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My Prophecy
My Prophecy

My Prophecy

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The Aquarian Revelations – Part Eleven

My Prophecy

Aquarius is not only the sign of rebellion and revolution but also that of transformation and transmutation, group activities and siblinghood with all life. As the great plan of life reveals, it is literally written in the stars that from approx. 1900 AD – 4,100 AD humankinds most daring hopes, dreams and highest aspirations can and will be made a reality on the earthly plane. Hand in hand with God and the Angels it will come about through people like you and me.

I can tell you reliably that many good things are in store for us and our world, for that’s what is written in the Stars. We are in the process of moving into a new golden age. The great plan of life tells me that they are coming round every 26,000 years and that there have been others in the far distant past of our planet’s evolutionary journey through time. But this golden age is going to be quite different from all previous ones, because Mother Earth is going through her final transformation into a planet of healing and peace.

God’s sacred wisdom and truth are going to show us the way. That’s why for some time by now it has been flowing ever more forcefully into humankind’s individual and collective consciousness directly from the heartmind of God, i.e. the Angels and Masters around the throne of God on the highest levels of life. Being in charge of us and our world, this is how their knowledge has always been received by people whose earthly minds, through being tuned into their frequencies, developed the ability to act as their receiver/transmitter stations. This is how in due course every earthling will be co-operating with the Highest Forces of life.

And that’s how they have always been providing our world with the information that was right at any given time and place. This is also how my ‘Random Jottings Of A Stargazer’ have come into being. They are my personal revelations through which for many years I have been sharing the spiritual wealth I found along the way of my personal healing journey of a thousand miles.

My writings have always been for the homeless, spiritually and in the worldly sense of the word. In my view, spiritual homelessness is the worst fate that can befall any human being. I should know because I have been there. My writings will eventually be sold to the highest bidder, but only on condition that all proceeds will be going to charities for homeless people and animals. A reasonable amount should be deducted for the living expenses of the administrator and that will not be me.

I have never asked for donations because I believe that spiritual knowledge belongs to everybody and should be made available free of charge to anyone who is in need of it. However, if you are gaining something from my work, I recommend that you make a donation to a charity of your choice. There is no need to tell me about it. What you give, to whom and how much, has nothing to do with me. It is strictly between God and you.

Last but by no means least, to paraphrase the wisdom God and the Angels gave to your world through the Buddha legend: ‘Do not believe anything just because you have heard it somewhere. Even if it is spoken and rumoured by many or you have found it written in the religious books of your world or you received it from your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. When you find, after careful observation and analysis, that something agrees with your reasoning and is conducive to your good and the benefit of all, accept it and conduct your life by it. In this way alone can something become your spiritual property that no-one will ever be able to take away from you.’

Easter 2019

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24 Apr, 2019
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