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My Mind
My Mind

My Mind

2 Reviews

People often look at me and ask
"What goes on in your mind?"
My reply intrigues them more
"You sure you want a glimpse inside?"

Ever since highschool I've gained a mask
one that shuts everything out besides my task
allows the ability to fade into a crowd
cloaking me so I won't be found

People want to relate to me
thats fine
let me know when you can put down your cell
hell trying to relate to me wont be a possibilty
until you can gain that ability
A look into my mind will leave you befuddled no matter the brevity

You see when you pay zip attention in class
yet pass tests and exams with less stress and no studying
people begin wondering
about hows that a possibilty

Well while you see a fidgety kid
plugged into his raps
the reality is I'm paying rapt attention
I could have this whole class wrapped round my little finger
since I know far more then they will ever realize

There's a reason no one plays any games with me
I'm the last person you'd want to invite
Give me a few matches with you
and I can start guessing your next move
after that continue at your own risk
cause your habits,tendencies,those little subtleties are being noted
eventually it becomes one sided
your only shot at victory comes down to physical ability then
and no one likes that

So when you see me seated alone
don't think I need help
there is a reason i sit up high
and unless I'm bawling
I'm quite fine

Lately more people have been noticing me
should have known my annonymity wouldn't last
so I've been asked more and more by my fellow Juniors
"What are you thinking?"
"Are you sad, mad, or glad"
and the answer to the later question is easy, all of the above
The prior question I suppose could be answerd like this:
grab a sheet of paper and a pen then scrawl all over it
and don't stop till its black
thats my mind
flows constantly back and forth
and for what its worth
we were talking about concious thinking

Author Notes: Reviews are always welcome no matter how critical.

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About The Author
About This Story
27 May, 2018
Read Time
1 min
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