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My Demon's Name Is Alastor Pt. 1
My Demon's Name Is Alastor Pt. 1

My Demon's Name Is Alastor Pt. 1


Thursday March 28, 2019

I'm crazy. I'm definitely crazy. Please, please help. me. Alastor is coming for me.

Oh, my dear, I'm already here.

Shut up, Alastor! I'm crazy enough. Now it's even hard to seperate my thoughts from yours.

I am you, child. We have the same thoughts.

Go away! I wish I never met you. What do you want from me?!

My dear Danah, all I want from you is control. If you bow to me, your life will be so very magical.

Never. Fuck you. Fuck this. Go away.

You see, Danah, is you bow to me, you will not sense remorse nor pain. Wouldn't that be great?

FUCK. NO. I might have regrets, but I learn from my mistakes. And also, isn't a person who cannot feel remorse called a psycho? I do not want to become a psycho.

Oh, yes, you do. It's like a drug, dear. Once you get a small whiff of it, you'll crave for more. Everything seems perfect. You could do anything. Right now, you are filled with regrets and pain. If you want to move your fat-ass and do something in life, you need to push it away.


You're considering it! We are going somewhere now. Give me control, Danah. Give me control and say goodbye to your humanity.

Stop, Alastor. Just stop, please. I'm so dumb to actually consider this. This is so fucking dumb. I should never have even tempted.

Friday March 29, 2019

Please, Alastor. I'm so tired right now. I just came back from swimming. I don't want to deal with your bullshit.

I can see you caving in, Danah. Keep it up. Give. Me. Control.

Please stop pounding on my door. It's hard to build mental barricades in the first place. At least I can promise you one thing; I'm never opening it for you.

Oh, yes you will. If you don't, I will burst it open.

Stop! I beg you mercy. The door is cracking. Stooop. Please. Please. Please.

Oh, my dear Danah, mercy is pretty late. I'm coming for you.

Oh no no no-

-oh yes, my dear Danah. I like this control.

No, please. Alastor. Please.

The stronger takes advantage of the weak. Now, shush. I need to exterminate the people that caused you harm. That caused us harm.

No. Malah might be one big fat piece of shit, but she doesn't deserve death! She doesn't deserve you, Alastor. Leave her alone.

I'm sorry, dear Danah. But I know how much you hate Malah. She's mean to you, pushing you against the lockers with that obnoxious lip gloss and sneer.

Whatever, Alastor. You're using myself against myself. Now give me my own damn body back, you son of a bitch.

I'm sorry to tell you that is not possible. I'm going to make her pay.

And kill her?!?

Oh, something like that. But I'm in control of your actions now, dear. You will not feel any pain or regret. Now, let's go.

Don't you dare go out of my room!

Are you going to stop me? You can't. You're weak.

Don't. You. Even. Dare.

How are you going to do it? Are you to-STOP HURTING ME DANAH. IT'S NOT NICE.



going to take control? Yes, Alastor.

Nasty bitch! I was going to kill Malah! I was going to help you!

Yeah, no. Fuck you. Get out of my head.

I'm sorry. I can't do that. We are united, Danah. You'll never get rid of me now.

Please help me.

Author Notes: I'm guessing this is how a battle between pyscho and sanity is? I'm guessing here. Anyway, kinda dark. Place a review and thanks for reading!

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28 Mar, 2019
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3 mins
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