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More Astrological Background
More Astrological Background

More Astrological Background


The Aquarian Spiritual Transformation – Part Fourteen

Aquarius is the sign of friendship and siblinghood with all manifestations of life, not only on our planet but throughout the whole of Creation. It is also the sign of group consciousness and in the course of the present Aquarian age, a period of approx. 2,500K years, ever more of us will be learning how to march to the tune of their own inner drum, the wise one or living God within. This is the antidote to what the mass media, richly rewarded by their employers, the pharma industry, for quite a long time by now, methodically and with steadily increasing success, have been pumping into our world. Their messages are making the masses believe that our race is in danger of being extinguished and wiped from the face of the Earth, due to an invisible fiend by the name of Covid 19 and its variants. Ever more of them are said to be appearing and all for the sake of keeping the pharma industry’s money-spinning efforts going at top speed.

What the companies involved do not know is that Aquarius is the sign of rebellion and revolution. These energies are designed to assist humankind, in the fullness of time, to shake off the yokes that, for long enough by then, will have been restricting humankind’s freedom to move forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life. This freedom consists of believing what everybody’s own inner guidance says is true. And that’s usually not what was written a long time ago and is outdated. In particular this applies to our world’s religious teachings that are supposed to be literally true. And yet, all of them contain the truth. Alas, it’s futile to look for it in their surface words because for a predestined length of time their higher esoteric true meanings had to remain hidden behind them. They are meant to be discovered when the age of truth has been reached. That time is NOW and the deeper our world penetrates into the Aquarian age, the more of the truth is going to be revealed.

Leo is the sign dedicated to the Great Father of all life. In the year 2021, a mere two days after the Sun had entered this sign, on the 24th July at 02.37 hours Greenwich Meantime a full Moon will be taking place. Leo’s polar opposite in the zodiac is Aquarius. The times around the full Moon in every sign being one for finding enlightenment, i.e. a better understanding of something that could have been puzzling us for a long time, how much of the truth about the background of our world’s present state can this full Moon bring to our world?

Nobody can hide the truth forever and this is for the simple reason that it’s not meant to remain hidden. Cancer is the sign of the Great Mother that’s ruled by the Moon. Its energies are shy and withdrawn, affecting everybody mostly on the inner subconscious levels. Having left the Cancerian energies behind, the Great Father’s influence takes over and steps onto our world’s stage. How much of the truth will His energies have in store for His beloved children of the Earth? And how much longer will it take until the Aquarian Zeitgeist has grown sufficiently strong to bubble to our world’s surface to start shaking off the plandemic yoke that’s suffocating our economies because of the pharma industry’s selfish greed that already has brought about many personal breakdowns, as well as national and international ones?

But let’s return to taking a closer look at lifetimes in which we are more in danger of suffering from personal breakdowns than others. First in line are Pisceans with their proneness for slipping into deep depressions that may wind up in breakdown. Virgo is the polar opposite of Pisces in the zodiac. Through its inner connection with this sign, Sun Virgos are similarly affected. The same applies to the polar opposition of Sagittarius and Gemini. When the Sagittarian superconscious faculties are trying to wake up a lower earthly self to Its presence, that part could be reluctant to move forward to getting to know the new dimensions of life that are meant to be discovered. The small and easily frightened lower is frightened of getting to know the most beautiful and precious part of its being, its very own higher God or Christ nature.

The Chinese call Gemini the monkey sign, because of the ceaseless mental activity of their earthly mind, which all of us eventually have to learn how to take control of. Being a mental and not an emotional sign, Geminians may prefer spending their time in endless small talk and revelling in the minutest details of the most trivial things, rather than reaching into the depths of their world of feelings and emotions. Sagittarius, the procrastinator of the zodiac, would rather go jet-setting round the globe in pursuit of some illusory greener pastures than looking for them within, guided and protected by their Highest Self. As a result, both signs are likely to wind up in a breakdown.

Scorpios may suffer from depressions because of their reluctance to reveal their true feelings. At times they can be too deep probing and intense for their own liking. Deeply feeling and highly sensitive to the emotional vibrations of those around them, they are particularly good a hiding their true feelings away from themselves. The inevitable result is that in the fullness of time they sink into depression. Pisceans, ruled by Neptune, are under similar influences, as the danger of deceiving oneself and others always loom large wherever this planet’s energies come strongly into play.

Scorpio is co-ruled by Mars, the Roman God of War, and Pluto, the ruler of the underworld, a symbolism of the subconscious level of our being. The Plutonian energies ensure that, when the time for the appearance of something that was formerly hidden is right, the truth about it comes bubbling to the surface of our own consciousness. This applies as much for us individually as collectively for the whole of humankind. The cathartic purging and cleansing effects of the Plutonian energies are designed to cleanse us and our world of the drives and urges of our race’s small lower selves. Find out more about this by following the relevant links at the end of this chapter.

The Christ Star’s light eventually absorbs that which is no longer desirable and of use on the earthly plane of life and uplifts and transmutes its energies into blessing and healing ones for the whole of Creation. Every earthly self’s highest potential in all signs and houses of the zodiac and especially Scorpio and it’s natural domain, the eighth house, is to lift itself, the whole of humankind and our world on the mighty spiritual wings of the Great White Eagle above the concerns of our earthly existence into the blessing and healing power of the Highest Star and the healing light of the Christ Star. This eagle represents the Divine Trinity of the Great Father/Mother of all life and their only born Son/Daughter, the warmth and light of the Universal Christ’s spirit.

Breakdowns also occur more frequently when we approach our first and second Saturn return at the age of 29 ½ and 59 years respectively. This also applies to the Uranus opposition or midlife crises. See the respective links below.

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23 Jul, 2021
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