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Miracles And Wonders (39)
Miracles And Wonders (39)

Miracles And Wonders (39)


Message From The Angels And Masters Of The Christ Circle

Freely, freely you have received,
Freely, freely now give!
Go in my name . . .
Ah yes, but what really is my name?

For over twenty years by now, the truth and nothing but the truth has been flowing into your world through the Aquarian writings from us. Alas, for approx. six thousand years they had to remain hidden behind your world’s old belief system’s teachings. As many of you are aware of already, this happened for wise higher educational reasons of teaching humankind the value of truth. And that’s why we are telling you once more that your true Creator is the Divine Trinity, the Great Father/Mother of all life and their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ.

How about going in their name and telling anyone who is as yet unaware of it that the Aquarian age is the age of truth and that it has been with your world for quite a while by now. That’s why ever more of the truth has been appearing on the earthly plane, for example through the Aquarian writings. We are glad to repeat that, in keeping with the Divine great evolutionary plan for the whole of Creation, we, the Angels and Masters of the Christ Circle, always have been and forever will be in charge of the development of everything within it. Naturally, this includes humankind and all manifestations of life, on all its levels, who are sharing your planet with you.

The Aquarian writings are but one of the communication channels with your world we are using. Through them we have, with the passing of time been releasing ever more of the Divine truth, which had to remain hidden during the approx. six thousand years of patriarchy that now lie behind you. For example, the old belief systems of those times pretended that they had an all-male God-head. Their teachings consisted of strange and frightening tales that had nothing in common what really happens to every human being, without exception, on their long evolutionary journey.

It happened for the wise higher purpose of teaching humankind the value of truth. So that everybody would eventually become familiar with what is the truth and what is not, it had to remain hidden from humankind for such a long time. And that’s why, in keeping with the Divine great evolutionary plan, ever more of the truth for quite a while has been appearing in your world, for example through the Aquarian writings. The truth has been flowing through them directly from us, on the Highest levels of life, into all human heartminds that are open and ready to receive and understand what we are saying.

However, do not believe that every word of what we have already been telling you, including the Aquarian writings, as well as in our messages, is literally true. Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by anyone. Every human being has the birthright of eventually discovering the truth. That’s why we are asking you to turn to your inner guidance, the wise one or living God within you, and pay attention to how it reacts to everything that comes before you, through the world of your feelings. If something is true it will feel true to you and if it is not, through your feelings it will let you know without fail.

That’s your inner lie-detector communicating with you. Every human being possesses one of their own. If you are as yet unfamiliar with yours, pay attention to how this part of you reacts to everything that comes before you, especially what the mass media are pumping into your world, and also the Aquarian writings.

It will not take long until your lie-detector confirms that the only virus that really can kill is fear and that the only vaccine that can be used effectively against this virus is understanding. And that’s what we always have tried to bring to your world through the Aquarian writings. Only if your inner guidance approves of any chapter of them and also of what’s before you now, share it with as many as possible in the world around you.

The Piscean age, the age of blind faith is dead! Long live the Aquarian age, the age of truth! Read about both ages in the attached chapters from ‘The Great Plan Of Life Unfolds’. As part of teaching your humankind to appreciate the value of truth, during the Piscean age you were required to blindly swallow the teachings of the various belief systems that during the patriarchal period came your way. And because that age lies well behind you by now, ever more of the truth has been flowing and will continue to do so directly from us on the Highest levels of life into the heartminds that are not only open to receive and understand it, but also able and willing to share it with as many as possible.

And now test your built-in lie-detector by observing how it reacts to what we are telling you about the religion of the Aquarian age:

There is only one religion, the religion of love, honesty and truth.
There is only one country, the whole of Mother Earth.
There is only one race and chosen people, the whole of humankind.
There is only one gender, who is androgynous, whole and holy.
There is only one language, the language of the heart.
And there is only one God, the God of love,
The Great Father/Mother of all life
And the Spirit of the Universal Christ,
The Sun of all suns and Light of all lights,
Their only born Son/Daughter.
They are the Holy Trinity, who is
Omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient,
Always have been and forever will be.


* * *

From ‘Our World In Transition’

The Built-In Lie Detector

‘The fear of death and the unknown has always made people easy prey for the greed and avarice of those who offer something that’s going to keep them safe. If the wind keeps on blowing in the right direction for long enough, the victims will never find out that in truth the makers of such promises merely pretend they have something of value to offer. After all, they are generously paying people with imaginative minds. They have no problems inventing things that sound as if they were true, when they could not be further away from it. Never mind, if what they are saying gets the wheels of their employers’ propaganda machinery going and, for as long as no strong enough resistance has built up, keeps them turning.

‘People involved in such schemes believe that they are working with the greatest of secrecy and that therefore nobody can observe them, they don’t mind using any kind of means that promises to deceive those around them, when in truth they are deceiving themselves. It’s not really evil that you and your world are up against but ignorance. That’s always been the greatest obstacle on humankind’s individual and collective progress on the evolutionary spiral of life. Not knowing and understanding breeds fear. And that in turn brings forth young and inexperienced spirit/souls, who are only too happy to ruthlessly exploit humankind’s fears with tales that have been specially invented for the purpose of pumping them up to previously unknown heights.

‘And because the age of truth for quite a while has been with you, once more we have come to tell those who are still looking for someone to save you and your world from this kind of menace. Nobody in the whole of Creation will ever come and wave some kind of magic wand on your behalf or anyone else’s, to bring this about, least of all Jesus. He never was in a position to respond to requests of this nature for the simple reason that he never was a historical figure who once walked in your midst. He only existed as a thoughtform that was inspired by us for the wise higher purpose of teaching your world some invaluable lessons of discernment, i.e. the ability to recognise whether someone is telling the truth or a lie.

‘Every one of you needs to be able to do this for themselves and that about everything that comes your way on the earthly plane. Don’t worry, you all have a built-in lie-detector and that is your inner guidance, the wise one of living God within. As soon as your earthly education has reached a certain point, the time has come for learning how to consciously tap into its communications. Through the world of your feelings this aspect of your being has always tried to keep you walking on the straight and narrow road of doing the right things at the right time, i.e. that which is beneficial for your development. It’s the small still voice of your conscience that’s ignored to your detriment. For every one of you, paying attention to its reactions has always been the only truly reliable way of telling whether something, at that particular moment, is right or wrong, false or true. When this ability has been developed and you look at any kind of knowledge that comes your way, especially in the form of religious teachings, your lie-detector will either react with ‘this is true or untrue’.

‘To assist every human being with developing this part of their being is the wise higher reason why, for the duration of the patriarchy, your world had to be misled about your Creator’s nature and your own, as well as the special relationship all of you are having with the highest authority of all. The imbalances that were created by the old religions’ beliefs, with their all-male God-heads, for some time have been in the process of being removed. It is coming about through the truth that your Creator always has been and forever will be the Great Father/Mother of all life, and their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ’s spirit and light. It’s good to observe that ever more of you are waking up to the realisation that the only one who can save and redeem you and your world is every one of you for themselves.

‘Every physical body, animal and human alike, has always been equipped with the inborn natural gift of healing itself and that in mind, body and spirit/soul. Unfortunately, the products of the pharmaceutical industry all too frequently interfere with the functioning of this aspect of their being. That’s why we are telling those who are in need of healing that, with our help and will, any condition can be healed. As without asking no help can come to you from us, turn to us so we can guide you to the natural – these days so-called ‘alternative’ – healing methods that will really do you good. If you pay attention to your inner guidance when trying those you feel drawn to, you will intuitively know which one(s) are right for you.

‘Stick your toes into the water and find out what each one can do for you. And do not forget to tap into our healing energies that are available free of charge to anyone who asks for them. Learning how to tap into them is the only thing you have to do. When you do your best, we are always happy to do the rest. And that’s how your trust in our presence and our ways of helping those who ask for our assistance steadily grows. This is the most essential ingredient for the process of shedding your fears and anxieties. The spiritual wisdom we have for quite some time been bringing to your world, through many different channels, is providing ever more of you with the key for unlocking the doors to their innermost being, where the memories of all your previous lifetimes have been stored, good, bad and indifferent alike.

‘The lack of understanding to this day is making far too many of you is into gullible victims of the pharmaceutical industry’s tales about the pandemic 2019/2020. They are the driving force behind events of this nature. They have tried before and did not succeed and we assure you that they will not do so this time. To bring about the greatest healing miracle that was ever experienced on the Earth, we need the help of as many of you as possible. It’s up to every individual to release themselves and your whole world, once and for all, from the darkness of the prison that time and again was created by the machinations of your world’s professional troublemakers and scaremongers, employed by the pharmaceutical industry.

‘Like a poisonous spider, this organisation sits in its web that consists of falsifications and lies, ready to devour any victim that believes its tales and is willing to act upon them. Their favourite hiding places are the façades of once well respected organisations, like the World Health Organisation. The pharmaceutical industry hopes that eventually the government of all countries are going to pass a new law that forces people to take part in compulsory mass vaccinations. They are dreaming that this would come about in dictator fashion, with each country’s police force behind its government to ensure that their law is obeyed. But that harks back to the ways of the past, in sharp contrast with the Aquarian age’s Zeitgeist of freedom from all yokes of oppression and slavery. This age is about friendship and siblinghood with all manifestations of life, reaching out for each other, helping and supporting people instead of exploiting and taking advantage of their fears.

‘As nothing could contravene that spirit more, there is no chance that attempts of this nature will be tolerated. Aquarius is the sign of rebellion and revolution. The deeper you move into this age, the clearer it will become that the Uranian energies are providing people, individually and collectively, with the courage, strength and determination to go on the barricades in order to shake off anything that can no longer be tolerated, for example the yoke of continued lockdowns. The protest meetings and marches that are already taking part in many parts of your world are a clear sign that the influence of the Uranian energies with every passing day are growing more powerful.

‘The instrument for rendering any kind of human-made trap ineffective is through every one of you overcoming and letting go of their deepest innermost fears, because that enables you to move from your role as victim into that of a conqueror. The magical key for bringing this about is an improved understanding of the processes of life, especially those of birth, death and rebirth. For long enough your fears, individually and collectively, have been making prisoners of your earthly selves. The knowledge that has been coming your way for quite some time is meant to assist ever more of you to unlock the inner doors of the dark dungeon of their ignorance about the spiritual aspects of life.

‘The Aquarian age’s freedom consists of believing only what the lie-detector of your inner guidance tells you is true. To enable you to fully take advantage of what it offers, your inner doors need to be opened wide. Only through using the knowledge we are bringing and in this way digesting it, can any of it become your spiritual property that no-one will ever take from you. It will be yours in all Eternity.

* * *

From ‘War And Peace Among Nations’

The Age Of Pisces

The Age Of Karma And The Soul
And The Beginnings Of Our Present Major Religions

About 300 BC – 1900 AD

Gullibility has been one of our race’s most formidable enemies in past ages. This particularly applied during the Age of Pisces from about 300 BC – 1900 AD. The mutable Water sign Pisces is co-ruled by expansive and mighty Jupiter and deceptive, nebulous and devious Neptune. As a result of these energies, the Piscean age was one of blind faith and deception on a grand scale, as one would expect from the combined force of the sign’s two vast planetary rulers. The appearance of the Jesus legend at the beginning of the Piscean Age makes more sense when one considers that Jupiter is also the sole ruler of Sagittarius, the sign of the raconteur and storyteller, the conman and gambler of the zodiac.

With the coming of the Aquarian Age, in keeping with God’s plan, it was time to leave the negative influence of those energies behind and to start developing their highest and most positive sides. The wise higher purpose of all lying and cheating experiences, in particular those of the Piscean Age, has been to teach us and our world the value of honesty and truth in all our encounters. Those who took part in the grand Piscean lesson and have learnt from it sufficiently are ready to intuitively receive the sacred wisdom and truth of the Highest. With the help of the Angels and Masters, friends and helpers in the world of light they are receiving this gift and for them book-learning is no longer necessary.

The negative aspects of Pisces that need to be overcome are carelessness, a fondness of building castles in the air, deceptiveness and going through life with our heads in the clouds. As well as being hypersensitive and irritated by discords, we may be sentimental, subversive, unstable, wandering and woolly. Overcoming these characteristics sets us free to develop the Piscean positive characteristics of artistic gifts and the ability to play our part in life in positive and constructive ways, in spite of being a dreamer and idealist. As our imaginative, inspirational and mediumistic capabilities begin to unfold, we become ever more sensitive to the artistic inspiration that flows from the higher and highest levels of life into ours. We are spiritual and subtle beings with a great love for music and rhythm.

Pisces is a mutable Water sign, its natural domain is the twelfth house. Both sign and house are of the soul and of Karma, also known as the place of our own undoing, where our sins from past lifetimes are catching up and shaking hands with us, waiting to be redeemed. The Water signs serve the development of the emotions and of the soul, individually and collectively. It was an age that taught us and our world the dangers of blind faith. But above all, in my view, the whole of patriarchy and in particular the Age of Pisces has been teaching us and our world priceless lessons of the wise use and the abuse of power. You can read more about the age of blind faith by following the link at the end of this chapter.

Pisces being co-ruled by misty, mysterious and nebulous Neptune and vast and expansive Jupiter, the ruler of the superconscious realm, it is hardly surprising that this Age was dominated by the development of the major religions of our world. Christianity with its mixture of persecution and the ideals of spiritual redemption and salvation evolved from Judaism. Islam in turn evolved from Christianity. All three religions are but twigs on the branch of religious tree of our world.

* * *

The Age Of Aquarius

The Age Of Rebellion And Revolution
bringing Enlightenment And Spiritual Freedom

From approx. 1900 AD – 4,100 AD

So much has been said about the Age of Aquarius throughout my writing, but there is still a great deal more. Before we go any further let’s take a look at the different types of energies that are influencing us during any given age. At present we are still struggling with the change of energies between two signs that are so profoundly different in their approach to life and yet on the spiritual level of life are responding to each other very well.

Pisces as a mutable Water sign is receptive and feminine. First and foremost it is about the development of the world of our feelings and emotions, the soft and sensitive, dreamy and otherworldly realm of the soul. The energies of the fixed Air sign Aquarius are in sharp contrast with it. They are purely of the mind. People who function purely on the mind level, without the beneficial influence of their soul they are bereft of feelings. As a result they can be exceedingly cold and detached, to the point of downright cruelty.

The three Air signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, serve the training of humankind’s mental faculties of understanding. High among them rank all kinds of communication, so we have to learn how to express ourselves in writing and this skill enables us to read other people’s messages. Evidence is appearing everywhere that during the Aquarian Age the progress of humankind’s intellectual capabilities is moving ever more into the foreground of our attention. We have found out that thinking is the greatest power in the whole of Creation and with this discovery the time has come for learning to control our thought processes and practising things like mindfulness and positive thinking.

Among many other things Aquarius is the sign of technology and communications, friendship and siblinghood with all life. Equipped with the gift of hindsight, with which we are blessed in the year 2016, the time when I was putting the finishing touches to this new part of my jottings, it could clearly be seen that the Age of Pisces really had ended about 1900 AD. This means that the Age of Aquarius has been with us for some time now and it can be clearly seen everywhere in our world that the influence of its energies are growing increasingly powerful.

Steered by the forces at work behind the scenes of earthly life and their ideas, humankind’s ingenuity always has been and forever will be without bounds. Nowhere was there more evidence of it than in all fields of technology, especially communications. From its earliest beginnings in the late 1800s it has been speeding up at an ever increasing pace. Looking back from where we are now, one cannot call it anything but breathtaking. As communications would become ever more important during this age, the Morse code and the telephone were invented. This was swiftly followed by the technology for the development of radio, television and the Internet, making ever farther reaching communications around our world possible.

The Aquarian Age also brought us the development of travelling by air and since humankind’s first attempts at flying with the help of machinery has been making phenomenal strides forward. The patriarchal influence saw to it that at first the technology involved was employed for producing increasingly sophisticated war machinery so that we could destroy each other more effortlessly and speedily. But it did not take long until the technical scales of our world commenced to tip towards friendlier uses like building worldwide friendship rings with the help of the Internet and things like Facebook, Twitter and so forth.

Aquarius represents God’s voice and it is the birthright of every human spirit and soul, in this world and our other world, towards the end of their earthly education to return into the conscious awareness of humankind’s true nature and who and what God really is. The new age brings us a renewal of the knowledge that each one of us has an inner teacher, the living God within or intuition, who is waiting to share Its wisdom and knowledge with us. All we have to do is knock at our inner door and ask for our Highest Self’s help.

The present evolutionary phase is going to see the end of all inequalities between the genders and races of our world. The more the knowledge gets around that all of us are God’s children of the Earth, each one with exactly the same rights and responsibilities, the more easily we shall shake off the oppressive forces that to this day exist in our world as a result of the patriarchy’s erroneous belief that one gender or person is superior to the other.

The Aquarian Age demands self-mastery and self-discipline from each one of us and if we are willing to practise it and behave in a masterly fashion, as demonstrated by the Jesus legend, the doors to this age’s enlightenment and spiritual freedom are swinging open. God’s great plan of life provides that the Age of Aquarius brings us the truth about every aspect of life. That means the end of all false beliefs and perceptions, prejudices and superstitions born from humankind’s ignorance of God’s true nature and its own. My observations of and insights into the various ages leave no doubt in my mind that this plan has always been unfolding the way it should.

Now that the religions of the past have fulfilled their purpose in the teaching process of our world, each one of them will gradually disappear. Decreasing numbers of churchgoers are confirming this. The Age of Pisces has been an age of lies, deceptions and blind faith. It’s good to know that this part of our development lies behind us and that the age of truth has dawned upon our world. For many it has already brought the rediscovery that love is God’s true nature and our own, that love is the law of life and that the reason for our being in earthly life is that we should learn to love wisely, the way God loves all His/Her Creations.

This love is one of power, justice and wisdom, handled wisely with kindness and goodness, gentleness and compassion, affection and warmth for all lifeforms. And our human hearts are at least potentially a holy Grail cup for receiving God’s love and giving it to those around us. Human relationships are so important for us because each one offers constant opportunities for learning to love wisely and thus bringing forth the highest aspects of our nature.

As we know by now, love is the supreme law of life from which all others evolved. The intention of the highest forces of life has been to get to know through humankind the polar opposite of love and that which is good. ‘I love My Creation and all creatures in it. I will send them out to explore and learn about themselves and Me. To ensure that each one of them is eventually drawn back into My loving embrace, I am passing the law of cause and effect that decrees that everything in the whole Creation has to return to its source. Acts of aggression, oppression and injustice are transgressions against law of love that created negative Karma, which eventually has to be redeemed for the simple reason that everything in the whole of Creation has to balance. That’s why at some time, either during this lifetime or a future one, every bit of our offences has to be made good, by none other than us.

Aquarius is the sign in which humankind’s highest hopes, dreams and aspirations can find fulfilment. Programmed into and imprinted in the deepest recesses of every soul’s consciousness is the desire and dream of escaping from the hardships, tests and trials of earthly life into the state known as Paradise, the oneness with God and all life. That’s also where the wish for meeting the ideal love and lover is located. Our God or Christ Self is this perfect being who understands us and knows and responds to our heart’s most deepest yearnings. This is the one for whom we have searched in vain throughout all earthly lifetimes. Like everything that has ever been in our life, this too fulfils a wise higher purpose. You can read more about this by following the links at the end of this chapter.

It is difficult to assess when one of the ages is definitely over and is making room for the next one. Some believe that the Aquarian Age started around the year 1900. When I take my nose off the canvas and look at our world from a higher perspective, I see a great deal of evidence everywhere that the great balancing act of the creative forces of Heaven and Earth, masculine and feminine, darkness and light, positive and negative and so forth, over the ages has constantly been gathering momentum. During the Aquarian Age the Divine marriage between the highest levels of life and our planet will be consummated. And that is the completion of its spiritualisation which has been going on every since humankind entered its realms.

I sense that the final curtain on the last act of the tragicomedy of Earth life has gently been descending for some time. Whether the play will finish with some great cataclysm or in peaceful ways depends on God’s plan for humankind. Considering that on the inner level all life is one and each one of us influences everything else, I believe that a peaceful solution is quite on the cards. As with the help and will of God and the Angels all things are possible and nothing happens without them, the energies of the awakening ones could eventually grow so powerful that they penetrate the consciousness of the rest of us deeply enough to rouse their Christ nature from its slumbers. Regardless of how it all comes about, I am convinced that the spiritual aspects of us and our world shall always be taken care of and be safe.

* * *

With love and light,

* * *

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