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Miracles And Wonders (28b)
Miracles And Wonders (28b)

Miracles And Wonders (28b)


Message From The Angels And Masters Of The Christ Circle

How To Be Your Own Healer & Lightbringer (4)

From ‘War And Peace Among Nations’

As Above, So Below

Astrological Correspondences

Between The Planets And Our Physical Bodies

To paraphrase Paracelsus, 1493 – 1541 AD: Humankind is a microcosm of the macrocosm. Each one of us is a small world and a miniature Universe that contains something of every one of the stars and planets, not only of our solar system but also all others in the whole of Creation. Because we are influenced by them as much as they are by us, we are now going to take a closer look at the planets of our solar system in what ways this manifests itself.

Let’s start with the Sun in the sky above us. It is a physical and spiritual manifestation of the only born son/daughter of the Great Father/Mother of all life, the spirit of the Universal Christ. This is the light of all lights, the Sun of all Suns behind the Sun of our world. Its light and warmth brings all forms of life into being and constantly recreates and sustains them. The spiritual Sun is the heart of the Universe in the same way as the heart that beats in all human chests is the centre of our being. There dwells the power that keeps our physical bodies going. Visualising the Sun at the centre of our solar system enables us to raise our own vibrations and those of our world. We can make a valuable contribution towards bringing our new world into being simply by imagining that Its rays are penetrating ever more deeply into the consciousness of our race and world and that this will continue until the Divine glory of our true nature has re-awakened in the last one of us.

The Universal Christ is the great white light at the top of the spiritual mountain, mountain of all mountains and light of all lights that gives Its light to all minor lights, including the Divine spark in each one of us. We are part of this great light that once sent us out into exploring earthly life, so that we should grow in wisdom and understanding. We can only get to know ourselves and our world through our own experiences. From the moment a spark of the Divine emerges from our Creator’s loving heart, the Angels are in charge of us. Once we have acquired a physical body as our vehicle to get through earthly life, it is their task to guide us downwards into exploring the depths of human nature. As soon as we have reached the bottom of this pit, the events of our life gradually take us upwards and forwards on the evolutionary spiral. Slowly but surely, in the course of many lifetimes, we evolve into an ever more beautiful and perfect, i.e. whole being.

The rays of the Christ Spirit contain all colours of the rainbow and have always been working on blending, healing and harmonising all lifeforms of our world. It does not matter how many and what kind of disruptions may still have to take place on the Earth plane, the Christ rays will never cease to permeate all life, drawing together the threads of destiny of God’s great plan of life. The Christ energies are working hard to weave us and our world into the glorious rainbow of colour and beauty of the spirit background of life throughout the whole of Creation. When this development has reached its height and can go no further, all colour and beauty transforms itself back into the spiritual Sun’s perfect light. The processes of creation then start all over again and it’s anyone’s guess how often this has taken place already.

By sign and house position the Sun in our birthchart represents the pull of our spirit or Highest Self. It coaxes and encourages us to reach for and develop the higher and highest qualities of the signs we are passing through in any given lifetime. The Moon represents our earthly personality and the drag of the past in the form of the habitual thinking and behaviour patterns our small earthly self developed in previous lifetimes. By now they usually have become so deeply engrained that they can be exceedingly hard to shake off.

Whatever we leave behind in unresolved relationships and issues in our present lifetime, we are going to bring with us into the next one to have another go at resolving them. Whichever level of spiritual development we have reached at the time of our passing into the world of light, that’s where we shall restart next time round. Every single thread is picked up when once more we enter into earthly life in search of the spiritual growth, expansion of consciousness, wisdom and understanding all of us are here to seek.

The Sun governs the general flow of energy throughout and around our physical body, the earthly vehicle for this lifetime. We also have an etheric, auric and energetic body whose energies extend far beyond the physical one. First and foremost the Sun rules the creative and procreative processes, as well as the functioning of the heart, circulation, vitality, healing and wellbeing.

The Moon governs the fluid of our bodies. In the same way the Moon throughout its orbit round the Earth influences the tides of the oceans it affects the fluids in our physical body. Water retention, blood flow, digestive motion and cellular moisture all respond to the Moon’s energy.

Mercury is responsible for mental functions and equally influences both hemispheres of our brain. Clarity of intellect, creative thought and strategic calculations of the brain are part of its domain. It also rules automatic body functions like breathing, blinking and so forth. Mercury together with the Moon influences our digestive functions.

Venus governs our sensory organs. It influences the glandular products of our kidneys and veins, as well as everything connected with mouth, tongue, taste, swallowing and saliva. Our sensory perception of touch is under the rulership of Venus and also the skin, dermis and epidermis. The Venusian energies regulate the sweetness of our body through the production of insulin it balances the sugars and carbohydrates.

The red planet Mars not surprisingly has the rulership of our red blood cells and the natural oxidation of our physical body. Its energies encourage the building of muscle tissue and assertiveness. They have a strong influence on the procreative parts and the sexual organs of our body.

Vast and expansive Jupiter governs the growth of our physical body. It influences the working of liver and gall bladder and is concerned with the processes of elimination, excretion and the clearing out of toxins. Jupiter’s energies are protective and work to physically and spiritually increase growth.

Saturn is the planet of control that influences all human structures, especially the bones of our physical body and the skin. The strength of our most basic inner stability manifests itself in the skeletal systems. Saturn influences the density of bones through the distribution of calcium and other fortifying elements which shows itself in cartilages, teeth, nails and so forth.

Uranus individually and collectively governs the nervous system. It influences the functioning of our respiratory system with its bronchial tubes, lungs, diaphragm, cilia and trachea.

Neptune governs the functioning of most of our glands, particularly the endocrine glands which play a role in the secretion of hormones. These glands include the thyroid, pituitary and adrenals ones which are connected with mystical sensitivity and special talents. Neptune also influences the lymphatic system.

Pluto governs the reproductive system and all other processes of renewal, regeneration and healing. It regulates the functioning of the immune system and the constant birth, death and rebirth of the physical body cells.

* * *

– To be continued. –

* * *

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23 Aug, 2022
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