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Miracles And Wonders (61)
Miracles And Wonders (61)

Miracles And Wonders (61)


Message From The Angels And Masters Of The Christ Circle

The Truth : Nothing But The Truth

Thoughts For Today 27th October 2022

From ‘Our World In Transition’

The Magpie As Animal Totem

Magpie’s Message For Us And Our World (1)

The following chapters were written on the 22nd October 2020. On that day at 23.00 hrs GMT the Sun moved into Scorpio. It takes the Sun thirty days to move through each sign. The energies at the moment of its entry into a new sign is like a birthchart for a newly born baby and this means that for the coming thirty days we and our world will be under their influence. The Sun’s transit through Scorpio each year is a time when the veil that separates our world from its background, the spirit realm, is particularly thin and can therefore be penetrated much more easily than at any other time of the year.

Scorpios have a sixth sense for other people’s and society’s weaknesses, that’s why they make good detectives as well as criminals. And it’s quite likely that truths that have successfully been hiding for a long time, at last come to the general public’s view and knowledge each time the Sun moves through Scorpio. For everybody it’s always a time of transformation. This can manifest itself either as degeneration or regeneration, and of deaths that are inevitably followed by rebirths on a different level of consciousness. In any case, it’s an excellent time for bringing out into the open that which is not right but somehow had been hiding until then.

In our world things can only happen in God’s time and that means when the energies are right. From today onwards they could not be more so for bursting the painful abscess that’s been troubling our world for far too long: the pharma industry’s efforts of ruling our world through fear. Someone called the present one a ‘plandemic’; I could not agree more. Let’s take a closer look at the energies that will be influencing our world for thirty days from today.

The best news is that the Master numbers 11 and 22 are present several times over. 22 – 2020 = 22 x 2, accompanied by a double helping of the 0 = the circle of Eternity. The eleven also turns up twice, the 11th month of the year and the Sun’s entry at 11 p.m. 11 x 2 = 22. This means a double portion of the energies of the 11 and a treble helping of the 22 for us and our world to assist its cleansing process. Pluto, the co-ruler with Aries of Scorpio, on the day of the Sun’s entry into this sign is in 22 degrees Capricorn. To find out more about this, please follow the relevant links at the end of this chapter.

Another good omen that some major revelations are likely to come forth during the Sun’s transit through Scorpio is that it’s entry takes place on a Thursday. This day is ruled by Jupiter, the expansive and benevolent planetary ruler of Sagittarius, the sign that’s dedicated to the development of humankind’s superconscious faculties. But what has the magpie to do with all this? A lot, as you will soon see.

Magpies hardly ever come into view where I live. But since the beginning of the pandemic 2019/2020 and lockdowns, on several occasions they seemed to be attracting my attention, I started wondering whether they might have a message for us and our world. Lo and behold, they did! They want us to know that although magpies can be messengers of love, joy and good fortune, their presence reminds us that the earthly plane is just as much filled with treachery, deception and dishonesty. Magpies are at home just about anywhere and for a long time have been closely associated with human beings. For example, by following nomadic tribes on their hunting expeditions and scavenging on what was left behind.

Some magpie myths of the past tell us that they refuse to believe that Jesus died on the cross. From where we are by now, it’s easy to see that this was because birds have always the messengers of our world’s spiritual background. Long before it became more common knowledge here, such myths were hinting that the life story of Jesus is merely a legend. It was an early warning to watch out carefully because on the earthly plane everything that glitters is by no means gold. For as long as people believe that every word of the Jesus tale is literally true, their spiritual nest is lined with fake gold.

It takes every one of us many lifetimes until we discover that the true gold of the Jesus story is the higher esoteric truth, which has always been hiding behind its surface words. And so it’s not surprising that the earthly selves of young and inexperienced spirit/souls, who are still taking part in the early lessons of the earthly school of life, love to line their nests with shining things, which they don’t hesitate to steal from others. And that’s what the leaders of our world’s religions used to do, by whatever means available to them.

The pharmaceutical industry as the driving force behind the pandemic, is walking in the footsteps of our world’s religious leaders of times gone by. They are hoping that one of these days they too will be able to beautify their nest with what, if they succeeded, would turn out to be fake gold. This is because nothing on the earthly plane belongs to us. Everything has to be handed back, at the end of each lifetime. But there will come a time when the young and inexperienced spirit/souls in our midst have evolved into old and experienced ones. The Universal laws, as soon as they have grown strong enough to cope with it, returns to them what they are presently inflicting upon us and our world. Their suffering helps them to grow in compassion, wisdom and understanding. This is the only true gold all of us are constantly in search of; it’s ours to keep in all Eternity and nobody will ever try to take it from us.

Some of our world’s myths speak of magpie as a rebellious creature. Rebelling against anything that is neither true nor right is a vital aspect of humankind’s evolutionary journey. The God or Christ nature’s rebelling characteristics enable our lower selves to perceive that which reaches beyond any kind of traditional knowledge. It helps us to discover the truth that could have been waiting to be found for a long time. That’s how the wise ones in charge of us and our world are drawing our attention to the fact that an essential part of the Aquarian age’s Zeitgeist are rebellion and revolution.

The deeper we move into this age, the more humankind’s rebellious nature will come to the fore and rise against all yokes and restrictions, material, spiritual and especially religious ones. The time has come for leaving behind the shackles of the false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions we brought with us from previous lifetimes. They have become outdated ballast by now that’s weighing us down unnecessarily. For this purpose, each one of us needs to bring forth, from deep within their own being, the rebelliousness of their God or Christ nature.

Footnote: For two days running I have been sharing with you an update of how the truth is bubbling to the surface of our world’s consciousness, in many different places. All information that came your way was provided by:

At age of eighty-three, I have taken out a lifelong membership of this organisation. In view of what I have already received in return, I consider it money well spent. This community is worth it’s weight in gold. Apart from that, it’s great to be among like-minded people, who understand when I talk about my belief that the pandemic is one gigantic hoax, that the driving force behind it is the pharma industry, and that this is its third attempt – as far as I know – of exploiting our world’s resources through creating a pandemic, with the help of the age-old and well-known means of spreading fear. It’s up to the likes of you and me to help the truth about this festering sore on our world’s consciousness to emerge.

* * *

Magpie’s Message For Us And Our World (2)

As mentioned in other parts of my writings, rebellion and revolution are essential aspects of the Aquarian age’s Zeitgeist. These qualities of our higher nature enable us and our world to shake off all yokes of oppression and slavery to beliefs that have outlived their usefulness, when the right time for doing so has come. And that’s the process we and our world have been involved in for a long time. To go about rebelling the right way, individually and collectively, the rebellious energies need to be harnessed, so that they can be put to defending that which is of true and everlasting value. This makes it easier to let go of what these days is revealing itself as being of a temporary nature and therefore ready to go from us and our world, in any case.

The time has come for rebelling anything that attempts to stop us from making the progress that, in keeping with God’s great evolutionary plan of life, is the birthright of every individual human being, the whole of humankind and our world. It is a pathway that demands discarding anything that’s in the way of ever more of us becoming consciously aware of their eternal oneness with God, the Great Father/Mother of all life and their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ spirit.

Back to the magpies. There are three types of them, the yellow-billed, the black-billed and the Eurasian one. The Eurasian magpie is probably the most intelligent creature of our world’s animal kingdom. Magpies and crows are capable of recognising their image in a mirror, something that few mammals can do. Magpies are very sociable creatures who, with the help of a well developed vocabulary, communicate with those around them. Frequently one finds them travelling in pairs or groups. They are not really afraid of humans and enjoy displaying their courage by getting as close to them as possible, whilst remaining watchful.

Magpie’s bravery can be seen by the way they defend themselves against predators, especially birds of prey and domestic cats. Their confidence of being capable of dealing with such things is astonishing. For us this is a reminder that we may be in need of toning down on any kind of excess, acting with humility and treating those around us with the love and respect every creature, not merely human beings, deserve.

Magpies put a lot of effort into caring for their loved ones. They frequently have more than one offspring. Both partners share the duties of nest building and caring for their young. Because of this teamwork, magpie’s nests tend to be strong and long-lasting. People who have magpie as their animal totem also are loving and loyal to their families and put lots of effort into making its members as comfortable as possible.

Magpies are adaptable and resourceful and although once in a while they steal another bird’s egg, on the whole they work hard for their living. They are good examples of the kind of resourcefulness that’s necessary on the earthly plane when it comes to surmounting arising challenges. Magpies are attracted by shiny objects and love to decorate their nests with them. We too, during the early stages of our earthly education, go after anything that shines, concepts and ideas alike. But when we have spent a sufficient number of earthly lifetimes, our spiritual nature has grown strong enough to show its earthly counterpart that its understanding of things is by no means the truth. The more our higher nature’s quality of discernment develops, the more our values change from earth-bound temporary ones to those that are eternally true.

To develop this quality to the full, we need to take an honest look at our priorities. Are we pursuing the right goals or are we pursuing something that is false and untrue. Magpie builds its home in the strongest ‘V’ of a tree and according to mysticism ‘V’ is the path into the spirit realm. This suggests that the time has come for looking at the strength of our convictions and values. How aware are we that every human being’s earthly existence in truth serves the wise higher purpose of becoming aware of our true spiritual nature and that the spirit realm is humankind’s true home?

Magpie reminds us that all earthly life consists of growing, each through their own experiences, and through this constantly moving forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life. It wants us to open our hearts and minds to the message it is bringing from the wise ones in charge of us and our world. They are able and willing to intuitively show us ways of resolving our world’s present situation, but this can only be done for those who reach out for them and ask for their advice.

Magpie encourages you not to hide from the world. It wants us to show who and what we truly are, one of the beloved children of the Great Father/Mother of all life. It invites us to tell them that this is what they also are, that every one of us is gifted in some special way and that everybody has their own unique part to play in our world’s present transformation. Whether we are as yet aware of this or not, every human being is, at least potentially, a precious and unique being, a many faceted jewel that is capable of bringing forth, from deep within their own being, their inborn natural talents. There is no need for being afraid to express them whenever opportunities for doing so arise. These gifts could have taken many lifetimes to develop, ready to fully unfold during this one.

Magpie invites us not to be afraid of taking risks, but trusting our inner guidance to show us when to step forwards to walk our talk and speak up. These birds are not afraid of teasing predators to show those around them what they are made of. They encourage us to enter into situations that enable us to prove to ourselves that we are capable of emerging victorious whatever happens. And that applies to every one of us as well as the whole of humankind.

Magpie’s colouring reminds us of the duality of everything that exists in the whole of Creation, therefore also in our world. Its black and white feathers are symbols of darkness and light, negative and positive. The presence of Magpie’s energies at this time shows that, individually and collectively, humankind’s obsession with material possessions is in the process of making room for the ever increasing realisation of our spiritual nature and realities and that our true home is the spirit realm. Striving for spiritual growth through a better understanding of its concepts is slowly but surely becoming people’s top priority.

* * *

Magpie’s Message For Us And Our World (3)

The wise ones in charge of us and our world are using our world’s bird to help us find a better understanding of the higher purpose and meaning of humankind’s earthly existence. Birds are their messengers and every bird species has a different kind of message for us. Through magpie our attention is drawn to the need for re-assessing our priorities during the present difficult time. Magpie advises us to keep an open mind towards any kind of information that comes our way, paying attention to what our inner guidance tells us whether it is true or false.

Where might those who are pulling the strings behind the scenes of the moneymaking machinery of the pharmaceutical industry be on their individual evolutionary spiral and that of their organisation? Isn’t it astonishing how a once highly respected organisation could lower itself to the level of a parasite that’s eager to suck the lifeblood of our world’s population? Does their greed make them so blind that – if they succeeded with the pandemic – there would be nothing left that they could bleed dry then?

Could they be acting this way because for some time the public trust in the pharma industry’s products has been shrinking? Many reject them in preference to age-old and time-trusted natural healing methods. After the industry’s initial successes of freeing our world from afflictions like polio and smallpox, as the years went by, the natural remedies that Mother Earth has always provided in great abundance faded ever more into the background.

Magpie wants to tell us that the pharma industry’s products are not the true gold that all human beings, in the course of many lifetimes every one of them spends in the earthly school of life, are constantly in pursuit of. Because all they can do is suppress our illnesses’ symptoms instead of healing them, it can easily be recognised that they are fake gold. Natural healing methods, especially when combined with the healing energies of the Highest, that’s the true gold all of us are destined to discover eventually on the earthly plane. And because the time for doing so has come, that’s why these healing methods, the only ones worthy of being called by this name, re-emerged and are steadily growing in popularity.

On top of that, those who prefer the natural methods to the products of the pharma industry, are assisting the survival of the United Kingdom’s National Health System with its notorious lack of funds, due to the spiralling cost and use of the pharma industry’s products. Many reject the pharma products for the simple reason that all too frequently they interfere with and stop the inborn ability, of human and animal physical bodies alike, to put things right when they have gone wrong and healing themselves. That’s why many by now prefer natural remedies that strengthen their immune system to help it deal successfully with harmful organisms like Covid-19.

Ever more of us are also finding out that, with the help and will of God and the Angels, any condition can be healed. All we have to do is reach out to them, tune the receiver/transmitter station of our earthly mind into their frequencies and ask for their healing energies to fill our whole being. Magpie draws our attention to the fact that the only nest the fake gold of the pharma industry’s products will ever adorn is the pockets of its already immensely rich shareholders. I find it hard to understand why an industry that started as a genuine benefactor of humankind, has chosen to move down its own evolutionary spiral and degrade itself by turning into a mere money printing machinery that has no regard for humankind’s welfare and wellbeing? Where is the ethos of such behaviour?

And yet, maybe the matter becomes clearer when one considers that, for quite some time by now, humankind is becoming increasingly spiritually orientated. It seems that the more we are moving forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral on the way of returning to the conscious awareness of our true nature, the more organisations that have served their usefulness, the pharma industry the same as our world’s old religions, are fading away and in due course will have disappeared completely.

This development created the necessary space for the re-discovery of the natural healing methods and the knowledge that the healing energies of the Highest, which have been waiting for a long time to come to the help of anyone who asks for them and that free of charge. It has been part of the Divine great plan of life that these things should temporarily fade into the background of humankind’s consciousness, but that they should return in God’s time, not ours. As we know by now, that’s when the energies are right for doing so and that’s what they are NOW. There are no forces between Heaven and Earth that can stop this from happening.

The pandemic is part of the death-struggle of customs and beliefs that have outlived their usefulness and find it hard to let go and die. An essential part of the Aquarian age’s Zeitgeist is honesty and truth and everything has to go that is not in harmony with it. Magpie warns us that the belief of a Messiah, who will appear at a predestined time in our world, to save and redeem all those who are willing to take every word of his teachings literally, is a false one, i.e. fake gold. The true gold that all of us, in the course of many lifetimes, have constantly searching for is the higher esoteric wisdom that has always been hiding behind all our world’s sacred teachings.

It then becomes clear that the essence of every human being, without exception, is spirit/soul who started its existence as a spark of the Great Light. Every one of us is part of God and like God, we are eternal beings who can never die. From time to time we temporarily take part in the earthly school of life’s lessons by spending another lifetime on that plane. Each one serves the wise higher purpose of slowly but surely moving forwards and upwards, each on their individual evolutionary journey as well as that of the whole of humankind. this continues until we have reached the developmental point of bringing forth, each from deep within their own being, the best, highest and noblest characteristics of their very own God or Christ nature.

The kindness and goodness, honesty and truth of our higher nature alone is capable of saving and redeeming us, all of humankind and our world. This applies to every human being; each has to play the role of being their own Messiah, saviour and redeemer. An essential part of it is doing our share of revealing the truth about the driving force behind the pandemic 2019/2020. Magpie asks us to do whatever our inner guidance tells us intuitively how we should go about it. Its presence shows that we shall have the courage and determination we need for walking our talk and speaking our truth, whilst taking advantage of every opportunity that offers itself for doing so. Our timing sense will be perfect, because the wise one or living God within will be telling us intuitively when it’s worthwhile standing our ground for something or whether it’s wiser to step aside and let people get on with their squabbles.

* * *

Magpie’s Message For Us And Our World (4)

Bill Gates : Happy Birthday

Today Bill (William Henry) Gates is celebrating his sixty-fifth birthday. He was born 28th October 1955 in Seattle, Washington, USA, when the Sun was in Scorpio and the Moon in the 2nd degree of Aries. As pointed out in the first chapter of magpie’s message, Sun Scorpios have a sixth sense for other people’s and society’s weaknesses and how to best exploit them, that’s why they make good detectives as well as criminals.

Be that as it may, the year Bill has just completed is likely to have been one of transformation for him. Yet, the one ahead promises to take him forward into a spiritually expansive period, in which his higher nature will be moving ever more into the foreground of his consciousness. Scorpio’s development takes place in three stages. First comes the scorpion with the sting in its tail and that is Scorpio’s deadly tongue. The second stage is that of the eagle, when the earthly self discovers its ability to lift itself above the difficulties of youth and childhood on the wings of its spiritual nature. The eagle is a bird of prey with a sharp beak and claws for getting hold of things. And that’s how Bill wound up as co-founder of Microsoft and billionaire at the age of thirty-one.

Magpie is a messenger from the spirit world who wants to draw Bill’s attention that spiritually there are two kinds of gold, a fake and a true variety. His birthchart shows that for some time his earthly personality has been struggling against his higher nature. It is doing its best to pull Bill forwards and upwards on his personal evolutionary spiral to start accumulating true gold. It will be easy when Bill enters the third and highest level of Scorpio’s earthly development of turning into a dove of peace! Bill is a born pioneer and leader of people who has excellent potential for one of these days emerging as one of our world’s spiritual leaders. If he refuses the challenge of developing his spiritual nature in his present lifetime, he will be left with nothing when at its end he returns to the spirit realm, humankind’s true home. Having left everything earthly behind, because it’s of no use or value to where he has gone, his spirit/soul will stand naked before – no, not God – but himself.

When he has rested sufficiently in the spirit world, he will be assessing the performances of all his lifetimes, especially the most recent one. Together with the wise ones in charge of him, he will then be consulting the Akashic Records to find out his weaknesses and strengths. This will enable him to see for himself that every bit of his material wealth has been fake gold, because it faded away each time he departed from the earthly plane. And if he continued the way he has done for such a long time, it would then be too late to do something about the sad lack of true gold, i.e. spiritual knowledge and the wisdom that has grown from our ability to understand and apply it to every one of our daily encounters.

If, however, he stepped forward and told the truth about the driving force behind the pandemic, the result would be a major credit entry in his spiritual bankbook. This courageous gesture – Scorpio’s love to think in terms of power – would empower him to act as one of the main contributors to bringing the pandemic to its natural and happy ending. Instead of waiting until the end of his present lifetime, more would be added if he then used his material wealth for feeding the hungry on the material level and so making good at least some of the damage he helped to create. His own spiritual development would take to its wings if, at the same time, he started feeding our world’s spiritually deprived hungry and homeless, through bringing them a new understanding of God’s true nature and their own, and the wise higher purpose of their earthly existence.

A general giving to our world’s population instead of exploiting their already dwindling material resources for the purpose of increasing his own wealth, might balance the karmic debts that are bound to have accumulated in his spiritual account because of his part in the pandemic alone. Maybe it’s Bill’s influence already that’s brought about the changing attitude of the World Health Organisation. The wise ones in our world’s inner spiritual background are the only ones, apart from Bill, who know. Whatever any one of us does, our motivations can clearly be seen by them.

They are the eye that never sleeps and observes everything that happens on the earthly plane. They are never fooled by anyone and if Bill has been using the façade of the WHO to increase his wealth, it will most certainly have caused a debit entry in his spiritual account. There is no need for us to find out, but our spirit friends and helpers know us and our motivations better than we do. Even what we like to think of as our most secret thoughts, in their world it comes across as if we were shouting them from the rooftops.

Bill’s Moon progression tells me that for a while he has been going through a particularly difficult time. But one of these days he could surprise our world by courageously stepping forward and putting his money where his mouth is, through his words and actions revealing what kind of a humanitarian he is. If he told the truth about his intentions behind getting ever more deeply involved with the WHO, he would be worthy of being called one of humankind’s leaders out of the pandemic. It’s likely that this kind of action would encourage others to follow his example. And it’s up to him to decide how he would like future history books mention Bill Gate. Is it going to be as one of the main destroyers of our world’s economies for the purpose of increasing his already enormous material wealth, or as one of its most outstanding healers and lightbringers, saviours and redeemers?

Magpie wants Bill to know that he is not some kind of Antichrist; nobody is. You are a beloved child of the Great Father/Mother of all life, a spark of the Universal Christ’s light, a young God in the making who is serving the first part of its apprenticeship in the earthly school of life; so is everybody else. You are a special and unique being; so is everybody else. You, the same as all those around you, were created to fulfil a certain task during our world’s present transformation from a predominantly materially orientated into an advanced spiritual one; so is everybody else. You are but one of the 7.7 billion spirit/souls, a spark of the Divine Fire, who has everything within, the highest as well as the lowest characteristics; so is everybody else.

You, the same as everybody else, have been granted the gift of another lifetime to go in search of the only true gold that exists on earthly plane and that is spiritual knowledge and the wisdom that grows from understanding it and applying it to everything that comes your way. This is the true gold every human being, in the course of many lifetimes, is constantly trying to find. That’s the only thing we can take with us at the end of each earthly sojourn. No-one will ever take this gold from us; it’s ours to keep in all Eternity.

Magpie wants Bill to know that his material wealth is fake gold. It will be lining the nest he has built for himself and his loved ones, until the moment of his departure from this plane. If his spiritual nature failed to wake up during what is left of his present lifetime, the only thing that would remain with him would be the karmic debts that accumulated during the time of accumulating his billions and trillions. But, should he step forward and tell us the truth, future history books would talk about Bill Gates as one of its major saviours and redeemers. Much more so than Jesus, because the story of the God-man’s life is but a legend. He merely existed as a thoughtform, which was created by God and the Angels for a predestined length of time to teach humankind the value of honesty and truth.

The year ahead for Bill is the sixty-sixth of his present lifetime and that means that it will be under the rulership of Venus, the beauty and peace loving planet, twice over, i.e. 66 = 6 x 2 = 12 = 1 + 2 = 3 ruled by Jupiter. And that’s the benevolent and expansive ruler of Sagittarius, the sign dedicated to the development of humankind’s superconscious faculties. Venus in the Earth sign Taurus teaches us to appreciate the good things of Mother Earth. Money is very important, not for its intrinsic value but for the beautiful things it can buy. Venus in the Air sign Libra is the peacemaker and we learn about the value of partnerships and marriage.

Many happy returns of the day, dear Bill. Hopefully they will be happier for you than this one probably is. Whatever happens, much love and goodwill will be coming your way in the coming year, don’t underestimate their value.

* * *

Magpie’s Message For Us And Our World (5)

Bill Gates And The Pandemic

'As we look ahead to the next century,
leaders will be those who empower others.'
Bill Gates

The way the Covid-19 situation was artificially pushed into pandemic proportions reminds me of the poem ‘Der Zauberlehrling’ or ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ by Goethe. Might the driving force behind the pandemic really not know what they are doing or is it by now a case of nobody having the courage to call it off? Are they really so heartless and blind to the suffering they are inflicting upon the whole of humankind? Can anyone be so greedy and lacking all sense of responsibility? In my view, the best we can do for the troublemakers and scaremongers behind the scenes is to continue sending them kind, loving and forgiving thoughts that feed into our world’s light stream of consciousness, points it in their direction and helps the higher nature of these people to wake up.

Magpie today has come to draw our attention to the fact that our physical body’s afflictions are always a cry from the indwelling spirit/soul that something on that level is in need of attention. This is as true for every individual human being as the whole of humankind and our world. And that’s why healing the spiritual aspects is more important than anything else. The pharma industry’s products can only suppress the symptoms of whatever is troubling us without any hope of reaching and healing its underlying cause. That’s where spiritual healing comes into its own. It addresses the root of the problem, goes to it and intuitively assists us with finding a better understanding of what we did wrong and what we can do our share of things with our physical body coming right again, dealing with the complaint once and for all.

This shows clearly that the pharma industry’s products are fake gold, while spiritual healing that attends to our whole being is the true gold that is waiting to eventually be unearthed by every one of us. Finding it is every human being’s birthright. When viewed from the spiritual perspective, the pandemic reveals itself as counterproductive for the pharma industry, because it forces ever more of us into taking a closer look at humankind’s true nature and the wise higher purpose of our earthly existence. To my mind, this situation is not really a struggle between good and evil, but between the knowledge of spiritual wisdom and truth and the lack of it.

The early Christians were the pioneers of the Piscean age and that’s what all of us are with regard to the Aquarian age, whether we are as yet aware of it or not. By creating and for many years co-leading Microsoft, one of the pioneering companies of the computer industry, Bill has already shown his inborn talent as a pioneer and leader of people. Through telling us how the pandemic was brought about and why it had to happen, might Bill one of these days also prove that he is capable of acting as one of our world’s Aquarian age spiritual leaders? Could he turn into someone who is capable of and willing to take us forward and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life into what to future generations will be known as the epoch of post-pandemic peace? Well, dear friends, these are the days of miracles and wonders!

Magpie wants to draw our attention to what happens towards the end of every human being’s earthly education, therefore also Bill’s. The time then has come for learning how to love God’s way. Nobody has to ask or command us to love one another, because when our higher nature has taken over it’s earthly counterpart, that’s our natural way of reacting to everything that comes our way. Only when we love for its own sake are we true to our higher eternal nature. The following was inspired by a message from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in the October/November 2020 Stella Polaris, the White Eagle Lodge’s magazine, under the heading ‘May The Rose Bloom’ by Michaela Hurcomb:

‘Loving the Divine way means giving without thought for self and walking faithfully with love in our heart, regardless of how difficult the road ahead may still be for us, trusting that God and the Angels can at any given time be called upon to show the way. It provides us with courage, loyalty and integrity, honesty and truth with which we express our love for the great siblinghood of humankind in every one of our thoughts, words and actions. Recognising the great justice of the Universal law that’s constantly at work in everything that happens throughout the whole of Creation, therefore also for us and our world, motivates us to bring forth, from deep within our own being. the best and noblest qualities of our God or Christ nature and pursue only that which is good, beautiful and right.

‘Loving the Divine way helps us to understand our siblings in the great family of humankind and it makes now difference how deceptive appearances can be in our world. This kind of loving is the most vital aspect of everybody’s God or Christ nature. It does not judge or accuse anyone of ulterior motives, because we are then at one with God and the Angels. They know every heart, spirit/soul and the predestined pathway all of us are walking and which lessons we are attending in the earthly school of life, at any given moment. This love makes us kind and capable of enduring our suffering until our spiritual ledger’s last karmic debts have been paid and redeemed, by us.

‘This kind of loving is the solvent for all our world’s problems, individually and collectively. When it is applied to anything that’s troublesome, for example the pandemic 2019/2020, in God’s time, not ours, the issue will be resolved and the situation disappear, if we but wait until the energies are right for this to happen. That’s how with patience and love, all humankind’s afflictions and predicaments can and will eventually be overcome, because that’s what is written in God’s great evolutionary plan for the whole of Creation, including us and our world. When we have learnt to love that way, the earthly school of life has nothing left to teach us and our vibrations are right for moving onto exploring the next higher level of life, at the end of our present lifetime.’

Bill once said: ‘As we look ahead into the future, leaders will be those who empower others.’ How about you, Bill? I believe your time has come for doing just that, not only on our world’s material plane but more importantly its spiritual background. Mind you, Bill also said: ‘Success is a lousy teacher. I seduces smart people to think they cannot lose. . .’.

* * *

From ‘Songs Of Inspiration’

Magpie’s Message For Us And Our World (6)

The Impossible Dream

To dream the impossible dream.
To fight the unbeatable foe.
To bear with unbearable sorrow.
To run where the brave dare not go.

To right the unrightable wrong.
To love pure and chaste from afar.
To try when your arms are too weary –
To reach the unreachable Star.

This is my quest:
To follow that star.
No matter how hopeless, no matter how far.
To fight for the right, without question or pause.
To be willing to march into hell, for a heavenly cause.

And I know, if I’ll only be true to this glorious quest,
That my heart will be peaceful and calm,
When I’m laid to my rest...
And the world will be better for this.
That one man [soul],
Scorned and covered with scars,
Still strove, with his last ounce of courage –
To reach the unreachable star.

From ‘The Man of La Mancha’ (Don Quixote)
Joe Darion and Mitch Leigh

In the fullness of time, the unreachable star described in the above song can and is meant to be reached and that by each one of us. Every time we spread new understanding of God’s sacred wisdom and truth, we act as lightbringers and sowers of seeds. Through this we gradually evolve into a light and a shining star in our own right, who is becoming ever more at one with the Christ Star. In this way increasing amounts of the darkness of our world are absorbed into the light of the Star and transmuted into blessing and healing energies for all life.

The materialism we experience during the early stages of our earthly development has its place in the grand scheme of evolution because it gets us in touch with the power of love and the first stirrings of our higher nature. As we ascend the evolutionary spiral of life, its lower counterpart is gradually left behind. Hidden behind the hunger and thirst for material possessions felt earlier on, are the first manifestations of something quite different. They were expressions of all human souls’ longing for love.

There comes a time for all of us when our earthly self begins to yearn to make contact with something it cannot yet understand. With the awakening of its higher nature and intuition, the higher part of our being can merely be sensed vaguely. Although we are as yet unable to give love, we feel the need for it in our life and yearn to be loved by someone. This draws people into our life who are willing to love us and to show us the meaning of love.

Every human being eventually reaches the evolutionary point when we begin to sense and feel the presence of the higher dimensions of life, even though so far we do not understand them, we may not even consciously be aware of their existence. The initially tiny flame of earthly love kindles a longing in our heart and soul for reaching out and loving something that is more than earthly love, that will and cannot die and will be with us forever.

During that phase of our development, whenever we observe natural phenomena like nature’s awakening in spring, we sense that behind the manifestations of such beauty and splendour there just has to be a higher power that brings it all into being. With this comes the realisation that everything that exists in the whole of Creation, therefore also in our world, is the product of the greatest intellect of all, known as the Divine Trinity, who creates even the tiniest parts of it. Each time you reflect on this, a feeling of peace and harmony begins to fill your whole being.

* * *

From ‘A Pandemic : Why?’

* * *

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