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Miracles And Wonders (59)
Miracles And Wonders (59)

Miracles And Wonders (59)


Message From The Angels And Masters Of The Christ Circle

The Truth : Nothing But The Truth

Thoughts For Today 23rd October 2022

Stargazer’s Philosophy Behind The Divine Science

The Will Of God (1)

By The Will And The Grace Of God

‘The Will of God will never take you where
the Grace of God will not protect you.’

Everything in the whole of Creation is made by and of God, the Great Father/Mother of all life and the light of their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ. All of it exists only by the will and grace of God and every human being, without exception, is a spark of the Divine and an offspring of God. Every one of His/Her qualities and powers are also in every one of us, even though at first only in a slumbering state. We are true chips off the old block – if that isn’t too disrespectful an expression here. As above, so below. Darkness and light, positive and negative, masculine and feminine, the higher and lower aspects of life, are aspects of God and therefore also of us. Although on the surface of life some people seem to be all good or bad, do not allow appearances to deceive you – everybody has everything within. It’s just that some of it may already have been overcome and left behind.

The Earth is but one of our many training grounds and by the will of God all of us have to take part in every one of the experiences the grand panorama of life has to offer along the individual and collective evolutionary highway. Our earthly existence rests safely in the hands of the Angels and Masters of the Christ Circle/ They always have been and forever will be in charge of the development of every one of us, the whole of humankind and our world. One of the most vital lessons of the earthly school of life is the discernment. Without it we cannot differentiate between the opposing forces of the whole of Creation and therefore also of us, for example good and evil, right and wrong, truth and lies, and so forth. Our task as young Gods in the making is learning how to control and master the many different aspects of our nature.

Our earthly education is complete when we have gained a thorough grasp of all subjects that are part of its curriculum. Humankind’s individual and collective evolutionary journey requires that every one of us, without exception, first has to experience the lowest levels of existence. This means that at a certain stage of our development all of us once had to walk a pathway that took us down to experience the utterly evil aspects of human nature, including ours. When these lessons have been imbibed sufficiently, to create the necessary balance we slowly but surely begin to move forwards and upwards until all we are bringing forth from within is that which is completely good. Yet, no matter how dark and gruesome anyone’s lessons may turn out to be, there isn’t one from which the grace of God will not eventually release us and help us to find our way into the conscious awareness of our Christ nature, our true nature which is nothing but love. The story of the resurrection of the Jesus myth describes this process.

The lifepath of people like Gandhi and Hitler is typical of the juxtaposition of good and evil. Isn’t it reassuring to know that the most recent lifetime of each of these two souls – the same as everybody else’s – has only been one of many? There is no doubt in my mind that both men, each in their own way, will be offered as many opportunities as they require for the redemption of the Karma they created in their most recent lifetime known to us. To shoulder the responsibility for that kind of Karma is surely a sign that these two men were old and experienced souls, each in his own way.

Having reached the Age of Aquarius, the Universe is presenting our world with the gift of a renewed understanding of the concepts of the spiritual realities that are at work behind all life on our planet and elsewhere. This enables wise ones to get the proper perspective on everything that ever happened and still does on this plane of life. They refuse to sit in judgement over anyone, for the simple reason that there is no way of knowing a person’s Karma, the life lessons they have come to take part in and the special missions that are waiting to be fulfilled by them.

Aware that all of us are like actors who, before coming into our present lifetime, have promised to take on a role and to play it to the best of our ability, wise ones accept that nothing exists outside the will of God. Therefore, even the most abominable dictators our world has ever seen, for example Genghis Khan, Hitler and Sadam Hussein, just as much as their polar opposites, say Gandhi or Mother Theresa, could only appear with the help and will of the Highest. The evil as well as the good they brought into our world undoubtedly were necessary to create the balance that is always required. Through this balancing act, which is constantly taking place in our world, we and our world are taught all our lessons.

Knowing that everything in our world always serves a wise and higher purposes, which we may not yet be able to recognise, drives home the importance of learning to go with the flow and accepting that ‘Thy will be done, not mine.’ When people have spent a lifetime experiencing being evil to the core, like the above named dictators, balance has been created and a great many spiritual debts paid in full. As we once more become aware of the purpose and meaning of our existence, it is highly likely that worst sinners will ask to spend their next earthly sojourn in a saintly fashion, like Mother Theresa or Gandhi. If it takes a thousand lifetimes of this kind of being a good person, even as monstrous debts as those of Genghis Khan, Hitler and Sadam Hussein will eventually have been paid. And there is just one way of restoring the balance of our spiritual bankbook of life and that is each through their own efforts.

Nothing in the whole of Creation has ever been beyond the reach of God’s will and power. This is especially the case when the human spirit first descends into earthly life. The lower self is put fully in charge of its thoughts, words and actions and with their help has to start building itself a soul. As the drives and urges of our animal nature take over, our pathway takes us ever deeper into experiencing the lower and lowest aspects of our own being and of others.

But, when the time is right, the Divine spark in our heart begins to stir from its slumber, our Highest or God Self increases its efforts of getting through to us. In the course of many lifetimes our Christ nature gradually grows stronger. When it has taken over our whole being, the grace of God Him/Herself, from the very core of our own being, shows us how to walk hand in hand with the Angels, moving ever upwards and onwards to experience the higher and eventually highest levels of life.

* * *

The Will Of God (2)

Knowledge Is Power

‘Knowledge is power.’
Francis Bacon

For as long as our perception is still glued to the belief that the frequently sad and traumatic realities of our earthly existence is all there is to life, God’s truth and with it the greater picture will remain hidden to us. This also applies to the limited horizons of our world’s religions. ‘Knowledge is power,’ Francis Bacon wrote. How right he was! The spiritual wisdom that for some time has been flowing ever more powerfully into the consciousness of our world gives is given to provide each one of us with the power to set ourselves spiritually free. This remains impossible for as long as we consider that life is a one-off thing.

The knowledge we are finding is meant to act as our liberator from the chains and shackles of the false beliefs and perceptions of the past. It can only do this when our awareness grows that life is a never ending circle, and that each one of us is walking on an evolutionary spiral that constantly winds itself forwards and upwards into the realisation of God’s true nature and our own. When we realise that we are children of God, that the essence of our being is eternal and immortal and that in truth there is no death, merely transformations into different lifestates, we are beginning to fly on the wings of God’s eternal wisdom and truth.

These wings enable us to rise above the concerns of Earth life. The greater picture starts to reveal itself to us with increasing clarity and we recognise the beauty and wonder of God’s great plan of life, in which all of us have their allocated place and role to play. Our grasp of the significance of myths and legends, for example the one of Arachne, the sacred spider of Greek mythology, increases. She is said to have been weaving the marvellous web of life since long before our race first appeared on the Earth and that she will forever continue to construct it in all its majesty and splendour.

The knowledge that is now coming our way ever more strongly is intended to be used for setting ourselves free from the religious slavery of the past. It can do this for anybody whose energies are right for waking up from their spiritual slumber. When we have once more become aware of our true nature, we no longer feel the need to look through a magnifying glass for the flaws in their earthly personalities, not even for people like Ghandi and Hitler. This is because we now appreciate that considering anyone’s character and behaviour for one single lifetime cannot get us anywhere in our search for the signs of their Christ nature. We no longer judge anyone because there is no way of knowing their Karma and why the plan for their life in the great book was designed the way it is for this time round.

To grasp the purpose and meaning of someone’s pathway through life, it is necessary to bear in mind what kind of lessons someone may have had to cope with in past lives that led to the learning of their present lifetime. If we wish to ponder on what the future could be holding in store for them, we need to peer beyond the ends of our noses. That is also what has to be done each time we try to foresee the possible destiny of our race and our whole world, and the role each one of us may be required to play eventually.

Considering the whole of someone’s evolutionary pathway, as well as that of our race and world as a whole, not merely over one single lifetime but countless ones, enables us to find the kind of forgiveness that flows quite naturally from our heart and soul, and that for ourselves and each other that is required from each one of us at the end of our earthly education. But for as long as our inner perception is closed to the higher realities of the spiritual background of life, forgiving in this manner is impossible. With the awakening of our higher nature comes the realisation that pardoning someone for their misdeeds does not mean condoning what they did.

With the awakening of our Christ nature, feelings like love and compassion, tolerance and forgiveness towards all lifeforms come alive in us and we discover that love really does understand all and therefore forgives everything. Whenever we hear or read about humankind’s suffering anywhere in our world, forgiveness for the perpetrators flows quite naturally from our being and we think to ourselves: ‘Forgive them, Great Father/Mother of all life, for they know not what they are doing to themselves.

From our own experiences we learn why the Jesus legend talks about the Master weeping because of his love of humankind. It also happens to us on our road to mastering the earthly plane, as our vibrations become higher and our sensitivity to other people’s feelings increases. From time to time being moved to tears when we witness the suffering and misery human beings to this day are creating for each other is part of the road to Mastership. On such occasions something may stir within to remind us that in previous lifetimes we too did the things they are doing now and we feel an increasing urge to do something to alleviate humankind’s struggle and do as much as we can to bring about its natural end.

Whenever you are feeling this way, don’t overdo things in your eagerness to help. Quietly speak your truth, sow the seeds that are at your disposal, then step back and trust God and the Angels to do the rest. Those who are ready for what you have to give will understand. The others will follow suit when their time for it has come.

* * *

The Will Of God (3)

God’s Will Is Known Within

‘Closer than a touch on your skin,
deeper than the breath you draw in,
stronger than a hurricane wind
is the wise one or living God within.’

In the course of the Age of Aquarius ever more of us will be maturing into spiritual adulthood and able to recognise the esoteric symbolisms that for such a long time had to remain hidden behind the surface words that form the foundation of the myths and legends of all the religions that have ever appeared in our world. This applies to the Jesus legend as much as to any other. And like everything that has ever happened in earthly life and continues to do so to this day, this tale was given by the Angels for wise educational purposes with the intention that at first it should taken literally.

It has been said that the Will of God is known within. What a long time it seems to have taken for humankind to realise that this is an indication that the will of God is known to us because God is as much part of us as we are of God. Saying this is easily done, but where is God? From the first moment of a human being’s appearance on the Earth plane a spark of the Divine dwells in its heart, although at first only in seed form. Each one of us, without exception, is the Great Father/Mother’s child of the Earth and a young God in the making. One cannot help marvelling at what a long way our race must have come on its evolutionary pathway.

How truly blessed we are to be among the awakened ones at this very special time! And it’s good to know that our intuition = the inner teacher and guide, is the living God within. Its task it is to keep us safe by steering us through the rapids of our earthly existence with the help of Its wisdom. With the passing of time we learn to rely on this guidance. We ever more willingly follow its advice, which rises through the world of our feelings from the innermost core of our being into our conscious awareness.

Knowing that God is no outside force but an integral part of our own nature, there no longer is the need for anyone to run around endlessly and in decreasing circles, like chickens with their heads chopped off, ostentatiously ‘doing good’. The more highly evolved, spiritually open and aware we become and bring forth our true Christ nature, the more powerfully a deep inner desire simply to be a good person can be felt. The recognition that every life, including ours, has a special meaning and fulfils a higher purpose, makes us kinder and more loving, respectful, tolerant and considerate towards the needs of those around us, whilst not overlooking our own.

Being aware that everybody has everything within, the very worst as well as the best, makes it easy to look for and find the good in all people and situations. And whenever the need for it arises, we freely and willingly choose the way less travelled and ignore the easy options, for the simple reason that our inner guru tells us that this route is the right one for us. Appreciating that God’s Kingdom can only establish itself on the Earth plane when ever more of us do their share of making our planet a better place for all its inhabitants, we roll up our sleeves – metaphorically speaking – and get to work. This starts with bringing our own inner house in order and sweeping in front of our own door. Any contribution, no matter how small, does make a difference. In due course our joint efforts will take all of God’s children of the Earth back into the conscious awareness of their true nature and the duties and responsibilities that are involved.

The inner teacher is the only authority in the whole of Creation that can show us what is good and right, beautiful and true for us at any given moment. With the passing of time we learn to trust it and gladly pay attention to what it has to say. Supported by our inner guidance we unflinchingly take positive actions that are based on our natural inclinations and follow not only our own highest dreams, ideals and inspirations, but those of the whole of humankind. This is our personal guru’s way of showing us how to fulfil our highest potential. In this way eventually every human being’s Highest or God Self will assist its earthly counterpart to manifest its the characteristics of their Christ nature in earthly life.

That’s the only way Christ will ever be born in Bethlehem. The town represents a symbolism for the collective heart and soul of all humankind and every individual one within it. Each time another human being makes their Christ nature a reality in Earth life, one more of is doing their share of bringing God’s kingdom down the Earth and assists our race’s homecoming into the oneness with God and all life. Every conscious effort one of us makes at being good, not out of fear of retribution or hoping for some kind of recompense, but simply because we feel an urgent need to express our higher nature in all our endeavours.

On the inner level all life is one and even the smallest effort of expressing our Christ nature is worthwhile, because everything that is done for one is done for all. Therefore, when we are healing all life is recovering with us. And each time one of us progresses on their evolutionary homeward bound journey, our whole race and even our planet and everything it holds in its loving embrace moves forwards and upwards with us.

* * *

The Will Of God (4)

Hoping And Dreaming

The Universe’s hopes, dreams and aims in truth are our own. The realisation of this in the end encourages the small and frightened earthly self to gradually surrender every last shred of its selfishness and fears, as it merges ever more with its Highest Self, the Christ Spirit. Each time this happens for one more of us, the story of the resurrection is coming true. It can take a long time, sometimes decades, for the lower self to die on the cross, the oldest symbol of our earthly existence, until the Christ Self can finally take over its whole being. Its Spirit then rises from being incarcerated and entombed in the atoms of another human physical body. As its cells increasingly fill with the Christ light, they are restored and regenerated to normal healthy functioning.

This is how the ancient prophecy that a being would appear in our world, to heal everybody’s wounds, make good our sins and save us all, at last comes true and is fulfilled. The Age of Aquarius is going to bring us ever more of the revelations of God’s truth. From the evidence it has already provided us with it is clear to see that the long promised healer, saviour and redeemer is the Christ Spirit in every human heart and the heart and soul of our whole world. It could never have been a man by the name of Jesus, a Christed one, half God and half human, just the same as we are.

George Eliot wrote: ‘Our finest hope is [our] finest memory.’ I believe that by this she meant the shedding of our lower earthly nature and reawakening into the awareness of who and what we truly are and always have been: part of God, at one with God and the same as God – nothing but goodness and light. To me, this in a nutshell is the meaning of the Master Jesus’ dying on the cross and his subsequent resurrection. Someone wrote to me the other day: ‘I am silent in the face of your in my view negative references to Jesus in your writings. Were you there?’ My response was: ‘In reply to your question, the one who is writing through me, my Highest Self, in whom we are all one, said: ‘No, you were not there, because the events described in the Jesus legend never took place in the realities of Earth life. If they had, you could have been there.’’

Wikipedia has the following to say about the Jesus legend and the New Testament’s gospels dedicated to it: ‘A gospel is an account that describes the life, death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. The most widely known examples are the four canonical gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, but the term is also used to refer to apocryphal gospels, non-canonical gospels, Jewish-Christian gospels, and Gnostic gospels. Christianity places a high value on the four canonical gospels, which it considers to be a revelation from God and central to its belief system. Christianity traditionally teaches that the four canonical gospels are an accurate and authoritative representation of the life of Jesus. But more liberal churches and many scholars believe that not everything contained in the gospels is historically reliable. For example, according to Linda Woodhead ‘the gospels’ birth and resurrection narratives can be explained as attempts to fit Jesus’ life into the logic of Jewish expectations.’

What is so terrible about accepting that the Jesus story is a legend, when something much more beautiful and profound, kind and loving, simple and realistic – as well as yes, down to Earth –, is on offer in exchange for the weltering in the gore of the Jesus tale? To appeal to the public and capture people’s imagination, it was painted on a vast canvas in the style of the great classical tragedy tradition of Greek antiquity. This is not surprising because the writers were Jewish people who were steeped in the Greek culture. You don’t have to take my word for it that God’s truth really is hidden behind the words of the Gospels. I recommend the reading of ‘The Jesus Mysteries’, in this context especially pages 229-231. See the link at the end of this paragraph. Ask the wise one within you whether any of what is written there as well as in my jottings is true and right for you, and pay careful attention to its response.

If you, my dear reader, are one of the Doubting Thomases ‘out there’, I have a few questions for you: ‘Are you seriously interested in finding God’s truth? Do you wish that our world should become a more peaceful and enjoyable place for all, where the people of all nations live together in peace and harmony, where exploitation, greed and over-consumption, violence and crime are no longer known? If you do want these things to happen, welcome to the club of the believers that with the help and the will of God and the Angels anything can be done. The only condition for joining our fellowship is the love in your heart for all of humankind, our world and its Creator and the Angels, who bring us into being and take us out of it, and between these two states of existence take good care of us and try to make our earthly existence bearable.

And if you would like a confirmation that what I am telling you here and in any other part of my writings is true, again consult with your inner teacher, the living God within, the Christ Spirit. This is the only guru in the whole of Creation who knows the answer to all our questions and doesn’t charge anything for its services. From ‘The Milk Is White’ comes the following warning: ‘It is important to be aware that there are many souls incarnate who are misguided, because they have not yet overcome their selfish desires and present themselves to us as Gurus and Masters and seek our allegiance and all that entails. Others have the spiritual knowledge but because they do not live that knowledge mislead themselves into using it for selfish purposes. Hence independent thought is very important. ‘By their actions you may judge them’ and ‘Beware the priest who is also a businessman’ is wise counsel to keep in mind.

‘There are others who, with the best of intentions, try to convince us that the texts on which they rely are the only true one. Sadly this ignorance demonstrates a lack of understanding of the Truth. Some present for our acceptance and salvation what may be likened to a beautiful bonsai – a plant whose shape is contrived, whose roots do not probe deeply and whose branches are low and do not reach into the ethers. Whenever we are making any choices we need to be aware that a rope incorrectly knotted is difficult to undo.’

* * *

The Will Of God (5)

No-One Comes To The Father

The Christ Spirit told us through the Jesus legend: ‘No-one comes to the Father, except through me!’ To my mind, the message these words all along have been trying to convey is: ‘The only way of becoming one again with the Father is by endeavouring to be ever more like Me and the way I once revealed to you through the Jesus mystery and to this day am showing you still. You can only return to your true home and into being one again with your eternal and real Father/Mother through bringing forth from within you every bit of goodness and wholesomeness that is within you.

This alone in the fullness of time can bring each one of you back to Me. I am the spiritual light of the Sun behind the Sun, the only born Son/Daughter of the Great Father/Mother. My spirit is all love, truth, honesty and integrity and the same qualities are slumbering inside you. I am part of you and you are part of Me. I am your eternal Self or God Self. We belong to each other and you can only grow into being fully and consciously one again with Me with the help of My protection and guidance that constantly rises through the world of your feelings into your conscious awareness. I always have been the small still voice of your conscience, your inner teacher and guru. Only by following Me and My inner calling can any one of you return into the state of being all good and God-like like Me, your Creator and God.

Believing in Jesus or any other spiritual leader, no matter how high-minded they may be or once have been, if indeed they ever walked with us on the Earth plane, was enough in the distant past. It certainly still was when the Jesus legend came into being. By now, however, we have reached a sufficiently high evolutionary peak of spiritual maturity that the Universe demands a great deal more from all its human children of the Earth. The past undoubtedly taught us many invaluable and necessary lessons, for example how to discern between good and evil, especially the malevolence that so often was brought about in the guise of religions and in the name of God.

That particular pathway is not meant to be pursued by humankind forever. More is required and expected from us, much more. But before any worthwhile changes can take place in us and our world, each individual has to work their own way through a change of consciousness. A better grasp of the purpose and meaning of Earth life modifies one’s outlook on life and one’s inner attitudes as a result transform themselves into different and better thinking and behaviour patterns than those of the past.

The realisation that we are part of God and that God is part of us and that our true nature is love brings with it almost automatically a striving to improve our character. It’s not hard to perceive then why and how our character influences the course of our destiny and that of our whole world – though not its final outcome, the reunion with God. This is the same for all human souls, independent of how long it may take. At this stage of our spiritual development it is easy to see that whatever we do in our present existence is important and how every small effort one of us makes towards trying to make our world a better place for someone is most valuable and does count on the spiritual ledger of life.

* * *

The Will Of God (6)

On The Forces Of Good And Evil

The following is the essence of three items from ‘There shall be Light!’ Stella Polaris Vol. 46:5: ‘The seeds of the siblinghood with all life that knows nothing but love is in every one of you. Do not look on the outer level of life for love but within and become more loving yourself. You are a dynamic being who can only attract that which you are yourself. The world around you is a mirror of what is happening within. So, whenever you want to change something in your world, first take a deep and utterly honest look into the mirror of the self. Each one of you has to do this for themselves because you can only recognise yourself by your reflection.

‘Never forget that each one of you has the best as well as the worst within. When you observe the ugly and painful things that are happening in your world, feelings of compassion and humility with all involved arise in you and you feel the need to pray for a purification of your own soul and that of your world to take all of you closer to God. The desire for loving and forgiving rather than hurting, criticising and resenting awaken in you. Please don’t ever think: ‘Oh, that’s too much for me!’ The only thing we ask of you is to simply keep on trying day by day. Every time you look into the mirror honestly and quietly affirm: ‘I am God’s child and I seek to obey the law of love, God’s law.’

Do Not Attack Evil – Dissolve It!

‘The whole of Creation contains two aspects, a negative one and its positive counterpart, that which is good. This part is all love and with the passing of time absorbs what is known as evil in your world into itself and creates more good from it. God is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent and humankind lives in Its heart and although many find it hard to accept that good and bad alike are within our Creator’s power. Both aspects have their origin in the life of God and proceed from there.

‘You need to know that that which is evil and ugly in your world and anywhere else is the unevolved and undeveloped part of life. All the powers that are in God are also in you. That is why when your Highest Self first starts building itself an earthly counterpart, it has to start at the lowest point, just the same as the Universal intelligence of the Almighty, whose spark you are, has to do when creating anything. The same applies to every field of human endeavour, be it the ability to conduct satisfying and rewarding personal relationships, or being successful professionally, artistically as well as spiritually. There are no shortcuts. In each case you have to start with the bottom step of the ladder, slowly and patiently working your way up to beauty and perfection.

‘Everything that to this day leaves much to be desired in your world is part of humankind’s lower earthly nature in its slowly evolving state. Evil is a consuming and destructive force. It’s a fire that first tests and tries humankind’s mettle to its utmost. Later on it is absorbed by the individual and collective development of the Christ nature. The Christ fire consumes everything that is no longer of any use and transforms it into something good. During the later stages of your development, when the thoughts, words and actions you in your ignorance of what is at stake once sent into the world return to you, the result tests and tries your whole being frequently to breaking point. The suffering endured pays the karmic debts that were incurred earlier.

‘By the time you have recovered, you have become thoroughly familiar with the nature of suffering. Your higher nature is awakening from its slumber and your heart fills with love and compassion whenever you see someone in distress. You have come to admire the people who happily share their talents with anyone who is in need of them and the work they are doing. Like them you want to become a useful member of society and assist those who are suffering the way you once did. With this the healer’s pathway is opening before you. As Elisabeth Kübler-Ross put it: ‘The most beautiful people are those who have experienced defeat, suffering, struggle and loss and have found their way out of the depths. These people have an appreciation, a sensitivity and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness and a deep loving concern. Such things do not just happen, they can only grow from within.’

‘With the awakening of the good and higher aspects of your nature, the Christ Spirit, the process of absorbing the ugly and evil parts of your lower earthly self begins. As this happens in ever more of you, with the passing of time all evil will eventually vanish from your world. And that is the only way Christ can become the saviour and redeemer of you and ultimately your whole world. Many believe that by attacking evil they can do their share of getting rid of it. But when you have become aware of God’s true nature and your own, you know that this is not the right course of action and that the best you can do to dissolve any kind of evil is by radiating the light of the Christ Star into the distressed people and areas of your world.

‘Those who view evil from the perspective we are bringing here, will have no difficulties recognising the wise higher purpose it fulfils in earthly life to this day. We, your friends and helpers in the world of light, have walked this way before you. We understand your difficulties only too well. That’s why we are volunteering to light the road every human soul must travel. We are trying to help you overcome the darkness of earthly life by showing how each one of you has to make their contribution towards absorbing it into the Christ light of love and compassion, wisdom and truth which, if only in seed form, is in every one of you. One of these days you may wish to join us and assist those you have left behind and who are still struggling in the darkness of earthly life.

Good Or White Magic

‘Good or white magic is performed with the knowledge and assistance of the Angels of Light. This ritual is carried out by people who work from their heart centre and with the highest intentions. Because they love those around them, they do not try to impose their own will upon them. Seeking nothing for themselves, they work unselfishly for the good of all. Many groups who work with the White Light will spring up all over the Earth in the days to come. Working in them allies the server with the Forces of Light and requires a spirit that is dedicated to selfless service.

‘Those who insist on working entirely for themselves, wishing to draw everything to themselves and imposing their will upon others, form an alliance with the negative forces. Awakened ones have no thoughts of themselves. Their only desire is to give love and light, to bless and raise all God’s children to a Higher state of consciousness. They give without reservations, from their loving hearts. Such selfless giving distinguishes the white from the dark magic.’

* * *

From ‘Songs Of Inspiration’

Going Home

Going home, going home.
We’re all going home.
Quiet like, some still day,
That’s how everybody goes home
Into the spirit world.

It’s not far, just close by,
Through an open door.
Work all done, cares laid by,
Pain and fear no more.

Mother’s there, expecting us,
Father’s waiting too.
Angels and helpers gathered
With the friends we know.

Morning Star lights the way,
Earth-bound sorrows done.
Shadows gone, break of day,
Real life’s just begun.

There’s no break, there’s no end ,
Just a moving on.
Wide awake, with a smile,
Going on and on . . .

I’m just going home!
Without being aware of it,
I have gone this way many times before.
And it’s good to know that none of us
Ever has to do so on their own.
One of the Angels of Death held our hand and
Took us back home into the world of spirit or light.
From which every one of us emerges
At the beginning of a new earthly lifetime.

God and the Angels always have been and
Forever will be as much part of us
As we are part of them.
And wherever our evolutionary pathway
May still have to take us,
There’s no need to be afraid of anything.
They will forever be accompanying us
And showing the way.
We shall always be safe because
In all Eternity our life will rest
In the loving embrace of the
Great Father/Mother of all life and
Their only born Son/Daughter,
The Universal Christ.

William Arms Fisher
Edited by Aquarius
Sung to the well known tune from
Dvorak’s ‘New World Symphony’

I believe that whenever the moment of someone’s departure from the earthly plane has come, no matter under what circumstances, it’s always at the right moment. And that’s going to apply as much to you and me, as well as everybody else. The way I understand life now, is that it is by no means a one-off affair, the way our world’s old religions tried to make us believe. Nobody is snuffed out like a candle, each time one of their earthly lifetimes has reached its end. Every human being’s existence consists of a long drawn out developmental journey that is constantly taking each individual, the whole of humankind and our world, forwards and upwards on the great evolutionary spiral of all life.

The essence of every human being is spirit/soul and like God, they are eternal and immortal. Only when the wise higher purpose of any given lifetime has been fulfilled, one of the Angels of death takes our spirit/soul’s home into the world of spirit or light. This is independent of what age our outer shell, the physical body, may be and in what manner our departure comes about. To my mind, no death can be described as ‘untimely’. It would be an injustice to the infinite wisdom and love with which God and the Angels in charge of our development are taking the greatest of care about attending to every detail of everybody’s evolutionary pathway.

Our Creator is the Divine Trinity of the Great Spirit, the Father/Mother of all life and their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ’s spirit and light, is our Creator’s Divine Trinity. And the Angels and Masters of the Christ Circle, the throne of God, are the executors of the Divine great evolutionary plan for the whole of Creation. They are responsible for the development of every human being who ever took part in earthly life, the whole of humankind and our world. This is the ultimate authority who decides about everything that, in keeping with the great plan, needs to happen in the whole of Creation. They are the only ones who have any true and everlasting power. Nothing is beyond or outside of their will and wishes. And no soul’s departure from earthly life ever takes place without their consent. This is true for any kind of death, including suicide. Find out more about this by following the relevant link at the end of this chapter.

The only part that dies when one of us departs from the earthly plane is their physical body. But that’s merely an outer shell which every spirit/soul requires for functioning and getting around in our world, for one lifetime only. Ever more of us these days are becoming aware that leaving our physical body behind does not mean we are dead. Because the essence of everyone’s being is spirit/soul, we can and will never die because just like God we are eternal and immortal. At the end of each earthly lifetime, one of the Angels of Death returns our spirit/soul to the world of spirit or light. It is humankind’s true home, the inner spiritual background of our world, from we emerge at the beginning of each new lifetime and return to as soon as it has run its course.

Whenever one of our loved ones has left this plane, there is no need to think that they have gone to a place somewhere ‘up above or out there’. Even though the spirit realm is invisible to earthly eyes, it is there nonetheless. Everything that appears in our world, the outer plane, first has to become manifest on its inner counterpart. Without the inner, there would be no outer; there would be no you and me. And that’s why there is no need to ever talk of those whose physical being has left us, as if they had disappeared altogether. They most certainly have not.

Our world is not really a home. It’s but a temporary staying place, a school and place for growing in wisdom and understanding of ourselves and the world around us. That’s how every human being’s consciousness slowly but steadily expands. Each can only do this from their own experiences. Nobody can do it for us. And everything that ever happens on this plane does so for a wise higher purpose that’s meant to teach those involved something.

And because I get much comfort from music, especially when it is accompanied by words that really speak to my heart, this song is now winging its way to you, in the hope that it might do the same for you.

* * *

With love and light,

* * *

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23 Oct, 2022
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