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Tikaa is from AU Australia • 26 y/o

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11 Mar, 2011
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Latest Stories by Tikaa

true love never has an end Chapter 2 (Monique's P.O.V)
Monique has met Lachlan through her dance lessons with him, she needs to learn a dance so she can be part of the audition for the schoo dance fest but will she be ab;e to do it with a handsome young d
2 mins
Words: 548
Read Time: 2 mins
True love never has an end Chapter 1
A beautiful story about Monique and Lachlan. It started with them, Monique was not as pretty as other girls, very average really and Lachlan is perfect in every way.This story starts with them.
2 mins
Words: 451
Read Time: 2 mins
my one true love..
this is a true story about me and my first love, it ended in horror and thought i would never recover from the sadest day of my life. everytime i tell or write this story i cry.
2 mins
Words: 517
Read Time: 2 mins