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My Life Part #4
My Life Part #4

My Life Part #4


I know it's been a long time I haven't written a sequel to the My Life Series, but here I am. And I want to bring you on a journey. A journey in my head.

Welcome to my mind.

Take a deep breath and we'll dive in deep, together. Deep breath-deep breath-3,2,1-

*ringing sound*

Your long brown hair lays on your shoulders. You look in the mirror. Your simple round face and brown eyes stare back.

Yep, you're me.

You slip out of the bathroom and grab your backpack. Your dad gives a quick ride to school and you get out of the car slowly, unwilling to go to school.

Once your dad drives off, you stand there, backpack over one shoulder, staring at the vast building. You sighed. What else to do? You start walking to your shame.

The front desk is facing south. The east wall is facing a big recess, while the north wall is facing the basketball court. The west wall faces nothing, except for the lunch tables. You walk into the recess court. That's where you usually wait until you can go upstairs and start classes. Since the recess court has many doors to go inside, that's where they coop up a bunch of hyper kids. Including you.

Each morning, you wish the recess court wasn't that long. It ran along the whole east wall, and the door leading inside is right next to the north wall.

So you have to walk all the way, and you always dread it.


Because a group of boys was always in the corner, under a small sapling, judging everybody from afar. Especially the people they hate.

That includes you.

You searched the herd of boys. You saw him, with his annoying curls. You shot him a death glare and he just snorted. He leaned towards his squad and whispered something. They all laughed, shaking their heads and pointing at you.

You walked up to them and punched the boy with the curls straight in the face. All the others shut up. "Anybody needs some maturity and sense knocked into them?" you growled. The others recoiled, but don't say anything. You lean in and cup a hand around your ear. "What was that? Hm?" You sarcastically tap your finger on your chin and say "I didn't understand that..." Faking a surprise, you then say "Oh right! I don't speak caveman! Goodbye, fuckers."

You walk away. In mid-step, you spin your heel and face them again. You point to the boy with curls that was rubbing his jaw and another blond boy. "If I wanted a bitch, I’d have bought a dog. Not you guys." Then you walk away, leaving them speechless. How satisfying.

But, no that never happened. A million times you fantasized about it, but you know you didn't have the guts to do that and you would get suspended or something.

You let a frustrated sigh and kept walking. No point wasting your life here.

Out, out, out! Out of my head. Well, you were me for a minute. Kinda sucks, right? Oh well, don't worry, I'll kick some ass someday. Just not now.

But you shouldn't have to wait like me. You should have done what my imagination did. I mean, besides the punching part ('cause if you're in school, I don't want you to get suspended. Don't sue me please XD)

Stand up, and people withhold you up along the way. And make sure to punch some sense into mean people. You've only got one life. At least make the best of it!

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About The Author
About This Story
11 Mar, 2019
Read Time
3 mins
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