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Miracles And Wonders (72)
Miracles And Wonders (72)

Miracles And Wonders (72)


Message From The Angels And Masters Of The Christ Circle

The Truth : Nothing But The Truth

Thoughts For Today 13th November 2022

The Built-In Lie-Detector

Jon Rappaport joins our world’s Scaremongers with his new Podcast
War Game Planning against the Population

Economic Destruction on the Table; States of Emergency; Putting Nations on Wartime Status; False Shortages; Energy Is the Key; the Preparatory Conditioning and Behavior Modification were the COVID Lockdowns; the “Rescue Plan From Above”; Controlling Resistance and Rebellion

by Jon Rappoport – first published 7th November 2022

The headline and sub-headline above describe my new podcast. From my extensive research on the pandemic fraud---particularly the economic, social, and mind control factors---I’m going to war-game the war gamers in the podcast.

What are they planning? How can they launch an economic and political “COVID 2”?

What are their scenarios for dramatically lowering the curtain on the civilization we’re used to living in?

How have they set the stage?

Obviously, all this is vital to understand.

My aim: to “run the numbers” the planners are running; to show you their real and doable and executable plot lines, which could be launched on a moment’s notice.

I hope you’ll listen to my new podcast and think it through with me. We may be closer to the Edge than we realize.

“The US is down to a 25-day supply of diesel … and if the diesel stops, the 18-wheeler trucks stop … and if the 18-wheeler trucks stop, the country stops.” (Willis Eschenbach --- in “Big Oil, Small Oil” --- writing for WattsUpWithThat[dot]com)

* * *

When Jon Rappoport observed what for the time being and for wise higher reasons, has to happen on your planet’s material plane, he joined your world’s scaremongers. And that is only possible because so far he lacks the spiritual awareness that it is necessary for the process of assisting us with the separation of wheat from chaff. As mentioned before, this process is our most essential equipment during the present time of your planet’s transformation from an over-materialistically orientated place into spiritual one.

We, the Angels and Masters of the Christ Circle, always have been and forever will be in charge of unfolding the Divine evolutionary plan for the whole of Creation. Naturally, this includes planet Earth and everything that’s evolving there. We, on the inner spiritual counterpart of the material world, are in charge and determine what is going to happen there. For quite some time by now we have been occupied with transforming humankind and your whole world, within and without.

Unfortunately, Jon Rappoport so far is only aware of the old and by now outdated old belief systems and what they are doing to your world. That’s why it has not yet penetrated to him that those at the head of these organisations by no means ever ruled your world. And that’s because the rudder as well as the anchor of planet Earth has always rested securely in our hands. Alas, Jon does not yet know that, for approx. six thousand years, humankind has been taking part in the extremely important lesson of learning to appreciate the value of truth.

What Jon still has to find out is that every one of the old belief systems was inspired by us, the Angels and Masters of the Christ Circle. It ensured that humankind was kept away from finding out the truth about just about everything too early. Ever more of it would be revealed when the time was right. And that has been the case since the dawning of the Aquarian age, as that is the age of truth. That’s why by now ever more of you are finding out that there are no places like Heaven and hell, where people go at the end of their earthly lifetime. The truth is that the only place where anyone goes is our realm. From there every one of you emerges at the beginning of another period of attending the lessons of the earthly school of life and returns to, as soon as another one has run its course.

In keeping with the great Divine evolutionary plan, the truth was first known to humankind for a long, long time. But then it was gradually ever more withdrawn from your world. The old belief systems were our instrument for bringing this about. We invite you go to the file ‘The Great Plan Of Life Unfolds’, at the end of this chapter. You will then be able to see for yourself how your whole world, for many years by now, has been moving ever deeper into the Age of Aquarius energies. This is the age of truth and the deeper your world penetrates into them, the more of spiritual truth is returning to humankind. For example we are giving it through these Aquarian writings.

Let no-one be in doubt about the fact that we always have been and forever will be in charge of what happens on every level of planet Earth. Whatever is visible to human eyes on the material plane reveals to those who know about our presence in its spiritual background. Whatever happens on the outer plane first has to come about on its inner counterpart. We are the ones who determine what should happen there, in keeping with the Divine evolutionary plan.

Alas, Jon lacks the awareness of this and that’s why he decided to join the ranks and files of your world’s troublemakers and scaremongers with his latest podcast. Down he goes hook, line and sinker to the bottom of the pit of darkness and fear which these people, the chaff of humankind, have been preparing and working on extremely hard, for a long time. That’s how they prepared the chaff people, i.e. those who are sufficiently gullible to believe that whatever they have been and still are pumping into your world is true.

And because Jon still lacks the awareness of who truly is in charge of humankind and your world, always has been and forever will be, that’s why he has become a prime victim of the scaremongers. This is why he is unable to see what the various Health Systems, Governments and most of all the companies who are part of the pharmaceutical industry and who are richly rewarding the others for what, together, they are doing to humankind.

Unable to recognise that the rudder of the great ship Earth, which we already talked about, always has been resting in our hands and that this will forever continue, Jon is convinced that the various authorities really decide what happens in your world. If that were true, those would indeed be the wrong hands to trust with anything, most of all looking after the monetary resources as well as the wellbeing of whole nations and the countries in which they are living.

Misunderstanding their intentions, Jon wants to do something to save your world because to him it looks as if its end has come. Yes, the end of your world the way you have known it really has come. As mentioned before, everything that’s happening at present in your world is an essential ingredient of its great transformation. Step by step this has been happening for a long time. Every bit of it is an essential ingredient of humankind’s lesson of learning to appreciate the value of truth. What you are experiencing at present in your world is the final instalment of this lesson.

The so-called pandemic is an essential aspect of your world’s greatest transformation of all times. Independent of how much anyone on the outer material plane resists this process, it will happen. This is because the power of ruling your world never has been or will be in the hands of anyone in the outer material part. It’s forever been with us and we are glad to tell you that this will never change.

* * *

The most essential item ever more people on the earthly plane need to come to terms with is that men like Jesus Christ or the Buddha never existed on the outer material plane, and that the same is true for every one of the viruses the ‘pandemic’ is supposed to consist of. Yet, even though we are invisible to most earthly eyes, we do exist. We always have and forever will be holding the reins of all power firmly, on the inner as well as the outer plane, in our hands.

As evidence, that many are glad about this and happy to follow the guidance we have for a long time been giving through the Aquarian writings, for example through the Booksie files, how about looking at the top ranking ones of ‘Healing Corner For Parents And Children’ and ‘The Great Plan Of Life Unfolds’. The viewing figures, at the time of preparing this message for you, stood at 145689 and 142787 respectively. From that you can clearly see that ever more people in your world are trusting what we, for many years, have been bringing to humankind with the help of our scribe/secretary Aquarius. Having recently left behind her eighty-fifth birthday, she has served us well. But for this she has paid the price.

Here is what Aquarius says about working with and for us: ‘Do your best to go with the flow, rest safely in the knowledge that you are responding to the voice of the wise one or living God within you, who knows the way of all things and the right answers to any question you may ever wish to ask. They will come to you intuitively from within the innermost core of your own being. This is the only teacher or guru in the whole of Creation who is truly reliable and trustworthy, who will never lead any of us astray. This is how all my writings have come into being in the course of about thirty years. The price I have paid for them has been, and to this day is, every other day having to endure severe headaches. I did not know for a long time that this was a necessary part of peeling layer upon layer of fears and anxieties from my own soul memories as well as those of the whole of humankind.’

And that, to this day is still happening. Is it any wonder that for quite some time by now she has been hoping to be released from serving us on the material plane of life, so that she can continue to do this from behind the veil which at present still separates your world from ours? Alas, we still need her services. Let’s take a closer look at these headaches. When with the passing of time they became ever stronger, she still had private health insurance. When she tried to get to the cause of the pain, she was handed from one consultant to another.

None of them could find anything wrong with her state of health. The only thing the experts could suggest against the headaches was painkillers. She was unwilling to take them, the same as almost every other product of the pharmaceutical industries because for many years she had not trusted them. That’s why, in the end, she decided to endure the headaches rather than to develop into regular swallower of pills. Let’s take a look at why she did this. Aquarius belongs to what later became known as the Valium generation. She remembers only too well how the medical profession used to hand this potent psychotherapeutic drug out like Smarties. The manufacturer’s advertisements recommended that people should look at Valium as a pair of sunglasses for the psyche that was harmless and absolutely non-addictive.

Alas, Aquarius found out through her own experiences, that exactly the opposite is true, as twice in her present lifetime she had to wean herself from this extremely potent drug. Taking it the second time was the very last thing on this Earth she wanted to do. But on another occasion things got so difficult for her that eventually she decided to take the drug once, in as small as possible doses. She hoped that she would need Valium only for a while and that she would again succeed to wean herself from it, without the assistance of the medical profession and the ever stronger drugs which were the only thing they could offer.

Whatever is on offer to you from anyone, the decision of what is good and not good for you is yours alone. Naturally, this includes the Aquarian writings. Do not believe that every word of what we have already told you in this way is literally true. Do not allow yourself to be fooled by anyone, least of all by your world’s troublemakers and scaremongers. You, the same as every other human being, has been provided by their Divine parents, the Great Father/Mother of all life and their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ, with a very special gift. The birthright to eventually discover the truth and nothing but the truth, has been laid into your cradle, so to speak.

And that’s why once again, if you wish to find the truth about anything, please don’t take anyone’s word that they are telling the truth. Listen to what people are saying, whenever your attention is drawn to something. The inner world of your feelings is constantly trying to communicate with you and tell you what their intentions are. That’s your inner guidance, the voice of the wise one or living God within you. If something is true it will feel true to you, even if it is not yet to anybody else. You could have been chosen to act as one of your world’ pioneers. If something is untrue, your inner guidance without fail also lets you know.

Everybody has such a built-in lie-detector that has the power of protecting you against anything that is not trustworthy. Even though many in your midst are as yet unaware of this, but every human being is a young God in the making. Therefore, it’s not surprising that every one of you possesses their very own lie-detector. Should you be as yet unfamiliar with this, start paying attention to how the world of your feelings reacts to whatever comes before you, especially what the mass media enjoy pumping into your world. And do not exclude the Aquarian writings.

It will not take long until this lie-detector confirms that your world’s only virus that really can kill is fear and that the only vaccine that can be used effectively against this virus comes to you free of charge. It’s called understanding. And that’s what we always endeavoured to bring to your world through the Aquarian writings. Only if your lie-detector approves of any part of them, including what’s before you now, share it with as many as possible in the world around you. Don’t forget to tell them about their own lie-detector and teach them how to use it.

Last but not least, let’s return to Jon for a moment. For many years he has brought truth to your world. Outstanding examples of this are his notes about the background of the Aids virus and epidemic. This was followed by the bird and swine flue and so on and so forth – up to the so-called pandemic. We have always greatly appreciated Jon’s work as an investigative reporter and hope that somehow his spiritual nature, one of these days, begins to wake up from its slumber and gradually takes over his whole being. Naturally, Jon also has a built-in lie-detector of his own, the same as everybody else. By the look of his new podcast he has not yet discovered it. Can someone please tell him about it, so he can start using it – for the good of your whole world?

* * *

From ‘Songs Of Inspiration’

How Great Thou Art! (1)

Our own heart is part of the great living and loving heart of the Universe and like the great heart, our own eternally pulsates its light into the whole of Creation. The great heart is the intelligence of the Universe, the Father, the masculine first principle of God. He is abstract and his energy is the pure and invisible creative thought that once brought each one of us into being. The Mother is the feminine second principle through whom all worlds and its lifeforms are created.

The third principle is the Son/Daughter, born of the Father/Mother’s love, whose light comes alive in and animates all life the Father creates through the Mother. The Father places a spark of the Son/Daughter into each one of his offspring, for example you and me, so that we should evolve and slowly grow into the conscious awareness of our own nature and Divine origin. Before any world could be created, the Father had to create himself a Son/Daughter, a source of light and warmth, by whom his creations could be nurtured and maintained.

Spiritually, ignorance is darkness and knowledge is light. The Highest experiences itself through all Its creatures and as they slowly grow and evolve, the spiritual light of the Universe increases. Expressed in the most simple terms this means that God is constantly growing and evolving, the same as we are doing. In God and also in us Father/Mother/Son and Daughter are one and inseparable. All life, including that of the Earth, is imbued with the vibrations of this holy Trinity. Although to this day those of the Earth are extremely slow and dense, like a ladder they nonetheless reach up from every human heart towards the higher and highest levels of life into the heartmind of God. It is only because the Earth’s vibrations are so slow that matter, the Mother, appears to be solid to earthly eyes. In truth, every bit of it is nothing of the kind, as any physicist will be happy enough to confirm. And to enable human souls to move forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life, their energies have to be cleansed, purified and refined. Without this no progress is possible.

William Cullen Bryant, the American author and poet wrote: ‘My heart is awed within me, when I think of the great miracle that still goes on, in silence, around me – the perpetual work of Thy Creation, finished, yet renewed forever.’ Sharing his feelings, I see our world as one great a work of art. In spite of its size it is merely a tiny integral part of an even more gigantic masterpiece and a labour of love, and that is the whole of Creation and all worlds and beings contained within them. Everything that ever has been and ever will be is created by the loving creative thoughts and ideas of our Creator, the Great Father of all life. Through the Great Mother, with the help of the Angels, all things come into being. Her love and wisdom decide where and when. And the Son/Daughter, the Sun above and beyond the Sun, gives life to and nurtures and warmth to even the tiniest ones of its aspects.

Everything that is still unattractive and disharmonious in our world and in us is merely waiting to be made beautiful and harmonious, in its own sweet time. Therefore, let no-one despise these things, for they too have meaning and serve the higher purpose of teaching us to distinguish between ugliness and chaos and that which is beautiful and harmonious. The words of Judge Oliver Wendell Holmes come closer to my own perception of our earthly existence than any other definition I have ever seen anywhere: ‘Life is painting a picture and not doing sums.’

And should you now ask me: ‘Why is there still so much ugliness in our world?’ I would say: ‘Try to imagine the frustration of the Great artist, our Creator, if His/Her work were ever to be finished and could not be carried on, just because it had reached perfection. There would be nothing for Him/Her to do any more and that is unthinkable, as any creative artist is sure to confirm. The wonder and magic of evolution is that everything will always continue to evolve and move forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life, including you and me and our world.

We are in this life to find a new understanding and re-interpretation of the age-old concept of Gaia. Once more humankind is becoming aware of the true nature of Mother Earth as one vast living, breathing and feeling organism in which we, for as long as our earthly education continues, have our existence. Like us, she has a spirit and soul as well as a physical body. Our beautiful planet is but one of the many spiritual and physical manifestations of the Great Mother of all life. Our Divine Father/Mother are the nurturers and protectors of all life in the whole of Creation, the parts that are visible to earthly eyes as well as those which to this day are invisible to us. All are beloved children of the Great Spirit and each one of them is equally precious and unique.

I can never stop marvelling at the great wisdom and the loving care with which everything in the material world has been designed and is constantly attended to. I once had an Ivy Canariensis hedge in my garden, one of the slowest growing varieties whose main attraction are its leaves. To my astonishment I noticed that no two leaves were ever quite alike and that each one of them was indeed an individual work of art. On several occasions I tried to find two identical leaves in size, shape and/or markings – always in vain. Each leaf was yet another reflection of the great love of our Creator and the uniqueness and preciousness of all that is in the created world, including you and me.

When I look around and see Thy great work of art and labour of love, ever evolving to greater glory and beauty – a physical manifestation and a reflection of Thy great wisdom, beauty and love, then indeed sings my soul, my Saviour and God to Thee: ‘How great Thou art! How great Thou art!’

* * *

How Great Thou Art! (2)

All Is Movement And Constant Changes

The creative processes are constantly at work. Life at all times is evolving, moving forwards and upwards in vast spirals onto ever higher evolutionary levels and we are carried along with this onto ever more uplifting and beautiful experiences. Nothing in the whole of Creation ever stands still, not even for the briefest moment. The Sun in the sky above us reflects this down to us on the Earth. It too never stops moving in its orbit. The same is true for all parts of God’s Creation where everything is wheels within wheels, and cycles within cycles. Everything is movement and all things and conditions are constantly changing. Astrology reflects this.

Some of the components of the planets of our solar system are sometimes turning at different speeds. Good examples of this are the Sun and Jupiter. Not all their latitudes are turning at the same rate – some are dragged along behind, some may overlap. Our Sun spins round its own axis and one of its full turns takes about twenty-five to twenty-seven days, the duration is variable. Our Sun is part of the Milky Way, our galaxy. This too is moving. We orbit the hub of the Milky Way and one of its circuits takes about two hundred and twenty million years. Our solar system is presently moving towards the galaxy cluster Virgo, at the breathtaking speed of one million miles per hour! It needs bearing in mind that all scientific information about space and planetary matters also are constantly revised and updated, as our scientist gain more understanding.

Just imagine! Our galaxy is but one of two hundred thousand million galaxies. Most of them consist of at least one hundred thousand million stars or more and our Sun is but one of them. There are we, in a distant corner of the immensity of the Universe, safe and sound on our small planet, the beautiful treasure and jewel Earth. Guided and protected by our Great Father/Mother, their only born Son, the Universal Christ and the Angels. Cared for and nurtured by Mother Earth and her Angels and warmed and loved by Father Sun. Mother Earth and Father Sun are physical and spiritual manifestations of the Great Father/Mother, the Creator, designer and architect of all life. Standing in front of all that, which human soul does not want to go down on its knees and exclaim:

O Great Father/Mother of all life and your
only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ,
when I in awesome wonder
Consider all the worlds Thy hands have made,
I see the stars; I hear the mighty thunder,
Thy power throughout the Universe displayed.
Then sings my soul, my God to Thee:
‘How great Thou art! How great Thou art!’

When I see how You hold millions and millions and millions of worlds safely in Your loving hands, there grows within me a new perception of how great you really are, so much greater than anyone of us could ever have dreamed! Realising Your infinite and unconditional love is for each one of us, no matter how small and insignificant our present existence may appear to us, our world and all worlds, my heart flows over and my soul cannot help singing to You, my Saviour God: ‘How great You are, how wonderful and magnificent!’

‘I will praise Thee, because of the wonders which Thou hast done. Marvellous are Thy works and that my soul knows right well.’ Psalm 139:14

* * *

Message from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in the White Eagle Lodge calendar September 2012: ‘Look always for the spirit behind or within any kind of physical manifestation. It’s in the air you breathe as well as the water you drink and bathe in. It’s in the sky, the air and the winds that move within it. Every fire contains small fire spirits. It’s in the beauty of all kinds of plants, their flowers and fruits. Realising this helps you to become more harmonious with your whole being and the beauty that’s in every life, whether someone is aware of it as yet or not. When you become aware of other realms, they are happy to reveal ever more of themselves to you. And that’s the best way of discovering new ones you never knew about or even dreamed of before.

‘The Angels and Masters of the Christ Circle always have been and in all Eternity will continue to serve the Great Father/Mother Creator and their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ. They ensure that the Divine evolutionary plan for the whole of Creation keeps on unfolding, the way it should. Naturally, this includes every human being, wherever they may be at any given moment, as well as everything else that exists on planet Earth, including the whole of the planet itself.

‘And because the plan was designed by the love and wisdom of the Divine Trinity, all manifestations of life, throughout the whole of Creation, individually and collectively have always been moving forwards and upwards on great evolutionary spirals. There never has been or ever will be any standing still or moving backwards, even by the slightest fraction of an inch. And that’s how the Divine evolutionary plan of life forever will keep on unfolding.’

Incidentally, the fact that our solar system is presently moving towards the galaxy cluster Virgo seems to me of particular interest for our world and the healing work we are all involved in. At the beginning of the Age of Aquarius and bearing in mind that Virgo is the teaching and healing sign of the zodiac, our whole world is currently taking part in a learning and healing experience of truly Cosmic proportions. All the help in the Universe is waiting to be called upon by us for each doing their own share of bringing our new and peaceful world into being. God and the Angels will safely guide and protect us and our world through any inner and outer cleansing and healing process that may be required. Praise and thanks be to them that the time for this has come, at long last. And as ever, astrology provides us with an instrument for a better understanding of what is happening to us and our world.

* * *

How Great Thou Art (3)

O Lord, my God! When I in awesome wonder
Consider all the worlds Thy hands have made.
I see the stars; I hear the rolling thunder,
Thy power through-out the Universe displayed.
Then sings my soul, my Saviour God, to Thee;
How great Thou art, how great Thou art!
Then sings my soul, My Saviour God, to Thee:
How great Thou art, how great Thou art!

When through the woods and forest glades I wander
And hear the birds sing sweetly in the trees;
When I look down from lofty mountain grandeur
And hear the brook and feel the gentle breeze:
And when I think that God, His Son not sparing,
Sent Him to die, I scarce can take it in;
That on the cross, my burden gladly bearing,
He bled and died to take away my sin:
When Christ shall come with shout of acclamation
And take me home, what joy shall fill my heart!
Then I shall bow in humble adoration,
And there proclaim, my God.
How great Thou art!

Carl Boberg
Swedish Pastor

The Original Swedish lyrics, titled ‘O, Store Gud’ and written in 1886 were inspired by a visit to a beautiful country estate on the southeast coast of Sweden. Pastor Carl Boberg was suddenly caught in a midday thunderstorm with awe inspiring moments of flashing violence, followed by a clear brilliant sun. Soon afterwards he heard the calm sweet songs of the birds in nearby trees. The experience prompted the pastor to fall to his knees in humble adoration of his mighty God. (Osbeck 133) As the result of this experience he wrote a 9 stanza poem, and several years later at a conference, was surprised to hear his poem sung to the tune of an old Swedish folk melody. It was translated into German, then a literal translation by an American in 1925: ‘O Mighty God, when I behold the wonder.’ The song was also translated from German to Russian in 1927. Missionary Stuart Hine, inspired by the Russian words coupled with the awesome sights of the Carpathian mountains, wrote the first three English verses, the fourth appeared after WW II.

The hymn was made famous by George Beverly Shea during the Billy Graham Crusade in London.

* * *

With love and light,

* * *

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