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My Life’s Mission
My Life’s Mission

My Life’s Mission


My Life’s Mission

Our world is bound in darkness,
Until we shine the light;
You with your own vision –
And I with my insight.

Doing my share of bringing new hope and restoring humankind’s faith and trust in the goodness of life has been my life’s mission ever since the process of intuitive writing began for me many years ago. In my view, reviving our confidence in God is possible through a renewed understanding of our Creator’s true nature and our own. The knowledge of this is now increasingly coming to us and our world. I would like to make it abundantly clear right here and now where I stand spiritually. It has never been or will be my intention to attack Christianity or any other religion of our world in my writings. The more you read of them the more you will be able to see for yourself that exactly the opposite is true.

From their earliest beginnings my work has been an attempt at building bridges and reconciling the beliefs of all the belief systems that have ever been known to humankind. I am doing this by looking for the esoteric truths that for a very long time had to remain hidden behind the surface words, for example of the Jesus legend. The true meaning of this tale is by now emerging with ever greater clarity and continues to penetrate ever more deeply the consciousness of our race. I have always trusted that this could be seen quite easily from the contents of my work, and that the words the living God within me, my Highest Self, writes through me, would have the power to speak for themselves and thus prove the honesty and integrity of my intentions. Unfortunately, this has not always been successful. That is why in June 2011, this chapter was added in the hope of making myself abundantly clear, so that future misunderstandings would be nipped in the bud.

Much as I enjoyed reading in my younger days, since writing took over the major part of my life, I do no longer seem to find much time for it and then I prefer a good novel to writings of a spiritual nature. Having been intensively involved with my own spiritual writings for many years and finding that the answers to all my questions really do lie within, I hardly ever feel drawn to reading material of that kind. Isn’t it astonishing how through a novel one can grow in understanding of human nature and our world? At the time of writing this, I was working my way through ‘The Name of the Rose’ by Umberto Eco, a murder investigation whose vehicle is a chronicle of the Middle Ages. It is not the kind of reading I would normally enjoy, but for some reason I felt drawn to it. I now know why: it was getting me in the mood and setting the scene for what is before you now.

If I had needed it, I could not have wished for a more poignant and painful reminder of what a sad catalogue the evolutionary pathway of our race has been than reading the book ‘The Name of the Rose’ by Umberto Eco. The Middle Ages were, as far as intrigues, corruption and general dishonesty, especially in matter concerned with the spirit, was concerned a world of free for all. Anything goes – the more cruel, the better. This epoch, like others before and after it, was ruled by power-seekers of the crassest kind who knew nothing but the submission of others in their pursuit of personal power and gains and material wealth. Under the protective cloak of religion, one class of people indiscriminately inflicted suffering and miseries upon the other. Equal shares were dished out by those in charge – under the pretext of serving God. Ahead of them all the pope, followed by the priesthood, the monks and then the public at large. A tale of big fleas have little fleas, if ever there was one.

What a world ours has been! You and I are likely to be old souls and there is a strong probability that we took part in these things, on the giving as well as the receiving end, and that in quite a few lifetimes. Doesn’t the mere thought of it send shudders down your spine? Our Creator’s wise and loving foresight provided us and our world with a veil of consciousness. It separates humankind’s small earthly self from our soul memories, as well as other lifeforms that for a very long time have to remain invisible to earthly eyes, for example the angelic realm. The atrocities and crimes we committed in other lifetimes, for the simple reason that they were – and for many in our midst to this day are – part of the curriculum of the University of Earth life. If we knew all the things we experienced and whose memories we carry within, for those with a degree of spiritual sensitivity it would be impossible to ever spend a happy and peaceful moment in this existence.

Past lifetime regression has become extremely popular – and highly lucrative – for many. Unnecessarily trying to peer behind the curtain or the veil, for no better reason than sheer curiosity, in my view, is a dangerous, unwise and undesirable pastime. There is no way of knowing what kind of a Pandora’s Box we could be opening for us. That’s why I prefer waiting until my Highest Self shows me that which I need to know. Following its advice, I deal with the issues involved in the appropriate manner, for example by praying for forgiveness and forgiving myself.

Those who are familiar with the other parts of my jottings that by now are available here know that I am a free spirit who – at least in this lifetime – has never been brainwashed and indoctrinated by any of the belief systems of our world. Yet, it so happened that towards the end of the year 201l, I was guided to ‘The Jesus Mysteries – Was the Original Jesus a Pagan God?’ and its follow-up ‘Jesus and the Lost Goddess – The Secret Teachings of the Original Christians’ by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy. In them, to my astonishment, the authors confirmed just about all the insights I had gained into the background of the Bible and the Jesus legend, the way my inner guidance had taught me for a very long time.

Unlike me, Freke and Gandy, were devoted Christians at the onset of their quest for the truth behind the words of their Scriptures. The above mentioned books are an education that, in my view, should not be missed by anyone. By sharing their considerable gifts with us, the authors have presented our world and us with two serious scholarly and meticulously researched works of the highest calibre. My inner and Highest Self’s response to them tells me loud and clear that they are telling the truth. To me, they are eminently suited to present us with the truth, as it revealed itself to them as hidden behind many of the words of the Bible, especially the life story of the Master Jesus. It was a great joy to discover their work about six years after the creation of Rays of Wisdom and several decades since I first became aware of and felt drawn to looking for and writing down the truth behind the words of the sacred texts of the various religions of our world and Christianity in particular.

‘The Jesus Mysteries’ was first published in 1999. ‘Jesus and the Lost Goddess’ followed in 2001 – in the middle of Pluto’s transit through Sagittarius. As pointed out in the chapter ‘Pluto in Capricorn’, the Plutonian energies engage us and our world in the process of breaking down and then rebuilding the structures on which we all depend in more truthful and satisfying ways. The purging and cleansing effect of Pluto’s energies bring to the surface of our individual and collective consciousness that which once was hidden from public view and knowledge. Sagittarius is concerned with vast themes like the higher and highest education, religions and philosophies of our world, including the people who practise them, and the dissemination of their ideas through broadcasting and publishing. It is not surprising that a flurry of other publications of a similar nature to those of Freke and Gandy appeared during the time of Pluto’s transit through Sagittarius.

I read several of them and with each one my inner guidance told me that they were a load of nonsense. However, when it came to Freke and Gandy’s books, it nodded – so to speak – and told me that all of it made a great deal of sense. Each new chapter confirmed that they were indeed telling the truth. I fail to understand why Christians become so defensive towards finding out that the story of the Master’s life is a legend. The Universal Christ has been communicating with us through the words of the Jesus legend for such a long time. Knowing the truth behind the story, to me, is much more beautiful, uplifting and magnificent than the main character of a tale could ever be. After all, his authenticity has been doubted by many ever since its creation. Is that really so hard to recognise?

That reminds me of the lady, a born again Christian, who about fifteen years ago gave me a Bible for Christmas because she had read some of observations and insights into the truth behind the Bible. We met long before the idea for the name ‘The Random Jottings of a Stargazer’ came to me and there could have been any thought of publishing parts of my work on the World Wide Web. This lady told me she was praying that the truth about Jesus should be revealed to me. It seems that her prayers were answered, though in a markedly different manner from the one she had asked for.

Who would not rejoice at the thought that this, the possibly saddest chapter in the evolution of our race thus far, is closing and that the curtain that allows us occasional glimpses into the greater freedom of the Aquarian Age is lifting? Who would not be more than happy to make a very real contribution towards bringing the superior sovereignty of this new age about? What could be more beautiful and exhilarating for any human being than the expansion of our inner vision that grows from an ever deepening grasp of God’s true nature and our own? And why is it that so many Christians, to this day, want to deny themselves experiences like these? An open mind is the greatest gift our Creator can bestow upon any one of us. Those who are willing to open theirs and are sufficiently in touch with their inner guidance to be able to tell a truth from a lie, will have no difficulties partaking what is available here. Ah well, you can but lead a horse to the water, but only when the creature is ready, it will drink and that only too happily.

Mind you, since making my work available to a wider public, I have been fortunate enough to meet large numbers of open minded people. Many of them were and still are wise Christians who, eagerly welcoming the enlargement of their understanding and inner vision, seize every opportunity that comes their way for finding out more. Rays of Wisdom’s feedback section bears witness to this. By now, I have an ever growing circle of friends all over the world. They are my spiritual family with whom I share the new sections of the jottings that from time to time become available for sharing. This happens as and when the inspiration from my wise one within moves me to write some more, as it almost constantly does. Many thanks to each one of you for your loving support and words of encouragement, and for keeping the faith and spreading the word. Even the smallest effort is very much appreciated.

New releases are appearing regularly. They are announced by e-mail and if you would like to join my mailing list and the circle of my friends and spiritual family, you can find a link on the contact page for getting in touch with me. A response received a few days ago read: ‘I soooooo love your e-mails; don’t let anything stop you from sending them. They have brought such love and light to my life. Blessings.’ J.G. Thank you, dearest Friend, for as long as I am capable of doing so, I will continue to hold my insights down in ‘The Random Jottings of a Stargazer’, publish them on Rays of Wisdom and inform you about new sections and updates by e-mail.

Whenever there are interruptions in transmissions, please be patient. Rest assured they do not happen because of ‘writer’s block’, so I don’t know what to write about. The flow of ideas and insights never seems to stop. As soon as I open up a theme, they unfailingly begin to pour in profusely. Any breaks will be due to me being occupied with working my way through a particularly tough spot on my own healing journey of a thousand miles. So, please bear with me and I would be most grateful if you included me in your healing prayers, the same as you will forever be part of mine.

* * *

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3 Jul, 2019
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