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My Dream
My Dream

My Dream


My Dream

The Universe dreams its dreams through us, so that we can do our share of grounding them in earthly life and making them into a reality there. As long as we go where our inner guidance tells us and endeavour to give of our best at all times, it is highly likely that in due course we shall succeed. My favourite dream is of Mother Earth as a place where the people of all nations are living together in peace and harmony, where wars, violence and crime, hunger and homelessness, sickness and suffering no longer exist. I know that dreams have the power of coming true, especially when – in spite of the tests and trials that are inevitable on the individual and collective pathway through earthly life – we hold onto them and have faith in the high and holy destiny that at the end of their earthly education awaits every one of God’s beloved children of the Earth.

There is talk about a new golden age that will come on the Earth. The selfishness, greed and corruption that are part of the lower earthly aspect of humankind’s nature will then have been overcome and are no longer known. As Mahatma Ghandi once said: ‘Mother Earth has enough for everyone’s needs, but not for everyone’s greed.’ The golden age is going to come about in quite a natural way the more of us are becoming aware of their true nature and are acting responsibly because they have willingly left the desires of their earthly nature behind and are now following the guidance of their Highest or God Self. At that point of our development, our life experiences have taught us that all our needs will always be met. Therefore, we don’t find it difficult to merely take what we need and happily leave the rest for those following behind. We rest safely in the knowledge that, the more we do this the more there will be enough for everybody. Hoarding things and over-consuming for us belong to the past and we do our best to recycle as much as possible.

And that’s how we, all of us together, slowly but surely are going to bring the new golden age into being. Young and insufficiently evolved souls will no longer be reincarnating onto the Earth when her transformation is complete. Having finished with the early parts of our earthly education, they will cease to be required as teaching aids. So, what can any one of us do to make this dream into a reality? For as long as we are not afraid to ask God and the Angels to show us how to go about it, there is no reason why any of our dreams of the future should remain unfulfilled. It is true that with the help and will of God and the Angels all things are possible, but it needs to be born in mind that things cannot happen until our karmic debts have been fully redeemed. Irrespective of what may still be in store for us individually and collectively and which tasks are waiting to be attended to, the evolutionary spiral of life stops for nobody. It never goes into backward motion and all lifeforms throughout the whole of Creation are ceaselessly moving with it.

Treachery, falseness, jealousy and exploitation will also belong to the past. Instead we are all doing our best to support each other, especially in our creative endeavours. Because of this there is going to be a great blooming of all manner of artistic expressions. To make this kind of dream into a reality on the Earth plane, all we have to do is to place it into the loving hands of God and the Angels and work hard on making it come true. Whenever this happens anywhere, they are only too happy to do the rest.

Many of us have been dreaming of a peaceful world for a long time. And because of millions of contributions towards this end, many positive, good and beautiful things as expressions of humankind’s higher evolved nature are already manifesting themselves in many places, without being reported about. I believe that by now they are outweighing the negative and ugly, evil and destructive things that emanate from our race’s lower unevolved nature. Alas, our mass media seem to have got into the habit of reporting too much about the latter. Is this because good things don’t sell newspapers and fill airtime on the many radio and TV channels that are now available, every one of them hungry for what they consider to be the juiciest titbits of news?

Be that as it may, you and I have been granted the gift of another earthly lifetime so God and the Angels can teach us, with the help of our inner guidance, how to counteract the spreading of negativity and fear. Each one of us is here to make their contribution towards laying the foundations for the good, happy and wholesome future, towards which our whole world has inexorably been moving for a long time. Even while we were still unaware of what was happening to us and our world, that’s what all of us have always been doing and that never alone, but hand in hand with God and the Angels. Now that ever more of us are waking up to their true nature and understand what is at stake, this process can be speeded up considerably by paying attention to our inner guidance.

And so, bearing in mind that many small people, in many small places, doing many small things can change our world, let’s roll up our sleeves – figuratively speaking – and get to work in the most positive and constructive ways we can think of. Each time we notice that something good is being done by someone, we can support their efforts by refusing to wonder what kind of motivations could be hiding behind what’s visible on the surface. It is better by far to focus and hold onto that which is already good, right and beautiful in our world.

And when one of our world leaders finally begins to show signs of working for peace and goodwill, we awakened ones can support them because we know that, even for as long as someone is not consciously are of it themselves, ultimately every human being has always responded to the impulses received from their Highest or God Self, the Universal Christ, in whom we are all one. S/He has always been guiding each one of us and our world forwards and upwards on the individual and collective evolutionary spiral. The Sun in our birthcharts by sign and house position shows the direction in which we as individuals shall be moving for the whole of our present lifetime.

A great deal can be achieved on the inner level of life by directing our thoughts to humankind’s higher or Christ nature, the part of everybody that is all good. At the moment of a new spirit’s entry into earthly education, a tiny spark from the Great Light of the Universal Christ is implanted in the deepest innermost recesses of its soul. This is everybody’s first soul memory and from the word go, the spirit and its soul are constantly responding to the pull of the light of the Christ Star, the light of all lights and the Sun above and behind the Sun in the sky above us in earthly life. Lifetime after lifetime its love keeps on drawing us forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life.

Love and light are the greatest powers in the whole of Creation with whose help quite literally anything can be conquered. Spiritual knowledge is light and not knowing is darkness. And once the power of God’s love and light begins to shine through our words, wherever they go darkness cannot resist for long, but dissolves. And because everything that is good, right and beautiful is motivated by love, every bit of it has the power to absorb some of that which is still evil, ugly and destructive in our world. The love behind it has the power of transmuting it into blessing and healing energies for all life. Therefore, the more good we send into our world, the more of its darkness is going to be absorbed it and transformed by power of God’s love and light.

In the golden age oppression and slavery, especially of the religious kind, humankind’s main excuse for practically continuous warmongering for thousands of years, will finally have gone from our world. There will then be:

Only one religion, the religion of love.
One country, the whole of Mother Earth.
One race, the race of humankind.
One gender, who is androgynous, whole and holy.
One language, the language of the heart.
One God, the God of love,
The Divine Trinity of
The Great Father/Mother of all life
And their only born Son/Daughter,
The Universal Christ,
Known by everybody as
Omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient.

And that, dear Friends, is my dream.

* * *

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25 Aug, 2018
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