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Miracles And Wonders (41)
Miracles And Wonders (41)

Miracles And Wonders (41)


Message From The Angels And Masters Of The Christ Circle

For They Know Not What They Are Doing!

Ever more people in your world these days are aware that the Age of Aquarius is not only the age of truth but also of rebellion. That’s why some of those who are as yet unaware of the spiritual background of what’s presently happening in your world’s outer material plane, are finding it impossible to cope with. This is why they are ever more loudly demanding that it’s the highest time for getting your world’s inflation rate back to normal, to stop gross profiteering and inflated salaries and mega bonuses for people at the top of the greed mountain, which your world for some time by now, is increasingly becoming.

Here are a few examples:
* The Bank of England’s interest rate rise shows clearly that there is something very wrong with the British as well as the international banking system.
* British Gas made a profit of £1.3 billions between January and June 2022.
* BP announced profits of £6.95 billion between April and June alone.
* Shell has profited by £9.4 billions in one year .

And how about these salaries:
* John Pettigrew, boss of the British National Grid received £6.5m bonus on top of his salary
* Chris O’Shea, chief executive of British Gas owner Centrica was paid almost £2m last year in salary and benefits
* Centrica's non-executive directors were paid almost £1m
* Scottish Power's CEO Keith Anderson is on £1.15m.
* E.On boss Michael Lewis is on £1m
* EDF's Simone Rossi is also on £1m
* And their top executives enjoyed a share of £4.65m
* Peter Simpson of Anglican Water earned a £1.3m pay package
* Welsh Water bosses awarded themselves bonuses of over £930,000
* Severn Trent bosses awarded themselves bonuses of £5.56m
* Thames Water's Sarah Bentley, received a £727,000 bonus on top of her £2 million annual salary
* And we daren't even think of public and civil service salaries, bonuses and the 55 million pound plus pension packages.

* At present many people in our country and the rest of our world haven't had breakfast and/or lunch TODAY, because they can't afford it.
* People using Food Banks because food these days in our country is becoming more of a luxury than a necessity.
* Children spending their birthdays with no presents.
* Parents worrying about new school uniforms, while some schools are enforcing rules that are not cost-effective.
* People can't get to work because they can't afford to put petrol into their cars or pay for going by public transport any more.
* People who are working so much they're making themselves ill, and they STILL CAN'T AFFORD to pay their bills.
* People who have been given fines by energy/water companies because they couldn't afford to pay their bills, which increases their debt.
* Customers being told to do STAR JUMPS TO KEEP WARM. Whatever next?
* Hose pipe bans when gallons of water are leaking away every day and not enough is done about it.
* We are told that energy prices will rise up by 75% in October.

THIS IS MADNESS! I'm all for supporting profits, but not someone’s greed that endangers the life of others. Something very drastically needs changing in our world. Why is so much money being used to make life more comfortable for those at the top of organisations who don’t mind that their greed makes life ever more unpleasant for the rest of humankind? Why are the energy companies allowed to get away with this and why are our world’s governments, not merely the British one, not stopping them, but appear to be happy to hand out ever more money to the energy companies. Might it be because they want to pay even larger share dividends to those who own their shares, just by making people ever more?

• I, like many others, can no longer afford to pay my bills because my pension income is not keeping up with constantly rising prices.
• British people receive the lowest state pensions and other benefits than in many other countries of Europe.
• Time to wake up and at last shout out loud ‘no more!’ for all to hear.
• How about simply stopping to pay our bills. Those at the top don't have enough staff to sue all of us.

* * *

Do you believe that there is any chance that such actions wake up the spiritual nature of those at the top, when in their present ignorance of possessing something like this, quite happily they are following in the footsteps of the pharmaceutical industry, who for many years by now has been satisfying its shareholders greed for ever bigger profits? Be of good heart, dear Friends, because each one of those who are taking part in this is personally responsible, not only for themselves but also their company. All of them are doing their best to manufacture the rope on which, one after the other, are in the process of quite literally hanging themselves.

Is there anything that can be done to assist these people to realise why every human being, without exception, is taking part in life on the earthly plane? They too need to find out that it is nothing but a school and a place of learning, no more and no less. If only those responsible for your world’s present situation could also be made aware that everything that has ever happened and is doing so, at the moment, is for the wise higher reason of teaching of humankind and every individual within in it, the value of truth.

When these people at last also become aware that the justice of the Highest Forces, many of you like to call them God, is perfect, they too will understand that why. It is because anything that one of you, at any given moment, releases into the Universe, in thoughts, words and actions, in the fullness of time must return to where it came from. This is why we are telling you that the best and simplest way of helping to wake up the spiritual nature of those who, to this day, think nothing of spreading ever more misery, is helping them realise that every one of you at any given moment is personally responsible for the state of your world. The Divine perfect justice mentioned above is based on the Universal law of cause and effect or Karma. It ensures that, in the fullness of time, everything returns to its sender.

Never forget that each one of your world’s troublemakers, scaremongers and profiteers is your sibling in the great family of humankind. Please keep on sending kind, loving and forgiving thoughts to them and anyone else who so far is unaware that what they are doing, in the final analysis they are doing to themselves. It comes about when in due course God’s perfect justice returns to them what they are presently handing out to humankind. And that, without fail is going to happen.

The first part of today’s message is clear evidence that ever more of those on the earthly plane realise that the Aquarian age is not only the age of truth but also the age of rebellion and revolution. The Great Father/Mothers love and wisdom know no bounds and, as touched upon earlier, the Divine justice is perfect. This is because the whole of Creation, including every human being and everything else that shares your world with them, always has been and forever will be ruled by just one law. And that’s the Universal law of cause and effect or Karma which is immensely kind, loving and above all wise.

That’s why everything any one of you sends out, with every thought, word and action, can do nothing but eventually return to where it came from. If this does not happen in your present lifetime, it will surely do so in a future one, as soon as your spirit/soul has matured sufficiently and your lower earthly personality can cope with what’s coming its way. That’s how every human spirit/soul operates and learns on the material plane. Each one is on their own evolutionary spiral and following their plan, taking part in the lessons that have been predestined for them, at any given time.

Ever more of you are aware these days that humankind and your world, for many years by now, have quite literally been walking the tightrope of a spiritual watershed that sorts the wheat from the chaff for the whole of humankind. We, the Angels and Masters of the Christ Circle, and countless numbers of spirit guides who are serving us, are the eyes that never sleep or even rest. Everybody’s behaviour on the material plane shows quite clearly to which category they belong, whether they qualify to be called wheat, or still belong to the chaff category.

We always have been and forever will constantly keep a watchful eye, so to speak, on everything that takes place in the outer material plane of our whole world. For as long as it exists, this will continue. After all, we are the executors of the Divine evolutionary plan. In keeping with it, we are in charge of bringing everything into being that exists in the whole of Creation and attending to every detail of its development. Naturally, this applies to the whole of humankind, every individual within it. This applies whether someone is at present taking part in the earthly school of life’s lesson or resting with us in the spirit realm.

The behaviour of every human being shows us, beyond any shadow of a doubt, whose energies are suitable for moving forward on the evolutionary spiral of humankind and its world and taking part in the new golden age, doing all they can to bring it about. But for the moment, let’s return to those whose behaviour reveals that their energies will not be suitable for continuing their educational curriculum on Mother Earth, when her transformation is complete.

The new lower personality of these people will be reincarnating on the new planet. For quite some time it has been prepared to replace Mother Earth’s in her role of an educational institute. In the course of many lifetimes spent on the new planet, the spirit/souls who at present still are spiritually young and inexperienced, will also slowly but surely evolve into Christed ones, each in their own right. The same as you have done on Mother Earth.

It is what happened to all whose energies are ready for taking part and contributing to Mother Earth’s new golden age. One of these ages comes round at the end of each Great Year approx. every 25,920 years. For Mother Earth it be the final instalment of serving us as a training ground for her very own young Gods in the making. Never doubt that every human being is one of those, independent of how far anyone’s evolutionary development has progressed so far.

Never forget that earthly life is very similar to the stage of a grand theatre. Everything that ever has happened and still is doing so, served the wise higher purpose of teaching humankind the lessons that every one of you needs. And should you be one of the old and experienced spirit/souls whose earthly personality is suffering from what your spiritually young and inexperienced siblings in the great family of humankind, with the greatest of pleasure are inflicting upon you, try not to complain too much about your hardships.

Please be patient because everything that, for some time by now has been taking place in your world is an essential and inevitable aspect of the great watershed and of helping us to sort sorting the wheat from the chaff.
The suffering that some of you at present have to endure, as likely as not, is their way of redeeming some of their most ancient karmic debts in their spiritual ledger. This is how many of you are clearing out their spiritual account. So much suffering in your world, for the time being, is necessary. There is no other way of preparing those who are destined to take part in the new golden age and contribute to it through sharing their special gifts, which have taken many lifetimes to develop.

If you are one of them, like the writer of the first part of today’s message, s/he may have done the same to those around him/her, many lifetimes ago. And that could have been any one of you. That’s why we advise all of you to be careful. Whatever may still have to happen on the earthly lane, know that it will be for the wise higher purpose of teaching humankind the value of truth. Therefore, refuse to sit in judgement over anything.

* * *

From ‘The Very Best Of White Eagle’

God’s Unerring Justice

The essence of an extract from a teaching of the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in Stella Polaris February/March 2018 under the heading ‘The Inner Awakening’: ‘The law of life is love and evolution through love. God is the law and the law is God, whose love and laws pervade and rule every level of the whole of Creation. The Universal laws cannot be influenced by anything that would change their course and corrupt them. They know no punishment or retribution and they do not judge. God’s justice is perfect. Errors or miscarriages of justice are unknown on the inner spiritual levels of life. Every outer manifestation is an extension of the inner ones and therefore has the same qualities and characteristics.

‘The law of Karma is not by any means something negative, as many earthlings believe it to be. It is completely neutral and returns as many good and positive things as negative and evil ones to its sender. The law just is and functions exceedingly well. The only thing it has in mind for humankind is providing opportunities for consciousness expanding experiences that help every one of God’s children of the Earth to grow in wisdom and understanding, whilst redeeming itself and making good where it once sinned.

‘In the whole of Creation there is no such thing as chances, accidents or coincidences. Everything that happens is in keeping with God’s great plan of life and is the result of the law of Karma. In your world this is true for the events that on the surface of life are so tragic and hard to endure. If you had access to the Akashic Records *, you would be able to see for yourself that these occurrences are always the outworking of the Karmic law of cause and effect. In broad outlines their conditions are as similar as possible to those that once set the karmic wheels in motion. This goes for anyone who is directly or indirectly affected by the events and also the groups and nations they belong to. This is how the whole of humankind, individually and collectively, is constantly in the process of redeeming some of its karmic debts.

‘But the story does by no means end here. It is a well known fact in your world that difficult and traumatic times have the power of bringing out the best and noblest qualities in many people. That’s how the infinite wisdom of the Great Father/Mother eventually assists His/Her human children of the Earth with the development of their own Christ nature. Through manifesting it in earthly life good and positive Karma is created that wipes out ever more of your Karmic debts. This is the only way the Universal Christ, not as an outside force but from within your own inner being, in due course can save and redeem each one of you and your world. It is for this reason that some people feel drawn to the rescue services and when the need for it arises, risk and sometimes give their own lives for the sake of others.

‘And because God’s characteristics and powers are also in you, every one of you carries the power within – if only in its slumbering state thus far – for sowing the seeds of a more beautiful and peaceful world. Your present is occupied with attending to your karmic obligations and making every effort to go about it in the right manner. Learning to control your thought processes and living in harmony with God’s Universal laws empowers you to sow the right seeds in our present lifetime. The knowledge of this is the instrument God and the Angels are placing into everyone’s own hands – or rather heart and soul – for making their own contribution towards positively influencing your own future and that of your whole world.

‘In the long run it is irrelevant whether Christianity or any other belief system survives. It’s the Christ spirit in every human heart and soul, in its total and unconditional surrender to its Highest or God Self. Its kindness and goodwill, tolerance and love for all lifeforms is the only authority who can save and redeem each one of us and our world. We, your spirit friends and helpers, are part of it and working on it – together with you on the one hand and with God and the Angels and Masters on the higher and highest levels of life on the other. No-one on their own has any true power, but together with them makes us so strong and powerful that anything can be done and performing miracles is easy.

‘And if you are longing to find truth, all you have to do is gain access to the wise one, the living God within you. On that level of consciousness the meaning of God’s love is known and you are meant to use the knowledge we are bringing you about it in your everyday life. In words, thoughts and actions show the people around you how they too can find their own way to God’s light, i.e. wisdom and knowledge. Encourage them to do their share of preparing for a golden harvest on the Earth by sharing the seeds that are coming their way with as many as possible.

‘Keep the glorious vision of the new golden age in mind and do not allow anything to deter you and do not be disappointed when you see but a few results of your work. Hold steadfast onto the vision that we are giving you about the age of love and peace, wisdom and truth, that is sure to come into being as ever more of you desire it and willingly and unselfishly work on making their contribution to bringing your new world into being. And because God is in everything and at all times is manifests Him/Herself through the Universal laws, in the fullness of time perfection and joy will come to your world through everyone’s own efforts.

‘You will then be experiencing a life that none of you can as yet imagine, even in your wildest dreams. It is going to be a life of beauty and joy, health and harmony and the love that is the supreme ruler of the spirit spheres. They are spheres of pure light and beauty that are far beyond the world of desires of your present existence and the astral worlds. Spiritually, knowledge is light and ignorance darkness. Peace be with each one of you as you journey onward into the light of full conscious awareness. There is nothing to fear. God, the Angels and we are with each one of you, holding your hands, giving of our courage and strength, and showing the way whenever someone asks for it. As everybody is required to do their share of the work involved, do your best to spread the good news we are bringing you.

‘Whenever you wish to find out whether someone is telling you the truth, go to your inner guidance. It knows the way of all things and will never lead you astray. Naturally, this also applies to the knowledge you receive from us.’

* * *

From ‘Our World In Transition’

Do Not Judge

Refuse to find fault with those who limp
Or stumble along the road,
Unless you have walked a mile in their shoes
And struggled under their load.

There may be tacks in their shoes that hurt,
But are hidden from your view,
And if their cross were on your back,
You’d probably stumble, too.

Don’t sneer at anyone who is down today,
Unless you have experienced the blow
That caused their fall and felt the shame
That only the fallen know.

You may be strong now, but if the blows
They received were dealt to you
In the same way,
You might stagger, too.

Don’t be harsh with those who sin
Or pelt them with words and stones,
Unless you are sure, yes twice sure,
That you have no sins of your own.

For who knows, if your lower self’s voice
Whispered as sweetly to you,
As it did to them before they went astray,
It might cause you to falter, too.

Wise ones count their blessings
And thank their lucky stars for no longer
Needing lessons of the same nature.
Aware that every one of their
Thoughts, words and actions
Travels round in a circle and returns to them,
Enriched with more of what’s been sent out,
They abstain from judging others,
For they do not wish their vibrations to draw
People with judgemental attitudes
Towards themselves.

Only being able to ever see one side of anything they observe and that beyond a shadow of doubt everything that happens in our world is part of the redemption of someone’s karmic debts and life lessons, frequently of many people, wise ones refuse to judge anything at face value. They know that the things that are ugly and evil are manifestations of their unevolved state, and that each one of them is on its way of slowly but surely – and that may take many human earthly lifetimes – being transformed into something that’s good, right and beautiful.

This is why these sages have no need for wasting the precious energies of the lifeforce within them on complaining, whinging and moaning, getting angry and upset about the present state of our world. They prefer to spend it on looking at and contemplating on the many things and people that have already reached much higher evolutionary levels. Aware that this assists their own spiritual development as well as that of our world, wherever they are they are doing their best to bring more of it into being.

As ever, there is more to this than meets the eye. Our world is one of dualities and consists of two streams of thought or consciousness that are in polar opposition to each other. One is of goodness and light and the other of darkness and destruction. Both are equally creative and in our world their manifestations are good or evil. As co-creators with God, through every one of our thoughts, words and actions we are constantly in the process of creating something. Our thoughts create our reality and are feeding either into the stream of goodness and light or of evil and darkness. Even the smallest contributions increase their power and strength. If we are among the lamenters who can only see the dark side of our world, our thoughts as well as written and spoken words of complaint about its state are dragging us further into the dungeon of depression. It acts like a quagmire that pulls those affected ever deeper into the dark side of themselves and our world.

The resulting darkness, if left unattended and unresolved, is stored in the memories of our soul each time we leave our physical body behind at the end of another earthly lifetime. The lower self has no idea that its soul is calling out ever louder that it is in need of healing. Suppressing depressive symptoms with the products of the pharmaceutical industry merely delays what is truly required. With the help of these chemicals we are going to bring the darkness, that is entirely of our own making, with us into every new lifetime. When depression hits us then, we cannot understand for the life of us why this should be happening to us.

This is bound to continue until we bravely face our depression and seriously get to work on it. And that’s an extremely scary enterprise, but we do not have to do this on our own. Far from it! God and the Angels are part of us and with us at all times. Not only are they aware of our suffering, they are suffering with us. All we have to do is ask for their help. It will never be denied to anyone who requests it. So why not get on with it, now and see what happens?

And that is why wise ones at all times look at the bright side of things. They concentrate on that which is good, right and beautiful in our world and the good that is in every human being. They know that even if it may exist only in seedform in someone so far, it is there. The evolutionary law of life will see to it that it wakes up when the time is right for this to happen. Such kind and loving thoughts and words are feeding into the stream of light and adding to its strength. They also have the power of igniting the Divine spark in those around us and assist their awakening to come about more easily than it would otherwise have done.

* * *

From ‘The Very Best Of White Eagle’

You Only See One Side Of The Picture

The following is the essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides under the above heading, which appeared in Stella Polaris, the bi-monthly magazine of the White Eagle Lodge June/July 2011: ‘Because God is the designer of the great plan of life and of every small plan within it, S/He sees all sides of any picture. This applies to individuals as much as groups and nations, and all manner of institutions and organisations. God is all loving, giving and forgiving and whatever your heart truly desires is given unto you, so that you may enjoy it and also learn something from it. If it’s violence, warfare and acts of terrorism your heart yearns for, you are allowed to get on with it – though only up to a certain point.

‘Your wish will be granted, but unknown to you at a price, because the law of cause and effect, also known as the law of Karma, in the fullness of time returns every one of your thoughts, words and actions in some way to you. For example, in one of your future lifetimes, maybe while you are still a small child, you could become the victim of an act of terrorism. The people around you would then be thinking and saying how terrible your death is. Whenever they see suffering, perhaps mangled bodies and death caused by mindless acts of violence, they are likely to ask: ‘Why should this kind of thing happen to innocent souls who have no idea why they have to suffer?’ Everything that takes place in your world is of a karmic nature. Good and bad events alike have their origin in that which was done by the people involved in their previous lifetimes.

‘For a long time the earthly mind of all human beings is ignorant of anything that does not relate to its present existence. Yet, as each one moves along the evolutionary spiral of life, their soul gradually develops some wisdom and understanding. And if you could watch the spiritual enlightenment that can be found in any kind of suffering, you would recognise that the misery in truth is a precious gift and that there is every reason for being grateful for it. Your heart would fill with even more gratitude if you could see how merciful God is and how the end of every catastrophe is invariably crowned with something beautiful. A just reward waits for everyone who is affected by them, not only when they arrive in the world of light, but also in their future lifetimes on the Earth, unless all their Karma has been cleared away and they will be allowed to move on to experiences of a higher nature.

‘Compensation is one of the five great laws of life and the greatest gift that arises from suffering is undoubtedly soul growth. But it also means paying the debts that are likely to have accumulated in your spiritual bankbook in the course of many lifetimes. Without redeeming yourself and balancing your spiritual account you cannot be released into lessons of a higher nature and exploring other levels of life. You are well on your way when you forgive those who have hurt and wounded you and your loved ones and place everything into the hands of your Christ Self, you are nailing the desires of your lower nature for revenge and retribution to the cross of earthly life. When the only thing you want to do is send love and forgiveness to everybody, independent of what may still have to happen to you and your world, your higher nature has taken over. You are at one with God and for you the gates into the freedom of the Aquarian Age are opening wide.

‘Our Creator’s infinite love and mercy cannot be known for as long as human beings remain unaware of their true nature and the higher purpose of their existence. For as long as they look at things only with their worldly eyes, they can perceive but one side of any picture and so fail to recognise the tender loving care that provides for anyone who is suffering, lonely and afraid. If during the early part of their earthly education, people get involved in a catastrophe or maybe are just watching or assisting with removing dead bodies and clearing away the debris of destroyed dwellings, they will say: ‘Aren’t so much devastation and many deaths just awful and senseless?’ Their view of life changes profoundly when they become aware of the spiritual background of life and that the higher forces are taking care of the souls who have been released from their physical bodies in any kind of way, including violent ones.

‘Although the victims of such incidents may not realise what is happening to them, the most careful provisions are being made for each one. When these newcomers arrive on the other side of the veil of consciousness that separates your world from ours, the only thing they know at first is that they are alive and moving and breathing in a world that seems identical to the one they used to know. They may not even realise that they have left their physical body behind. With great tenderness and care the wise ones in charge help them to realise that they are no longer in a physical existence. They are under constant surveillance by us, your spirit Masters and guides, until they have become fully aware of their present state. We delight in witnessing their intense joy and thankfulness for the ease of their move into our world. This is the usual first reaction of those who are finding out that it our realm is as solid and real as the physical world, but much more beautiful and easy to live in.

‘The most tender love watches over the whole of humankind at all times and this does not merely become visible when someone dies. This kind of care has always been with you and forever will be. God and the group of Angels known as the Lords of Karma, as well as many lesser beings in our world are empowered to bring about the conditions that are beneficial for the development of those taking part in earthly life. Although our efforts cannot be perceived by earthly eyes and senses, we only work for that which is good. So, if in future you hear about or witness a disaster, do not wring your hands and say: ‘How terrible! How could God permit such a thing?’ Resist the temptation and remind yourself that you have no idea about the karmic background of anything.

‘To paraphrase words from the Jesus legend: ‘Let those among you who are free from sin, cast the first stone.’ As soon as any kind of situation is viewed from the Karmic angle, it would be most unwise for anyone to pick up a stone, never mind throwing it. And would you dare to throw a stone of condemnation towards the young and inexperienced souls, who are committing such acts? After all, aren’t they your siblings in the family of humankind, your younger brothers and sisters? What they are doing is part of the early phases of humankind’s earthly curriculum, just the same as you had to experience in past lifetimes. Never forget that all of it is provided by God’s wisdom and love. There would be no point in asking God and the Angels to forgive any trespassers against the law of love, because they are standing by and know exactly what is happening.

‘It wouldn’t be your place to forgive those who sin, but you may utter to yourself the following words from the Jesus legend: ‘Father, forgive them, for they know not what they are doing’. Truly, they are completely unaware of what they are doing to themselves, just like you did when you were dealing with the same phase of your development. In those days you too would have asked: ‘Why, if God loves His/Her children, are volcanoes and earthquakes permitted? Why, if God loves humankind, are humans allowed to go to war and commit acts of terrorism?’

‘Humankind will at last find peace when the majority of earthly selves realise that they themselves are the cause of everything that has ever happened on the earthly plane and that’s true for what is taking place at any given time. It could not be any other way because the Universal laws work with the greatest precision. There is an abundance of everything on the Earth. Alas, only through the lack of something can humankind learn to appreciate the value of things. That’s why sometimes periods when rain is withheld are necessary; they teach people the value of water. The same principle applies to war and peace, but even if the lust for warmongering lasts six thousand years, as that of the patriarchy, in God’s time it is merely like the batting of an eyelid.’

* * *

The King’s New Clothes

Last but by no means least, we would like to remind you of the literary folktale of ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’. It was written by the Danish author Hans Christian Anderson, 2 April 1805 – 4 August 1875. This story deals with a vain emperor who gets exposed to what he really is before his subjects. By now this story has been translated into over 100 languages. Variations of it have been adopted for use in numerous other works and the title has also become an idiom. Danny Kaye sung about it in one of his films and it was adapted as follows:

This is the story of the King’s new clothes.
Now there was once a king who was absolutely insane about
new clothes and one day, two swindlers came to sell him what
they said was a magic suit of clothes. Now, they held up this
particular garment and they said, ‘Your Majesty, this is a magic suit.’
Well, the truth of the matter is, there was no suit at all.
But the swindlers were very smart, and they said:
‘Your Majesty, to a wise man this is a beautiful raiment
but to a fool it is absolutely invisible.’

Naturally, the King not wanting to appear a fool, said:
‘Isn’t it grand! Isn’t it fine! Look at the cut, the style, the line!
The suit of clothes is altogether, but altogether it’s altogether
The most remarkable suit of clothes that I have ever seen.
These eyes of mine at once determined
The sleeves are velvet, the cape is ermine
The hose are blue and the doublet is a lovely shade of green
Somebody send for the Queen’

Well they sent for the Queen and they quickly explained to her
about the magic suit of clothes. And naturally,
the Queen not wanting to appear a fool, said:
‘Well, isn’t it oh! Isn’t it rich! Look at the charm of every stitch!
The suit of clothes is altogether, but altogether it’s altogether
The most remarkable suit of clothes that I have ever seen
These eyes of mine at once determined
The sleeves are velvet, the cape is ermine
The hose are blue and the doublet is a lovely shade of green
Summon the court to convene’

Well the court convened, and you never saw in your life
as many people as were at that court. All the ambassadors,
the dukes, the earls, the counts, it was just packed with people,
and they were all told about the magic suit of clothes.
And after they were told they
naturally didn’t want to appear fools and so they said:

‘Isn’t it ohhh! Isn’t it ahhh! Isn’t it absolutely wheee!
The suit of clothes is altogether, but altogether, it’s altogether
The most remarkable suit of clothes a tailor ever made
Now quickly, put it altogether
With gloves of leather and hat and feather
It’s altogether the thing to wear in Saturday’s parade
Leading the royal brigade.’

Now Saturday came and the streets were just
lined with thousands and thousands and thousands of people.
And they all were cheering as the artillery came by,
the infantry marched by,
the cavalry galloped by.
And everybody was cheering like mad.
Except one little boy. You see, he hadn’t heard about
the magic suit and didn’t know what he was supposed to see.
Well, as the King came by,
the little boy looked and, horrified, said:

‘Look at the King! Look at the King!
Look at the King, the King, the King!
The King is in the altogether, but altogether, the altogether.
He’s altogether as naked as the day that he was born.
The King is in the altogether, but altogether, the altogether
It’s altogether the very least the King has ever worn.

Summon the court physician! Call an intermission!
His majesty is wide open to ridicule and scorn.
The King is in the altogether, but all together, the altogether
He’s altogether as naked as the day that he was born
And it’s altogether too chilly a morn!

* * *

From ‘The Greatest Healing Miracle – Ever’

With love and light,

* * *

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