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True love never has an end Chapter 1

True love never has an end Chapter 1

By Tikaa - 1 Review

Monique had no intention to fall in love with someone when she moved into the new town with her father, Her main rule was to not fall in love because as soon as she turned eighteen she was going to leave anyway. First day of school in the new town went smooth until it was lunch and she was sitting with a new kind of gang she would soon call friends when he walked in and all the girls turned their head to stare at the wonder that had walked in.

He was tall, with long dark brown hair and piercing light blue eyes. His smile made Monique's heart skip a beat. His name was Lachlan Blackwood and had no idea Monique even existed. He radiated with popularity and confidence, Monique could tell he was the guy every girl wanted and every guy wanted to be. She had no chance with him so she simply decided to ignore his was easier said than done though.

Last class: Dance. One of Monique's favourite, back in her old town she was the leader of a popular dance crew. She took a seat and read a book quietly both waiting for her teacher to arrive and attempting to block out the noise of her new reckless classmates. Everything went to plan until a voice spoke from behind her, deep and almost a bit dangerous.

"So you're the girl everyone has been talking about"

Monique put her book down and turned around and looked directly into the wonder's amazing blue eyes. She was trapped, caught in his gaze. Unable to take her eyes away she felt his smile pierce her heart again.

"Yes..I guess I am" Monique managed to choke out.

"I'm Lachlan Blackwood and you are?" he asked with another dazzling smile.

"Monique Hackett" she replied with a sweet innocent smile.

"Well then" Lachlan said with a flash of emootion in his eyes, it was impossible to tell which one it was "it's extremely nice to meet you Monique"

"Likewise Lachlan"

Lachlan looked as if he was going to say something else when the teacher walked in and the other students went extremely quiet in an instant. The teacher didn't seem intimidating which her short brown hair and her short stature but it was ringing in the voice with her strong Irish accent.

"Right then" she said louder than neccesary "Halfway through the semester, new student" she gestured towards Monique "and a whole routine to teach her and to perfect ourelves. Auditions for the School Dance Fest is in a month"

She smiled and had a dtrong authority look in her eyes "We have our worl cut out of us then"

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2 Jun, 2011
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