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true love never has an end Chapter 2 (Monique's P.O.V)

true love never has an end Chapter 2 (Monique's P.O.V)

By Tikaa - 1 Review

SoI hadn't expected someone like Lachlan Blackwood to introduce himself to me the way he did. He smiled at me while others laughed at the sight of me. Maybe things in this stupidly small town won't be so bad...

"Well then class lets get working, i want you all to help Monique learn our routine since she is new" said the teacher with her loud Irish accent.

Of course she doubts what I can do, everyone here seems to doubt me. I sighed and just nodded my head as I felt my new classmates gazes burning into the back of my head.

Everyone then stood up and moved into a room that was joined to our one bye a small door, it lead into a big room with mirrors in the front and with enough floorspace to hold at least a hundred people. I smiled and felt like i was back in my old town, we had a room just like this in my friends house. I missed it.

"Monique why don't you stand up front with me and watch the routine start to finish then we'll teach you step by step" suggested our teacher, known as Ms Mackenzie even though i know i wouldn't use that.I shrugged and sat down on the ground in front of the rest of the class as they took their places.

I sat there watching quietly as Mackenzie counted them in and continually clapped the beat throughout the whole routine. A basic routine if you ask me, everything was so simple and i could see in the classes eyes that they thought so too. There were no lifts or flips just simple steps and a small bit of floorwork. I mean there wasn't even a flow through it all! i've seen !) year olds dance better than this.

"well Monique what do you think? can you handle it?" asked a deep voice that interrupted my train of thought. Startled i looked up to see Lachlan's piercing eyes looking at me along with a pair of chocolate brown eyes that belonged to his friend.

"I'm not trying to sound cocky or self centered here but i can and have danced so much better than that, why is everything so basic?" i asked curiously. I know these guys have the ability to dance better than this.

"It's all Ms Miackenzie" replied his friend before Lachlan had the chance the even open his mouth "Oh and I'm Josh by the way" he added quickly smiling through the hood of his jumper.

I smiled and looked at the whole class who had their own eyes on me "I know all of you can dance better than that i can see you want more energy and to have a bit more fun with it than you already are"

Half the class nodded excitedly while the other half stared at me as if they were amazed i knew how they felt.My smile grew when the perfect line to tie all this up came through.

"Weren't you part of a dance crew Monique? I heard you were" asked Josh walking next to me and looking directly into my eyes.

"Yes and i'm going to turn all this experience of ine into a routine that'll blow everyone's minds away"

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20 Jun, 2011
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