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My Astrology
My Astrology

My Astrology


My Astrology

The astrology I practise has nothing to do with horoscopes and fortune telling. It’s applied psychology and that, to my mind, is the best instrument for not only getting to know ourselves and especially our inner motivations but also the people around us and what motivates them. Astrology is helping me to be more tolerant of and patient with them. And that is because unless someone is aware of what’s operating within them and the lessons of the predestined pathway they are walking, the same as everybody else, they are what is known as ‘ruled by the Stars’. To find out more about this, please follow the relevant link at the end of this chapter.

Like all truly great ideas, astrology’s principles are very simple. Everything is wheels within wheels and cycles within cycles constantly repeating themselves. In my view there is no better instrument than the Divine science for getting to know our true self and loving it, and doing the same for the people who are accompanying our pathway through life. As for my taste too much gobble-de-gook surrounds this subject, from the beginning of my writings I have aimed at demystifying it. Besides, instead of feeding people by catching one fish for them, I believe in showing them where they can find and land the tastiest morsels for themselves.

I believe that astrology’s extraordinary beauty and usefulness as well as its basic simplicity can only reveal itself when one strips away all confusing non-essentials elements. As soon as this has been done, the subject transforms itself from something that is best avoided, because for ordinary mortals without specialist knowledge it is far too complicated, something mysterious which some find downright scary. When astrology is placed in the right hands it quickly reveals itself as something to be enjoyed, relished and treasured as the precious gift to humankind which in truth it always has been. Knowing that simplicity is the greatest thing the Universe can bestow upon any of its children of the Earth, I always keep things as simple as possible and use language that hopefully can be followed easily by anyone.

In my view the best approach to astrology is the D.I.Y. one. All my writings are dedicated to doing my share of dispersing the prejudices against astrology that to this day exist in our world. By showing how the Divine science can be used to find a better understanding not only of ourselves, each other and our world, but also of God and the processes of Creation and life, I would like to assist people to overcome their fear of this truly amazing subject. As mentioned earlier, the kind of astrology I practise has nothing to do with fortunetelling. It is applied psychology and an instrument for getting to know ourselves, weaknesses and strengths alike, and for finding out about our innermost motivations and highest potentialities.

Should you be interested in a spot of fortunetelling only, forget about the D.I.Y. method. You would be wasting your time and be better off by far if you gazed into a crystal ball or some tealeaves, to see what might come to you. You could be lucky and will never know unless you try. But if you wish to become more familiar with yourself and your predestined pathway through life, you have come to the right place. You are sure to find what you are looking for with my preferred method.

My advice for anyone who stands with trepidation before the vastness of astrology is: do not be discouraged. Not everybody is destined to become a professional astrologer. For many it is quite sufficient to learn more about the Sun signs and what they can disclose about their own and everyone else’s predestined pathway and destiny. My own life has taught me how, through a better appreciation of one’s own and other people’s little foibles and peccadilloes, one imperceptibly and almost automatically grows into a kinder and more loving and tolerant person. Astrology has helped me in so many ways, but especially with this and I am convinced that it can do the same for you. If that sounds interesting, please follow the link below.

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30 Apr, 2019
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