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The sweet, tangy guitar in country music. The delicate violin in classical music.

Music, music, music.

I cannot live without it.

I always loved it, since it provokes so many mixed emotions in me. I love Pop, country, classical, light rock… all of them. Except for rap. I don’t really like how they're showing off by saying how many vehicles they have and they have least 2 million fans on Twitter (I mean, what’s the point? Telling the whole world you are the best?)

I see hues when I listen to songs. Jazz is a midnight blue. Pop is a fiery pink-orange. The country is more of a “chillax” maroon color. As for rock, it’s a light shade of green, with a tinge of blue. Electro is golden yellow, shining in the sunlight.

Music helps me focus, but not tunes with lyrics. I can’t type and listen to two separate things. I can read in “harsh” (noisy) situations because that’s me every day at home. I can’t type or write in absolute stillness though. It makes me agitated, so music helps a lot in those circumstances.

When I have time, I’d draw of color with music. Usually, I’d pick a type of music, then use the colors I see in my drawing.

Once, my friend asked me if I had to pick I one thing in life to keep, and I said “Music and Art.” I admired art since I was a little kid. I fancy music because it’s art. It makes me think of so many memories, so many feelings, so many souls and their lives.

People out there has suffered so much, gone through horrible things, endured the worst kinds of torture. But music.. it makes you float endlessly, with no up and down, no right or wrong. Makes you forget things, makes you lightheaded with happy thoughts.

Music helped me in dark times, cheering me up.

Music is the art of healing.

Author Notes: I love music and I felt I should write this. Please leave a review and see you around!

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23 Jan, 2019
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