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Miracles And Wonders - Part 6
Miracles And Wonders - Part 6

Miracles And Wonders - Part 6

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Dear Friends,

Today is the 22nd July 2022 and at 20.06 hours Greenwich Meantime, the Sun in the sky above our world leaves behind cardinal Cancer, the sign of the Water element that’s dedicated to the love and wisdom of the Great Mother of all life. From Cancer the Sun moves into the Leo, the fixed sign of the Fire element that’s dedicated to the Great Father of all life. This is taking place on a Friday, the day of the week that’s ruled by Venus, who is the planetary ruler of the fixed Earth sign Taurus as well as the cardinal Air sign Libra, the zodiac’s peacemaker.

Libra marks the Earth’s entry into the second half of the zodiac when the autumnal equinox with its first day of autumn has crept up on us once again. In the outer world Libra is the turning point of the year. On the inner levels of life, the same happens to human beings on the evolutionary spiral, when they reach this sign. That is why, as their present lifetime progresses, their pathway becomes an ever more delicate balancing act between humankind’s two worlds, the outer material and the inner spiritual one.

When the earthly self at last wakes up from its slumbering state, it is delighted that there really is such a thing as a world of spirit and that it has an indwelling spirit/soul, who can and will never die. Realising that in truth the two are one, they stop pulling each other apart. Much can be achieved when both are finally moving in the same direction, forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life and simultaneously into the awareness of every human being’s true higher nature and their eternal home. This happens as much individually collectively and that is particularly significant in our world’s present situation.

There are two Master vibrations that apply to everything that exists in our world, the 11 and the 22. Today contains a double helping of the 22 Master vibration. It will be interesting to watch how much of the truth about the spiritual background of our world’s present state, the Great Father is willing to disclose to His beloved children of the Earth, during the coming thirty days of the Sun’s transit through fiery Leo. People born into this sign above all things love to shine and enjoy themselves, as well as their guests.

My contribution consists of six chapters from ‘War And Peace Among Nations’ of the Aquarian Writings, as follows:

How Great Thou Art:

The Symbolisms Of The Christmas Story:

Losing And Finding Faith:

The Road To Bethlehem:

The Great Plan Of Life Unfolds:

With love and light,

* * *

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22 Jul, 2022
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