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Miracles And Wonders (46)
Miracles And Wonders (46)

Miracles And Wonders (46)


Message From The Angels And Masters Of The Christ Circle

Thoughts For Today 27th September 2022

The Truth : Nothing But The Truth

From ‘Myths And Legends For 'The Aquarian Age’

Fast forward now for about three hundred years to the time when the number of believers in the new tale had grown so strong that it was inevitable that sooner or later a bright spark somewhere would recognise its potential for exploiting it for selfish gains. Clearly, the time for writing it down had come and it did not take long until the Roman emperor, from 306 to 337 AD, Constantine the Great, also known as Constantine I or Saint Constantine recognised that great spiritual and political capital could be made out of the new tale.

Through cleverly manipulating it and applying it to achieve his ends of increased power and possible world domination, Constantine became the first Christian emperor and a significant figure in the history of Christianity. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, built on his orders at the site where Jesus’ tomb in Jerusalem is supposed to have been, soon became the holiest place in Christendom. The Papal claim to temporal power is believed to have been based on the Donation of Constantine. To this day, he is venerated as a saint by Eastern Orthodox Christians, Byzantine Catholics and Anglicans.

There is no need for me to investigate the nature of Constantine’s relationship with the Christian Church here, as Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy in their book ‘The Jesus Mysteries’ have done this much better than I could ever hope to do. The two most relevant chapters of this book have already been shared with you in another part of my jottings under the heading ‘The Great Cover-Up’, shared yesterday.

The research of Freke and Gandy revealed that before a church was set up by Constantine, the early Christians were all Gnostics. The word comes from the Greek gnostikos = learned and gnosis = knowledge. The Gnostics were given this name because they knew that the hero of the then circulating tales about a holy man, who had descended from the highest levels of life to walk the Earth with humankind as its teacher, were just that: stories, no more and no less. The prophets of the sacred texts of old had announced for a very long time that a man would one day appear in our world to save and redeem humankind.

The Gnostics were highly advanced souls who knew that such tales should never be taken literally. They were aware that sacred wisdom and truth in the form of esoteric metaphors and allegories was hiding behind their surface words. They appreciated that each one of them had been given by the Highest forces of life with the greatest of love and care to assist humankind with getting a better idea of its pathway through Earth life and to explain to us in ways that could easily be grasped the various initiations each one of us eventually has to undergo.

The Angels knew that revealing such things to the mass of people would have to wait until we and our world had sufficiently absorbed the lessons of the patriarchy. They were specifically designed to show us how deep human spirits in earthly life are capable of sinking in their selfish pursuit of power, fame and glory. There is probably nothing in the whole of Creation to excel our human nature when it comes to cruelty and depravity, greed and corruption, and the gross baseness of human behaviour towards each other each one of us in the early stages of our development as earthlings displays.

To provide us with a tool for taking us down to the greatest depths of this road of pain and suffering, darkness and depravity, the Angels inspired Eusebius, Constantine’s spin doctor, to cobble together the Jesus story. Its details were culled from the sacred teachings of the religions that already were in existence, though a new name had to be invented for the new story’s hero. Taken straight from the old religions, all other elements merely had to be placed in different settings from that of the old stories but with which people were familiar and could associate with in their minds.

This enterprise followed the age-old tradition of storytelling, which decreed that a story is not worth telling unless its events are wrapped around a personality with heroic and superhuman inclinations. He has to be capable of conquering everything that comes his way, just the same as Heracles/Hercules and many other male protagonists before them, merely in a somewhat different way in keeping with the customs of the time in question. The crowning glory of such exercises is the fact that a storyteller worth his salt never allows the truth to interfere with his spinning of a good yarn. The Jesus story is probably one of the finest examples of this.

But all legendary heroes before Jesus had the same symbolic meaning and were bringing an identical message to humankind struggling on the Earth plane. The main difference between them and the hero of our new tale is that the old protagonists were known to be metaphors and allegories only. The people accepted them as such. The Greek legends that have come down the ages to us and our world have their roots in the even more ancient Egyptian mythological tales.

Gnosticism existed long before literalism appeared on the scene. It seems to me the latter had to be invented, as the Gnostics already experienced God as being an integral part of themselves. They knew that the Divine was not something that could only be found in temples and churches and their sacred writings. With the help of spreading such beliefs, the priesthoods slowly but surely turned their scriptures into perfect instruments for subjecting and exploiting people for selfish personal gains, for satisfying their insatiable human hunger for power and empire building. Greed and corruption, murder and intrigue were the order of the day among those grappling for top positions in the hierarchy’s ranks, with their lust for power and conquest of souls and – more to the point – people’s possessions. The sad catalogue of human suffering this caused blossomed and bloomed and was given free reign under the protective cloak of what in those days went under the name of religion.

In order to make all this possible, the latest arrival on humankind’s heroic scene had to be different. Basically, it was all very simple. Jesus was declared to be a historical figure and the events he was involved in were presented as historical facts. This turned the new tale into a just the right tool for the endless warmongering of the coming centuries and millennia, forever attempting to systematically destroy or at least suppress the religions that had existed a long time before Christianity appeared on the scene.

If any of the followers of the other belief systems were unwilling to agree with and join the new religion and accept its way of being presented as the truth and nothing but the most holy truth, they were removed from the scene in whatever manner was considered to be necessary, if need be just wiped out. Literalism provided the churches with an ideal instrument for doing just that. The followers of other religions, who were equally fanatic and misguided, down the ages have been doing nothing more than following the example of Christianity.

* * *

Christianity’s Foundation

Christianity’s foundations are rock-solid and sound, but they only become visible when one knocks the outer structure of literalism down and behind them reveals the glorious wonder and truth of the most Ancient Teachings of all, which to this day are not accepted by many devout church-attending Christians.

Under Constantine’s rulership the new tale of the Jesus myth became the underpinning of the Christian movement through the ages. The success of the new religion was secured by proclaiming that it had to be taken literally, as every one of its words had come directly from God’s mouth. It was declared to be unfailingly true and any attempts at calling the bluff about these statements were suppressed by any means available, especially the power of the sword. Laid into the hands of the Roman state and church authorities, the new myth was quite literally a Heaven-sent for gradually wiping out every last remnants of the Goddess’ wisdom and truth. Provided with this lethal weapon, Christianity took us and our world ever deeper into the dungeon of the darkness and suffering of the patriarchy.

The new religion provided humankind with a plentiful supply of excuses for declaring war on anyone who refused to believe that the Jesus legend really was a historic document and true in every last detail and word. It did not take long until it had developed into one of humankind’s finest lethal warheads. As time went by, it was used with the utmost efficiency to systematically wipe out every last shred – well, almost as we shall soon see – of evidence of the Gnostics’ existence and their beliefs, in which the Jesus story undoubtedly has its roots.

Such things were possible in the days when very few could read and write, and communicating with other countries and civilisations was extremely difficult. And nobody in Constantine’s time could have expected that more than two thousand years later, people would go in search of evidence against him and his rulership with the help of the religion that was created on his instructions during his reign.

Sowing the seeds of hatred created ever more plausible pretexts for going to war against all non-believers of this new belief system. This also opened the doors wide for the persecution of the Jewish people, because Constantine’s religion accused them of having killed the young God of the Christians, Jesus Christ. As a result, for centuries Jewish people would be hounded and discriminated against, throughout our world. This found its crescendo in the horror of the holocaust, Hitler’s ‘final solution’ for what the Nazis indoctrinated the German people to believe were the problems created by the Jewish race.

So much suffering for the sake of what in the end turned out as nothing but a false belief! It had been created quite deliberately in this particular manner and in cold blood, so that it could be used as a tool for the subjugation, domination and exploitation of the mass of people. And that by a religion that was trying to convince people that its God is love!

Many years ago, I read somewhere that the Jewish race can be likened to a giant clearing house for souls with particularly heavy karmic debts to pay. The events of their maltreatment, especially in the most recent past mentioned above, set me wondering for what other reasons anyone would need to be subjected to such horrors. Appreciating that nothing in this life happens perchance or by accident, but has meaning and serves a higher purpose, all we can do is kneel before the suffering of our whole world. We need to pray for forgiveness for every one of us, including ourselves and the roles we too must have played through the ages on the downwards pointing spiral of humankind’s evolutionary pathway.

For a complete all-round human earthly education, this road first takes each one of us down into exploring the lower and lowest characteristics of our nature. Avarice, greed and corruption, selfishness, cruelty and craving for power have to be experienced to the fullest before we can turn our back on them and begin the upwards climb into getting to know our higher and highest character traces. Only when the lower lessons have been sufficiently attended to, at the giving as well as the receiving end, can our ascent start.

Those who are already moving in the upwards direction, have every reason for gladness and expressing their thankful for all that once was in our lives, now is and forever will be. We do well to remind ourselves regularly that we have no right to sit in judgement over anyone who is still taking part in the lower and lowest lessons. To paraphrase what the Jesus legend tells us in St John 8:7: ‘Let those of us who are without sin be the first to throw a stone at anyone.’

It makes me shudder to look back on the suffering of truly Cosmic proportions, which we have been inflicting upon each other. Yet, when considered in the light of our evolutionary pathway as young Gods in the making, one can recognise that all of it was a ‘worthy’ instrument for moulding us, the human children of God in our disguise as earthlings, into the awareness of our true identity. Bearing in mind that we are sparks of the Divine, it is probably not surprising that most of our race’s warfaring seems to have been carried out in the name of one religion or another. Being spirits and souls who are experiencing life in physicality, matters of the spirit and therefore religions somehow for a very long time formed an in important part of our consciousness. Even in declared atheists this aspect of human nature rests in the recesses of their subconscious.

Fortunately, a vast circle of life is in the process of closing and one chapter of our race’s development is nearing its natural end. And once more there probably is no need for astonishment that, in keeping with the fact that the darkest hour comes just before the dawn, to reach this point we and our world first had to work our way through the living inferno and Armageddon, rolled into one, of the two World Wars. But now we are definitely returning to the knowledge of God’s sacred wisdom and truth. As each one of us turns into a Gnostic, we are living proof that these things cannot be suppressed forever by anyone.

The followers of Gnosticism, as likely as not you and I among them, were hunted by Christianity. For a while they managed to disappear underground, but eventually all of them were wiped out by whatever means possible. However, unknown to the outside world for a long time, something of their work remained. It was found in December 1945 in a place called Nag Hammadi, a city in Upper Egypt, known as Chenoboskion in classical antiquity. It is located on the west bank of the Nile in the Qena Governorate, about eighty kilometres north-west of Luxor.

These days Nag Hammadi is best known for being the site where local farmers once found a sealed earthenware jar which contained thirteen leather-bound papyrus codices, together with pages torn from another book. The mother of the farmers burned one of the books and parts of a second, including its cover. But twelve of these books survived, though one without its cover and the loose pages. These writings date back to the second century AD and comprise fifty-two mostly Gnostic tractates, which were found in a single grave site. The contents of the Coptic-bound codices were written in Coptic, but the works are thought to probably be all translations from Greek. The Nag Hammadi codices contain the only complete copy of the Gospel of Thomas. All texts were made public in 1975 and are now available online.

The seed of the Gnostics’ faith and trust in the belief that the long promised saviour and redeemer, the Christ, would eventually be born in every human heart and soul, is now beginning to bear rich fruit. It is likely that they felt intuitively that this could not happen until the time was right and therefore could only be experienced in some far distant lifetime. Here we are and that time is now. Hallelujah! Thanks and praise be to God and the Angels for bringing us safely to this point, and for rewarding our trust and patience by allowing us to take part in the major transformation our world is undergoing at present.

* * *

Neptune And The Age Of Pisces

Although the Age of Pisces now lies behind us, let’s stay with it for a moment and try to understand the events of those days and why they happened. Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac, the twelfth house is its natural domain and its astrological glyph is two fish tied in the middle by a silver thread. The sign and the house are of the soul and of Karma and it is for good reason that they are known as the places of our own undoing.

Pisces is co-ruled by the planets Jupiter and Neptune. Each one represents a different aspect of the Divine. Jupiter on its own is also the ruler of Sagittarius, the sign of higher education of all kinds. The nature of this planet is expansive and jovial, gullible and gaseous. During the lowest phase of our earthly development this is experienced as a liking for hot air, the storyteller and raconteur, who doesn’t allow the truth to interfere with the spinning of a good yarn, and the show-person of the zodiac. During lifetimes in Sagittarius our superconscious faculties begin to open up and develop. Religious institutions and their employees are ruled by this sign.

Neptune is other-worldly, devious and deceptive. The influence of its energies makes itself felt gradually in our world. Insidiously and unknown to our conscious awareness, they sneak through the backdoor – so to speak – into our awareness, and are centred on five words beginning with ‘d’: disintegration, disorientation, dissolution, deception and disillusionment. Under the influence of the combined energies of the two planets, the greatest deception our world had ever seen came into being. It plunged us and our world into experiencing first hand, time and again either at the giving or the receiving end, into the depths of cruelty and inhumanness, depravity and degradation human souls at the most basic stage of their development are capable of. And whether we like this fact or not, this too has been and still is part of God’s great evolutionary plan of life.

Having explored some of the manifestations of the lower and lowest characteristics of Jupiter and Neptune and experienced their influence on us and our world during the Piscean Age, we are now ready to move on to learn all about their higher and highest expressions. Neptune’s energies are the Universe’s highest love vibration, which knows and understand nothing of earthly concerns. Venus represents the lower love vibrations. Neptune’s positive qualities can provide those who are strongly under the influence of this planet’s energies with receptivity and impressionability of a special kind, as well as a sympathetic understanding of people. They possess the gift of fantasy and imagination, sensitivity and a love for quiet contemplations, a sympathetic understanding and compassionate sensitivity towards other people’s suffering, a dreamy nature and a natural talent for things that belong to the higher and highest realms of life like mysticism, Gnosticism and spiritual mediumship.

As the time was not yet right for developing these things during the Piscean Age, they had to be suppressed until that phase of our development had been left behind. Only then did we begin to gradually move towards mysticism, Gnosticism and spiritual mediumship again to re-discover and take possession of them. On the negative side Neptune’s energies reveal their presence as too much impressionability and gullibility, over-sensitivity and vagueness, a lack of clarity and true vision, confusion and fanciful notions, a tendency to deceive, lie and defraud others. A lack of planning ability also enters into the picture.

Expressed positively, Jupiter’s energies provide us and our world with harmony and laws, as well as religious and philosophical beliefs. This is accompanied by an urge for expansion, extension and enlargement. Jupiter rules ownership and possession, as well as feelings of satisfaction. Its highest intention is to bless us and our world with justice, constructive inclinations, optimism, a social sense, high moral and religious aspirations, and the ability to survey the whole. Jupiter’s negative characteristics express themselves in disharmony, injustice, quarrelsomeness, anti-social conduct, amoral behaviour, immorality, a craving for pleasure, greed and an over-materialistic attitude towards life.

Take a look at the negative aspects of both planets and add them together. It only requires the most basic understanding of astrology provided here to be able to see now only how but why the Jesus legend, the foundation of the Christian faith, came into being. It was because the law of evolution decrees that at the beginning of each sign the lowest expressions of their ruling planet’s energies have to be experienced. Through the suffering this causes, the human soul gradually begins to reach for the higher and eventually the highest manifestations.

And this is how, in the course of the Piscean Age, lasting rather more than 2,000 years, we have slowly but surely been working our way through Jupiter and Neptune’s negative manifestations in ourselves and those around us. This means that by now many, maybe most of us, are living on their higher rays. In the case of Jupiter this means living on the ray of hope, faith and trust, and in the case of Neptune on the ray of the illumination of the highest realms in the Universe and being inspired by them.

Oh wonder! Oh miracle! The greatest deception of all times was necessary and all along has been a natural part of God’s evolutionary plan of life. Its unfoldment is decided by the flow of energies that are available for us and our world, affecting everything it contains at any given time. Even the most awful things that ever took place and still are doing are in truth part of this plan.

* * *

The Wisdom Of The Great Mother

The Great Mother of all life is immensely kind, loving and wise. She knows each one of her beloved children of the Earth and their true needs much better than we ourselves do. Her wisdom has decreed that to teach us how to appreciate the value of the things and people in our lives, this is only possible through losing them. For example, through becoming ill we get to know the value of good health. The deceptions of the self and others, and the cheating and lying of the Piscean Age are no exception. With their help the Universe teaches us how to appreciate truth and honesty, integrity and loyalty. We do recognise and welcome then when they return to our world at last.

During the approximately six thousand years of patriarchy, which by now has almost run its course, the Universe has been teaching us to distinguish between the abuse and wise use of power. One of the main purposes of this epoch has been to show us in the realities of Earth life how the absence of the mellowing and civilising influence of the Great Mother’s wisdom and love and the feminine in general can take a whole world ever deeper into a darkest void of suffering and pain.

With the arrival of the Aquarian Age this has slowly been changing, as can be seen quite clearly from the events of the past hundred years or so. The new age has already had a highly beneficial influence in our world. The first signs were suffrage for all people, not merely the higher ranks of humankind. Not long after came the vote for women and slow beginnings of equal rights for them, so that they could once more have their say in the running of our world. These things are part of the Great Mother’s return into the conscious awareness of our world and re-establishing the rulership of the wisdom and love of the feminine.

The warmongering of the past in the end teaches even the slowest learners the value of peace. But great obstacles had and still have to be overcome by some of us before this goal can finally be reached for our whole world. The sacred texts of the religions of our world to this day are trying to do their best to hold back our race’s evolutionary development. Although they have a great deal to answer for, in the long run nobody can succeed with this.

First in line is the Old Testament of the Bible, in particular the book of Genesis. With the greatest of care it once sowed the seeds of misogyny, the hatred of women, into the hearts and minds of its male followers. Alas, these seeds have taken root only too well and are still flowering in the hearts of the male population in various parts of our world. The sacred texts of the Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, to this day contain at least parts of this Old Testament.

This term is generally used by most Christians for the first section of their Bible, which is primarily based on the Hebrew Scriptures. It consists of many different books written that were compiled and edited by various authors over a period of centuries. It is not entirely clear at what point the parameters of the Hebrew Bible, the basis for the Christian Old Testament, were fixed. Some scholars believe that the canon of this Bible was already established by about the third century BC, and that the development of the various forms of the Christian Old Testament continued for centuries.

The patriarchy’s carefully nurtured hatred and distrust of women explains the rather dubious role Hera, a symbol of the Divine Mother, plays in the Heracles legend. She was the wife of Zeus who was the king of the Gods and Hera was his queen. When she found out about the infant Heracles’ existence, she ordered two snakes to be secreted into his crib. No doubt the readers of the tale are to believe that this was done in a fit of jealousy.

The baby’s nurse later finding him with a strangled serpent in each hand and chattering delightedly to himself is an allegory for demonstrating the boy’s superhuman strength and powers. The Jesus legend shows these qualities with the descriptions of the miracles and wonders performed by the Master. These characteristics are also part of each one of us.

Hera being part of Heracles’ name is an indication that although the child came into this world through a mortal woman, this could not change the fact that the Goddess and Mother of all life, the wife of Zeus/Jupiter, is his mother in the Heavens, the highest plane of life, is part of him. Greek and Roman mythology was a vital contributor to the patriarchy. To feed the misogynistic demands of that time some more, the child’s Heavenly mother was presented as a mean and jealous woman, who commits the infamy of sneaking two serpents into the baby’s crib.

This was necessary because the predecessors of the Abrahamic religions of the patriarchy, which evolved from the Greek and Roman ones and others before them, the Great Mother Goddess was worshipped and the snake revered as the symbol of Her wisdom. But even when she appears in the role of Hera, this mother does not want any one of Her children of Earth to go through life without Her wisdom and love. And so she provides this one with two serpents, knowing full well that by the time of the Greco/Roman civilisations, She Herself had become a wicked creature and the snake a symbol of darkness and evil. For human minds it is almost impossible to comprehend the power and greatness of the love that has always been the motivation behind everything that has ever happened in our world and still does. But that undoubtedly is the case so that we, Her beloved children, should learn from the experiences these events would bring to us.

* * *

With love and light,

* * *

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