and their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ.

Whenever a problem arises in our life, it’s best to hand it over to the Highest Forces of life by tuning the transmitter/receiver station of our earthly mind into the frequencies of the Angels and Masters of the Christ Circle, the throne of God. Their replies reach us through the living and breathing God within us. And that is the only authority in the whole of Creation who unfailingly knows the way of everything and the answers to all our questions. We may have to wait a while for them to come, but they will surely come and without fail show us the way forward.

* * *

With love and light,

* * *

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