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Miracles And Wonders (43)
Miracles And Wonders (43)

Miracles And Wonders (43)


Message From The Angels And Masters Of The Christ Circle

There Is No Death

Today is the 22nd September 2022 and the Sun in the sky above your world is entering into Libra, the zodiac’s peacemaking sign. Independent of how far any human being, at any given moment, has got on their long evolutionary journey, a high and holy destiny awaits each one. It is because every one of you, without exception, is a young God in the making. Yes, this also applies to your world’s present troublemakers and scaremongers! As explained before, their spirit/souls in their next lifetime of experiencing the lessons of the material plane, will be doing this by reincarnating on a less highly evolved planet that suits their energies. There the spiritual youngsters’ educational program will continue without interruption.

And this is how, many lifetimes ahead, they too will have evolved into a Christed one, each in their own right, the same as many of you on Mother Earth by now have. When life on the new planet can teach them no more, their energies will be right for being released into the greater freedom of the spirit realm. Through exploring they will get to know the next higher level that will await them then. Ever higher levels will follow after at first one. This continues until another human being has reached the top and evolved into one of the Masters of the Christ Circle, the throne of the Highest. In keeping with the Divine great evolutionary plan of life, assisted by many spirit friends and helpers, they too will then be able to create whole new worlds and all manifestations of life within them. When that world is no longer of any use, they will be able to destroy it and start working on another one.

* * *

From ‘Comfort For The Bereaved’

Death, The Great Enemy

The following is the essence of two teachings from the White Eagle group of spirit guides. The first one appeared in ‘The Way of the Sun’: ‘Far too many of you to this day believe that death is humankind’s greatest enemy on its journey through earthly life. You are afraid of it only for as long as you are unaware that the physical body’s death is nothing more than one of the Angels of transfiguration, sent by the Great Father/Mother of all life and their only born Son/Daughter, to remove your spirit/soul to our realm. For as long as you think that the false beliefs, superstitions and prejudices of your world’s old belief systems are literally true, you will try to cling as much as possible to your material existence.

‘Obviously, this creates serious obstacles when for another one of you the moment has come when its spirit/soul is ready to be taken home by one of our Angels of transfiguration. Whenever one of them wants to release that person’s spirit/soul into our realm, the earthly self resists but only for as long as it is unaware that this is humankind’s true eternal home. Every one of you emerges from it at the beginning of each lifetime of taking part in another one of the earthly school of life’s lessons. When this has been attended to sufficiently, one of our Angels of transfiguration wants to set the earthly personality’s spirit/soul free. This enables them once again to enjoy the greater freedom that’s possible when you no longer need a physical body as a vehicle for getting about.

‘There is no other place than our realm for any human being to go to. And as soon as another one of you has arrived in our realm, once again their spirit/soul knows from its own experiences that the death of its physical body truly is humankind’s best friend. Around six thousand years of patriarchy with its all-male God-head and many other beliefs that were far removed from the truth, served the wise higher purpose of teaching humankind the value of truth. The Aquarian age is the age of truth and the deeper humankind moves into this age, the more truth is returning to your world. That’s why ever more of you, for some time by now, have been finding out that the physical body’s death is humankind’s enemy is most certainly not true.

‘Alas, those who are aware of this and therefore no longer are afraid of leaving the earthly plane behind, may still be afraid of spiritually being lonely there. We assure you that there is no need for this either, because none of you is ever truly on their own. Many spirit friends and helpers are constantly accompanying you and those who were dear to you on the earthly plane, do not go away when their spirit/soul slips from its physical body.

‘They will always be close to you and that’s because they are one with you and a part of you. They are familiar with what you are thinking and that is true for everybody else in our realm. Even what people on the material plane think of as their most secret thoughts, it’s as if they were being shouted from the rooftops in our world. They can see that you are not grieving excessively because you have lost the material aspect of their being.

‘Observing how you enjoy the knowledge that the loved ones spirit/soul is alive and well, in our realm, releases them into making the most of the greater freedom that’s possible when the outer shell of the physical body has been shed. In their present state their love for you is much more powerful than it ever was when you were still together in the material world. In your thoughts you can still communicate with them and ask for their help and advice, whenever you need it.

‘All life is one and because for a long time the mind of the small earthly self cannot comprehend that there are other dimensions of life that bring everything on the material plane into being and maintain it, this does not mean they do not exist. They are eternal and will never go away, unlike the fleeting temporary realities of humankind’s earthly existence. People in our world think too much about time. They believe that they have only so much of it for carrying out certain tasks and accomplishing the things they would like to do.

‘This is altogether a wrong way of perceiving your present existence. All Eternity is yours and if you are reading what we are saying here and understand it, for you the time has come to start viewing your life from the perspective of your spirit/soul and that life will eternally be yours. Through this your consciousness expands and you develop the quality of your higher God or Christ nature, which in the course of many earthly lifetimes evolves into an ever more glorious light.

‘There is no death, only a stepping onward to a more beautiful existence that constantly takes you closer to your Creator, the Great Father/Mother of all life and their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ Spirit. Get rid of the idea of here and there, Heaven and Earth as separate from each other, because life is one eternal whole and there is no separation between anything. The more you conduct your daily life in keeping with the spiritual laws, the more you will be growing in spirit and tasting – at first only in many small and simple ways – a steadily increasing awareness of the manifestations of life, on other planes, that might still be invisible to earthly eyes.

‘No longer will you then regard death as something to dread. The knowledge that you will never be dead, but alive and well, constantly moving forwards and upwards on your individual evolutionary spiral will help to dissolve your lower earthly self’s fear of death. You will then know that death does not change you in any way and that when you leave behind your physical body, underneath you are wearing another one that acts like a garment. And that’s the body of light which you yourself have been creating in previous lifetimes and the one you will take with you into Eternity, when the end of your present earthly sojourn has come around.

‘Never forget that, even if the span of a human lifetime should last one hundred years or more, that still would be nothing but the blinking of an eyelid in eternal terms, God’s time. And for each one of you it won’t be long until you also know from first hand experience that there really is no death and that your loved ones are alive and well. It was just that they transformed into a more harmonious state of life that offers more opportunities for evolutionary development and self-expression for them.

‘Life is eternal, continual and timeless, ever growing, evolving and expanding, filled with increasingly interesting things and activities. The more you unfold on the earthly plane and develop spiritually, the more you will be able to take possession of the wonderful life that exists in its spiritual background, even while you are still taking part in life on the material plane. Obeying the Divine law of love will enable you to ever more enter into the glory of Universal spirit life. When your whole being is filled with nothing but love for your Creator and His/Her Creation, as well as faith and trust in the great plan of life, you have every reason to courageously look forward to the future and the hope in your heart will increase, with the passing of time.

‘The evolutionary period is not far away when the veil, which for so long has separated your material world from our spirit realm, will disappear altogether. Our realm inter-penetrates with the earthly plane. The separation between the two has only ever existed in humankind’s earthly minds. In your imagination come to our world as often as possible, for whenever you visualise it you are taking part in it. Through the vibrations you will then be giving forth, you can be of greater use to the human race and also feel a deeper beautiful happiness within.

‘Try it out for yourself and you will soon know that there is nothing to fear when you step over the border into our realm of light, honesty and truth. And whenever you are in difficulties of any kind, turn to the wise one or living God within you. Close its doors against the lower mind’s intrusion and emotional responses. As soon as your spirit/soul is still, our light soon comes to your help.

‘In all your endeavours you never work alone. The Angels and Masters and many other spirit friends and helpers are constantly watching over you. We know you and everything you do. We are pouring our compassion and love into you to bring you healing on all levels of your being, mentally and physically, as well as spirit/soul. Love that expresses itself as wisdom is the greatest power of Creation because it creates light and radiates it into everything that is in need of healing and comfort. Each one of you has their own Master in our realm. Picture yours as a powerful light, a beautiful personality with a gentle spirit whose aura is reaching out to touch and restore you at all times.’

* * *

The second teaching is from ‘The Way to the Age of Spirit – The Lightbringer’: ‘We shall never get tired of telling you that there really is no death. When you have passed what in the early stages of your earthly education appears to be a great barrier, you will know that this is true. As soon as you have returned to our realm, at first you might think to yourself: ‘Am I dead? I did not feel anything and I haven’t changed one bit.’ There really is no difference because all you have done is your spirit/soul leaving its physical body behind.

‘You took that body off like a garment because it had outlived its usefulness and therefore no longer of interest to you. That is all physical death means because every human being is truly an eternal being of light. That’s what you are today and also in all Eternity. The more you consciously work on bringing forth that which is good, right and beautiful in your nature, the more light enters your whole being, in two different ways. The first one is light in the literal sense, which every human being absorbs in the course of each earthly lifetime from its source, the Universal Christ’s light whose spirit consists of nothing but love. The wisdom and knowledge that’s gained in the course of these lifetimes, is light in the form of enlightenment.

‘The more you consciously attend to this, the more you will be able to enjoy the generous gifts the Great Father/Mother of all life has in mind for every human being. And that’s why every human being is steadily moving forwards and upwards. Each is doing this on their own individual evolutionary spiral, which is part of the one for the whole of humankind and your world. To this day, a veil of consciousness still separates the material and the spiritual aspects of your world from each other. For a long time it has been in the process of disappearing. One of these days, it will have gone forever. That’s when the new golden age will be with you.’

Updated September 2022

* * *

From ‘Comfort For The Bereaved’

There Is No Death

The following is the essence of two different teachings of the White Eagle group of spirit guides. The first one is an extract from a talk at a Remembrance Service that appeared in ‘The Way of the Sun’: ‘There is no death. Of what are you afraid? You may look upon an empty shell or a chrysalis and say: ‘This is death!’ We say: ‘No, this is not death. It is rebirth and a renewal of life, which always continues. It always has been and forever will continue to do so.’ We, who have passed the great initiation called death before you, can come to you because of the love you are giving us is creating a bridge.

‘God, the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, has so created you and your bodies – the physical and the higher ones – in a way that in due course gives you the power to communicate with those you love in our world, the world of spirit and light, your true home. Each one of you possesses the material to construct their own bridge between your physical world and the dimensions of the higher ethers. We have crossed the bridge that connects our two worlds before you and are now trying to teach you how to join us in full consciousness.

‘Together with us, your spirit companions, each one of you can be a builder of bridges between you and the higher dimensions of life whilst still taking part in it on the earthly plane. The wherewithal for these constructions you all carry within and that’s the love in your hearts. Those who have accomplished the task of building this bridge can see for themselves that the Angels and Masters of the Christ Circle are with you to inspire and assist you with anything you may have to encounter in your present existence. This, however, does not mean that anyone can shift their responsibilities onto them. It’s up to you to conduct your lives in keeping with the Divine laws of the Universe.

‘Some people seem to think they can sit back and let God and the Angels do this work for them, but that is not the case. Each one of you is on the Earth to learn about God’s true nature and their own, and to find out how the Divine manifests itself in earthly life, once its spark within awakes from its slumber. Only through your own daily experiences can you learn to express it by acting and reacting with great care and love, kindness and thoughtfulness. Lip service is never good enough when it comes to concerns of the spirit.’

The second teaching is from a White Eagle Message from the Star Link 7.12.2013: ‘Love is the law of life and the greatest force in the whole of Creation. In love and on the inner level of life there is no separation, all is one. Your loved ones are not dead. Your love for each other has created a bond between you that nothing and no-one will ever be able to destroy. They have not gone from you and contact with them is always possible for you in your thoughts and meditations.

‘You are on the Earth plane to rediscover the awareness that life is eternal and ever renewing itself. God, the Great Father/Mother of all life, is love and loves each one of you totally and unconditionally. And when you become aware that there really is a great plan in which everything has its place and unfolds in its allocated time, and that you will always be safe wherever you may be, you can do nothing but love your Creator with your whole being. Every human spirit and soul is part of God and immortal, and in God’s consciousness there is no such thing as death. Because your loved ones are alive in that love, where your spirit self dwells, they are always with you and will never leave you.’

* * *

From ‘Comfort For The Bereaved’

Heavenly Breezes

The following is the essence of the Monday Thought 23.05.2016 from the White Eagle group of spirit guides: ‘A woman once came to us and said: ‘It’s all very well what you are saying about our loved ones in the world of light, but I do not want to perceive my dear departed husband in some kind of spirit robes. I shall only be happy when I can see him once more in his tweeds wielding a golf club.’ We, your guides from the spirit world, understand her point of view. Do not think of us as unsympathetic, but if you lift your eyes above earthly things like tweeds and golf clubs, you will be able see all your loved ones in the shining robes they are wearing now.

‘What you will be seeing is their spirit and that is the part of them you have always loved, even though at times their behaviour towards you left much to be desired. The spirit is everybody’s eternal and lovable part, not merely of your nearest and dearest. It’s the aspect of human nature that unfortunately all too frequently remains hidden behind the façade of the small earthly self’s character traces. During the early stages of everyone’s earthly education this part has to remain invisible. None of you was ever born an Angel. In all human beings the higher angelic or rather Christ nature can only begin to grow and evolve with the passing of time.

‘Whenever you perceive the presence of someone’s spirit self, you may feel their touch like a gentle heavenly breeze on your face, hands or arms. You could then be tempted to brush it away and push to one side the feelings this evokes in you, thinking to yourself: ‘Here we go, it’s my imagination working overtime again.’ Don’t be too sure that this is the case, yet remain wise and balanced. Be open and receptive to the heavenly breezes and the light that is the white garment. You too will be wearing it in the fullness of time when you have joined your loved ones on the other side of the veil of consciousness that separates your world from ours. The light and the breeze are part of the gentle touch and the comforting sweet music of the Heavens, the higher levels of life.’

* * *

From ‘Comfort For The Bereaved’

Sunshine On A Rainy Day

The essence of two more teachings from the White Eagle group of spirit guides. The first one is under the heading ‘Have No Fear’ in Stella Polaris Oct/Nov 2003: ‘A sorrow can be likened to a rainy day when the Sun’s light and warmth breaks through the clouds shines onto rain that’s still falling somewhere and a rainbow appears in all its glory. This also happens many times in human lives. Look to the light of the Great Father/Mother and their only born Son/Daughter, the Christ Star. Know that from them can come nothing but the best and the highest, that your loved ones are in their care and their love for them is greater than yours could ever hope to be.’

‘We are aware that many have to endure much suffering before they are allowed to depart from earthly life. It would help their development if they became aware that all human afflictions are not ancestral curses or were thrown upon people by a vengeful God. They themselves bring them about through faulty thinking and behaviour patterns, either in their present lifetime or previous ones, probably both. * Accepting this concept is helpful for the learning and healing process. It shows that you understand and have grown in wisdom because you are taking responsibility for yourself and everything that is in your life. It enables you to forgive yourself and ask anyone you have hurt and wounded in past lifetimes, wherever they may be now, for their forgiveness.

‘All kinds of suffering cleanses human souls of the shadows of the past and makes good the spiritual debts that were incurred and left behind in previous lifetimes. This redemption combined with forgiveness brings the desired healing and peace. And that eventually sets you free to apply for another earthly sojourn in which you can practise kindliness and goodwill towards Mother Earth and all her kingdoms, and looking for the good in all people and situations. Sending nothing but positive thoughts and vibrations into your world empowers you to consciously add to the Universal positive stream of consciousness and that of your world.

‘At the end of such lifetimes, when someone’s moment of departure not only from the earthly plane but also from the need for a continuation of their education in the material world has come, they are rewarded with the happy ending of the great initiation into the spirit world and the full consciousness of God’s love. This state of bliss, commonly known in your world as Heaven, is one of the most beautiful experiences imaginable. We too went through it when our earthly education had run its course, the same as many of you are presently experiencing.

‘That’s how we can tell you that there really is no death and that it’s but a very thin veil that separates those on the Earth plane from the ones who are already in our world. They are still alive, just the way they were when you knew them. Because they have left their physical bodies behind, their spirit is flying freely. Therefore there are much happier than it ever was possible during their times in the physical state of being. With earthly eyes you will never be able to see anyone in our world, even though in its own way the body in which they are presently moving about is as real and solid as yours. The great hope of your loved ones is that their friends and families on the other side of the veil will awaken into the awareness of the spiritual background of earthly life while they are still taking part in it.

‘In your world it can be extremely difficult to see that our Creator is indeed the God of love and that the life you have been given is a good one. This is not the case from our perspective and we would like to give you an example of some of the beautiful things that happen in our world. Souls who newly arrive here may at first feel a little strange. But each time a loved one is thinking of them in earthly life, a ray of warm golden light reaches them that tells them that a loved one is thinking of them. This is particularly strong when someone thinks of departed ones with joy and says: ‘I know you are alive and happy. Knowing it brings me contentment and happiness. Go forward into the life that is now yours, beloved. I know that there is a great deal of work waiting for you.’ By thinking along these lines, you in earthly life can do a great deal for your loved ones in our world.

‘When it comes to applying for another lifetime on the Earth while resting in our world, human souls are like the sailors of your world. After a while of being at home, they long for distant horizons. When these have been explored sufficiently, they yearn for home, mother and other loved ones. We hope that what we are telling you here will help you, when for you the moment of departure from your earthly existence has come, to let go and willingly reach for the hand of the Angel who has been sent to take you home.

Hopefully, after heaving read what we are telling you here, you will no longer think of Earth life as a vale of sadness and tears, but recognise it for what it truly always has been. It is a vast exercise ground that at all times is flowing over with golden opportunities for human beings to grow in wisdom and understanding, each through their own consciousness expanding experiences. Supporting you the way we are doing here furthers the evolutionary pathway of each one of us and our whole group, the White Eagle group of spirit guides.

From ‘The Gentle Brother’ Stella Polaris Oct/Nov 2003: ‘We know how difficult it is for you not to be sorrowful and mourn about the loss of loved ones. Our task is to help ever more of you to become aware of their life in the spirit world. Do not think of them as being separated from you. It is only the lack of their physical body that creates an impression of separateness. Yet, in truth all life is one and there is no separation between anything. Your thoughts can reach your loved ones and the happier they are, the more content they are.

‘Our spirit world is a beautiful place and having arrived in it, your loved ones are finding themselves in most agreeable circumstances. Knowing this will surely help you realise that there is no need for grieving, merely rejoicing. When you wish you could help your loved ones in some way, think of them with nothing but happiness. Each time you rise to meet them in spirit and in a communion of light, you are blessing them and are being blessed.

‘Every rainbow in earthly life is a special blessing and a benediction that brings healing to all who are seeing it and also the soul of your whole world. It is a gift from the Spirit of the Universal Christ, the spiritual Sun behind the Sun in the sky above you. And every drop of rain that falls from it is a manifestation of a tear someone in your world is shedding. Each drop clears away a bit of the suffering that caused the tear.’

* * *

From ‘The Very Best Of White Eagle’

In The Name Of Love

The following is the essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides from the book ‘Spiritual Unfoldment’, which was first published in the 1940s: ‘The law of life is love and in the course of many lifetimes every human being is destined to evolve into a young God and that is someone who loves God’s way, totally, unconditionally and above all wisely and being able to give without expecting anything in return. However, in the early stages of your earthly education you frequently misunderstand sentiment as love. During that phase of your development you try to cover your weaknesses and faults by saying that you are doing things in the name of love.

‘Alas, for as long as you are blinded in this way you cannot yet perceive the true needs of those around you, i.e. their spiritual requirement for learning, each through their own experiences, so that through this you grow in understanding and wisdom. This prevents you from giving real service. It causes you to give foolishly in ways that indulge the other one and indirectly your own selfishness. This brings to mind devoted parents who give their children everything they demand, in the belief that what they are doing is an expression of their love. Instead of creating opportunities through which their offspring can learn and grow, such parents are robbing their youngsters of the means for self-development and self-expression.

‘More highly evolved parents are aware that the Great Mother allows all Her children to come to their own decisions and make their own mistakes, so they can learn from them and do better next time round. Being a wise parent does not mean you are cold and indifferent towards your children. Quite the opposite is true. Your love is so great and you are so wise that you recognise your children’s requirement for experiencing life, each in its own unique and special way. The greatest gift any parent can give their offspring is as early as possible encouraging them to come to their own conclusions and make their own decisions. When you have learnt to love God’s way, you will know when to give and when to withhold something and for how long, as this helps your child to learn how to appreciate the value of things.

‘Too many sweets in more than one sense can be the cause of severe bilious attacks! If you indulge those around you and give them all they want, mistaking this to be love, in due course you are likely to create a spiritual bilious attack that will be as uncomfortable for your loved ones as for you. Human motherly love with its maternal instincts in its lowest form expresses itself as possessiveness that has its roots in selfishness. Experiencing this is an inevitable part of humankind’s early earthly education.

‘The higher you move on the evolutionary spiral of life, the more the caring and nurturing Divine aspects of maternal love in both women and men come to the fore of their consciousness and gradually take over their whole being. This kind of love is creative and endlessly giving. It manifests itself in the creation of every new life. In the long evolutionary process that follows each birth Divine love constantly endeavours to assist its creation to become ever more beautiful and perfect. In the case of human beings this is achieved when all aspects of their nature are integrated and working together peacefully and harmoniously, the way they are doing in God.

‘As you mature into spiritual adulthood, you are familiar with your own true nature and why you are taking part in earthly life. In your lifetimes as women or men in which you play the role of a parent, you no longer look at your children as your property. You know that they are not of you, but merely have come through you. This awareness makes it easier for you to steer the youngsters in your charge in the right direction. Because you realise that your children are on the Earth for the same reasons that you are, if their natural gifts are different from your interests and inclinations, you would not dream of forcing them to follow in your footsteps. Aware that their talents, like yours, are likely to have taken many lifetimes to develop and that with the necessary encouragement in this one they may fully unfold, you do your best to support your children.

‘In some of your lifetimes you appear as a man and on other occasions as a woman. Depending on your Karma and what kind of life lessons are most beneficial for you, you are sometimes required to act the part of a father or a mother. And how does your mind react when you realise that in some of your lifetimes you could have been the son or daughter of the person who is your child in this one? So, enjoy your children as gifts for a time, the same as everything else you are allowed access to in your earthly existence. Glorify and protect Mother Earth, dear Friends, as one of the many physical and spiritual manifestations of the Great Mother of all life. Each one of you, women and men alike, are another one.’

* * *

From ‘The Very Best Of White Eagle’

A Vision To Hold At This Time

The following is the essence of two White Eagle teachings. The first one appeared in ‘Stella Polaris’ August/September 2005: ‘We, your guides in the spirit world, are seeing a glorious future for humankind, when injustices have been righted and all those present have learned to conduct their lives in keeping with God’s laws and the way of wisdom. We perceive a natural and beautiful coming together of all nations who are united in one great family. The time is coming when your race has understood its responsibilities towards everything that shares its world and especially the animal kingdom. An expansion of consciousness lies ahead when every human being will be capable of looking beyond the ends of their noses and even the astral planes to the celestial world where the Universal Christ with His/Her Angels and all other companies of the Highest are dwelling.

‘Those who to this day insist on holding other nations and their people in subjection will gradually be withdrawn from earthly life and there will be an end to powerseeking, dominion and empire building, persecution and warmongering. Everybody will be occupying their rightful place in the country that once was created for them by their own group spirit and soul. Although each country has its own, in the evolutionary process all of them will gradually merge into one great nation and that is your whole world. There is going to be a growing sense of partnership between the countries in which everybody respects the culture of their neighbours whilst continuing to enjoy its own.

‘This new world is ready and waiting for you beyond the veil that to this day separates your world from ours. Do not doubt and do not fear. Instead live consciously in the company of God’s Angels and Masters, and all other spirit friends and helpers. Do not be misled by the reasoning of your earthly minds and blindfolded by its reactions. They were given to you for good purpose and wise reason and have their place because they provide you with the necessary balance between the earthly plane and the highest realities of life. On the wings of the spiritual knowledge we are bringing you rise above and look beyond the realities of present existence to that which is truly important, namely that which lies behind it with its eternally true values. God bless each one of you with His/Her vision and truth.’

From Stella Polaris Feb/March 2008 ‘Transmutation’: ‘When humankind fully recognises its birthright, there will no longer be any wars and no-one will be subject to disease and poverty. Even death will be overcome when the Christ Spirit, the living God within, has achieved mastery over the cells and atoms of your physical body. In the days to come the powers of the spirit will be so highly developed that you will be able to read at a glance the thoughts of your companions. Yet, no-one will be entrusted with this gift who does not yet know how to treat it with the reverence it deserves.

‘We are explaining these things to help you understand that there is a great need for spiritual growth in every one of you, so that the finer gifts of the spirit can eventually become yours. The more you work selflessly and from a loving heart, the more your vision and perceptiveness of the spirit increases. In the fullness of time the power to heal and all other talents the Master Jesus is said to have possessed in the legend of his life, will also be yours. The highest forces will then be using you as their channel and the legend’s prophecy will come true that even greater miracles than the ones he performed will eventually be worked and that through each one of you.

‘The final and complete overthrow of death is waiting for humankind. Each one of you will discover for themselves that there is no death and that there never will be any. We hear you ask: ‘Do you mean no death of the physical body? But that would be against nature!’ What we mean is not death the way you know it today. When your small earthly self has surrendered itself completely to the Christ Spirit within and you have become a Christed one in your own right, a transmutation of the cells and atoms of your physical body takes place. This will move your whole being onwards and upwards to higher vibrations where decay like that of the Earth plane does not exist.’

Updated March 2016. Considering that some of the earliest White Eagle teachings appeared as far back as 1937, it stands to reason that by now considerable progress in our individual and collective spiritual development has been made. Therefore, it is likely that we are a good bit closer to the above vision becoming a reality in earthly life.

From ‘Comfort For The Bereaved’

* * *

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