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My Life Part #2
My Life Part #2

My Life Part #2


(Readers, you should probably read part #1)

To recap my last episode, almost all my classmates hates me just because I made two big mistakes.


There's this one boy that really, really hates me. I won't name him, but all you need to know is I got on his bad side. And every time there's an opportunity to tease me of hurt me, he takes it.

Each time he hurts me, I try to seem indifferent. But I know it's going to leave an invisble scar on me.

For example, once, I had history class. We were talking about the European religion wars. When the protestant's religion was creates and the catholics hated them.

I could kinda relate to that.

For those who don't know, in the end, catholics would kill protestants on the spot and vise versa. And some of the class didn't really understand that. So the teacher said "Let's say (the boy that really hates me) is catholic and he lives in Italy (where there are tons of catholics. Protestants mostly live in the northern Europe at the time) and let's say somebody else is protestant." The teacher observes the room and looks for somebody else. The boy who hates me jumps up and yells my name then says "And Lollipop_56(not my actual name, of course) lives in Italy too. Then I kill her." he grins like he just won the Oscars.

The other boys slap him on the back, congratulating him. I shrink back and don't say anything for the rest of the class.

I don't think from your point of view that it seems that bad, but it really hurt me. I'm kind of an expert of rude comments now. I know exactly know that sinking feeling of hurt. I'm familiar with it.

I guess I can't change much now. They made their choice in Catalina Island (read more about it Part #1). They hate me, period.

I ignored the boy. He doesn't deserve my attention. But I don't deserves his, either.

So guys, again, here's the moral. When you do something, there will always be someone that will hate your choice. Always someone out there to plot against you. But that's life. There's ups and downs, like a roller-coaster. You just have to make the best of it.

- Zero

Author Notes: Thanks for reading! Plz place a review, I'll be happy to read it! Part #3 is coming... See ya later, guys! Bai!

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19 Jan, 2019
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