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my one true love..

my one true love..

By Tikaa - 1 Review

his name was Keisuke. my one true love. I saved his life once, from my ex best friend Brooke. Brooke and Keisuke dated and loved each other but they broke up and no one was told why. both Keisuke and Brooke wanted to comit suicide but my friend and I stopped them both.Ari (my friend) stopped Brooke and i stopped Keisuke, Brooke disappeared for a while and no one knew where she went. Keisuke fell in love with me and i fell for him the same way. We dated for a few days when Brooke came back and apologized to me but she said she never wanted to talk to Keisuke again. me and Keisuke hid our love from Brooke because we knew she would be mad but a few hours later Brooke found out and told me we weren't best friends anymore. this was the second time i lost her over Keisuke, i blamed Keisuke without thinking, i think about it know and it brings tears to my eyes. I left that morning without saying goodbye to him because i was angry. i never said i loved him, or i was sorry or said goodbye and now i wish i had. I came home and he wasn't there, i called his name but he never answered. But Saeko another friend of ours, a close friend, cam to me with a note. she had tears in her eyes and she was shaking all over. i read the note and dropped on my knees. i didn't have the energy to scream becaue the energy and colour drained out of me. Keisuke had killed himself..he slit his wrist and stabbed himself in the stomach so he bled to death. Brooke found out he was dead and said she didn't care, that was what made me crack, i grabbed a knife and slit my own wrists the same way my love had done. i wanted to die with him the same way, i wanted to see him aain. to say i was sorry and i loved him, i wanted to kiss his warm lips once more and hold on to him tight. but it never happened. i passed out a while after i'd cut my wrists but woke up in hospital. Saeko saved my life because she knew Keisuke would of wanted me to live for both of us. I was his angel, his dark angel with black wings and a broken halo, but he saw me as an angel. nothing dark. he was my sun, he would rise every morning and watch over me throughout the day. I let him slip away like he was nothing, but to me he was everything.

Saeko and I are still really close friends. Brooke has gone missing again but i don't really have enough patience to care much more. I still miss Keisuke every day and i still dream of him. he was my one true love and i would give anything and everything to have him back. To see him smile again and call me his angel..

Tikala xx

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11 Mar, 2011
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