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Molly is gone, I can't forgive myself...

It was December 13, 2016. We were at the park that's the day she told me something that took me by surprise. I watched the little kids enjoying their happy lives when she told me, "Grace, I'm pregnant". I was in shock thinking she's only sixteen! How is she pregnant!

I stared blankly at her round pimple-free face. She was the really pretty girl in our school, In english there would always be a boy staring at her. She had a perfect face, dirty blonde hair, and a perfect body.

"How are you pregnant!" I said with a surprised face,

"I umm..." she stopped her sentence and started to look down at the dirt.

"You did what?!" I pressed. That's when I saw her burst into tears.

"I'm s-sorry. I didnt mean to! I was drunk..." she said quivering.

I didn't speak for a while, but I embraced her in a big, reassuring hug. "Why were you drinking..." I said to her with a blank face.

"It was by accident... I drank it at Josh's house and then I just kept drinking it," she said looking at me with her bright blue eyes all puffed up.

I gave her a tighter hug and asked "How are you going to tell your mom?"

Molly's dad died serving the army when she was seven. Her mom started to work two jobs and tried to keep the house running, but then she moved to a cheaper apartment when she was nine. Molly worked at a thrift store in downtown. She got $11 every hour dusting the furniture and was basically the only worker there. The real owner was never really around. I had a job - I babysitted for about $8 a hour. I think it's a good job; it will help me when I have kids of my own.

"I can't tell my mom.... She can't afford to help me with the baby," she said looking at her stomach.

"I can help you, I mean, my mom's a doctor - she wouldn't mind! You know how she helped the neighbor's daughter!" I said firmly, but reassuringly.

"She gave her medications and took her to the appointments," I said whispering into Molly's ear.

"Well, I'll see," she said while looking at my thick round brown glasses.

"Who's the dad?" I asked looking at her.

There was a long silence....

Author Notes: Random story I wrote... Should I continue?

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4 Feb, 2017
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